Camfrog Client 5.5.236 (Windows) Released

Hello Windows Users,

Camfrog Client 5.5.236 for Windows is now available for Download.

This software updated uses our new Camfrog video viewing and broadcasting technology.  This new video technology allows you to view more video windows with significantly less CPU usage and it also gives us an opportunity to further improve our video technology more and more as time goes by.

This new client gives us an exciting foundation on which we can improve and we’re now working hard on our completely new 6.0 client software with a new user interface, website, and more.  Thank you for using Camfrog and we hope you enjoy this new version.

Download Camfrog 5.5.236 (Windows)Change List

Camfrog Client 2.1.3064 (Mac) Released

Hello Camfrog Mac users.

Today we released a new version of Camfrog Client for Mac OS X.  This new release uses our brand new video streaming and viewing technology with higher quality video and less CPU usage. On top of this new exciting video technology we also fixed a lot of bugs that Mac users reported by going to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choosing “Generate File for Technical Support”.  Thank you for helping make Camfrog Mac a rock solid application.

We tried our best to continue support for Power PC with this new client but unfortunately it was not technically possible due to our new video technology.  If you have a Power PC Mac and you ordered Camfrog Mac within the last 90 days please contact the helpdesk and we can refund your money.

Please note that Camfrog Mac and Windows Pro codes are the same so you can use the code on your Windows computer, or with a virtual machine if you don’t want to stop using Camfrog.  You can also use the Pro code with any Intel Mac.

If you experience any technical problems with this new client please go to the Camfrog Video Chat menu and generate a file for our support team.

Download Camfrog 2.1.3064 (Mac)Change List

Old Camfrog Server Software Blocked

All older Camfrog Server software has now been blocked.  Please upgrade your servers by visiting our download page.

Our new server software allows our new Camfrog clients to use new more efficient and higher quality video technology.

This article published on March 3rd had a warning and explained why we had to do this.  Thank you for upgrading your server.

Download (Windows) – Camfrog Server 4.3Camfrog Advanced Server 5.0

Download (Linux) – Camfrog Server 4.3 or 5.0

Upgrade your Camfrog Server or be Blocked!

It is urgent all room owners upgrade their Camfrog Server software to the newest versions by March 15th or your room will be unable to sign on to Camfrog.

This simple upgrade is required because we are switching to a new higher quality video system and all servers/clients must be upgraded to see the video quality improvements and CPU usage decreases.

IMPORTANT:  Some room owners seem to think they must switch to Camfrog Advanced Server to avoid the block.  This is false!  You can continue to use our basic Camfrog Server software as usual, just upgrade to Camfrog Server version 4.3. We will continue to support and update Camfrog Server indefinitely.  Camfrog Advanced Server is a completely different product made for sophisticated users who host many rooms on one server.

Please download and upgrade your server by following one of the links below.

Download (Windows) – Camfrog Server 4.3Camfrog Advanced Server 5.0

Download (Linux) – Camfrog Server 4.3 or 5.0