Camfrog Server 4.3 Released (Windows)

Camfrog Server 4.3 for Windows is now available for download.  This new server software has been updated to use our new and improved video streaming technology, plus it also has been optimized to work more efficiently on your server.

If you run a Camfrog server it’s urgent you upgrade to our new Camfrog Server or Camfrog Server Advanced software by March 11th or your server may no longer be able to sign on to our system. The reason we have to do this is due to our upgraded video technology for Camfrog clients that uses less CPU but has higher quality video.  Please upgrade your server software as soon as possible so your rooms will run normally starting in March and beyond.  We think you’ll be happy with the new higher quality video.

Download Camfrog Server 4.3 (Windows)

39 thoughts on “Camfrog Server 4.3 Released (Windows)

  1. Well Done to Team!!

    I was successful to upgrade all 143 rooms to new version. The video quality has been improve. I refused to using Camfrog Advcaned Server because the way of design is not meet my requirement. Such as, cannot change room name with same pro code, oplist, banlist, MOTD. With this new software version, it were also decrease the CPU too.

    Many THANKS!

  2. Ady

    hey all good works really well we putting the 5.0 on 2 night we have some rooms on it now just need to do the rest

  3. Most Rooms and Bots upgraded (not advanced version though, same reason as froggyserver and to save a

    But be aware if you upgrade to the new Server version (4.3) and if you have Bots you will also then have to upgrade to the New Bot version (5.0), so they can connect!!

    Being honest it looks good camfrog, but the Bot upgrade should of had a advanced and small upgrade like the Server version, but besides that its quite impressive.

    PS: So much for not enforcing the upgrade, but we all know why this has happened, I feel sorry for the smaller Hosters out there!!!


  4. pap

    Old bots work fine with 4.3 servers. You need to upgrade to 5.0 bots only for advanced server 5.0

  5. NoDrAmaUk

    Strange mine bots did not, soon as I up-graded the server to 4.3 the Bots would not connect.

    Most Rooms and Bots now upgraded and informed the customers who use there own Bots.

  6. Lil_B0a

    well, I rebooted again this morning on this new 4.3 camfrog server and once again unfortunately, my op list had disappeared yet again…sigh. It’s very annoying I guess, to have to enter everyones name in the oplist again and redo all their colors every single day. Please Please fix this soon. It started doing it on the old server first, and now this one. I am running windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit full addition. Thank you once again for your time and all your efforts as they are greatly appreciated.

  7. admin


    I can confirm nothing has changed with the op lists at all. Try restarting the application right now so the list is saved, maybe it’s crashing and losing the list or something.

  8. pap

    Try to set the server shortcut to run as administrator. This will probably help with your issue. Camfrog Server 5.0 has better compatibility with Windows 7/Vista

  9. Dear Staff Camfrog,

    Camfrog Server 4.3 is good, perfect. 🙂
    pity that there is still the option to block the command: /SETOPT max_connections 1-2000
    Test camfrog server 5.0
    Camfrog Server 5.0, there are some problems with settings.
    1) ability to choose the folder where to store file room (Log, oplist, Banlost, config)
    2) Block Remote command /SETOPT max_connections 1-2000
    3) difficulties with the web interface, I can not get it to work by remote ip, it works only on localhost. I checked all permissions you are ok.


  10. Nice release Camfrog well done better quality cams less cpu usage. Please look at adding the option to block the user limit change via remote and via /setopt .

  11. frogfuzion

    I’ll second NoDramaUK with old bots not connecting with 4.3 rooms.

    On our end the bot icons show it’s connected to a room, but when u check the room the bot is not there.

  12. Hello 🙂

    We are running Linux 4.3 at all servers and the oldest bot is WORKING ..

    Check if the room is not password protected. When a room is password protected and the bot is not an owner .. you get this problem.


  13. I managed to get the Bots to connect Fusion, it was a little server network problem at the same time as I was upgrading, 4.3 server and 4.2 bot works perfect, thx for listening camfrog.

    Forget the 5.0 version, less u want to go back to basics with the Bots, plus all the rooms you host who have there own bots, you have to let the room owners also know they have to upgrade to 5.0. which some don’t like, especially if we did upgrade to the new advanced 5.0 Server which makes most of all that there Plug-Ins useless, which is not good if they paid for

    So for now were sticking with 4.3


  14. mistaagress

    upgrade to 4.3 sucefully i see no changes but it works fine..

    5.0 has the bad 1 room 1 procode thing 😦 bot is the same
    so i dont go to basic with losting my rooms/money for new codes

  15. Hello Admin
    We have some problems with 4.3
    If the rooms are run for more then 1 day and they have more then 1000 users a lot of people don’t have cams in the rooms
    I try it now with 4 rooms and 3 rooms are in some other server from me and they have all the same problems
    Also if there many pro users in the rooms for about 1000 users then it is very hard to come in to the rooms.
    The servers i have are all 1Gb servers and not shared band witch.
    Server Core2Quad6600FS (True Bit 1GB connections, 8GB ram,Win-S)
    Now we think it have something to do with the camfrog server program 4.3

    If you need more information please feel free to mail us at any time.
    Best regards,


  16. I think this project same have problem , fix for command /ip & /setopt <== this command better only own room , if all owner can use this command , i think room will have big trouble, coz in cf , someone try attack ip dj or other ..

    Best Regards,

  17. oCo_ZipCode_oCo,

    Hello problem with your server, someone try attack multimedia port,
    cf UDP port , if u server no limit traffict UDP port , u always same have trouble.


  18. Ahmeds

    why you disapled some users without reason ????????
    example :
    this nickname >259< was disapled without reason, can you explain me the problems, thanks

  19. Ahmeds

    why you disapled some users without reason ????????
    example :
    this nickname >259< was disapled without reason, can you explain me the reason?, thanks

  20. why do you remove my comment ..
    why camfrog like ppeole lost much money for chat program and why i sad worng i help same person nobody pity him please don’t remove my comment and reply me what happin with him ID he lost more then 700$

  21. @admin
    why you disapled some users without reason ????????
    example :
    this nickname > 9_ < was disapled without reason, can you explain me the reason?, thanks

  22. Ahmeds

    lol, camfrog dont disaple any one without reason, and im sure this nickname >9_< disapled because he have 700+ points (fake virtual gifts), thanks

  23. Zoomshorts

    HiMA , Camfrog does not make a habit of disabling user names without reason. It is not good business sense. BUT if someone using a Camfrog nickname is violating the Terms of Service , that user can be disabled.

    Naturally, the disabled user will say they did not violate the TOS, but if they do not speak English, then they may be in violation without actually knowing what they did wrong.

  24. @Ahmeds
    frist i don’t talk to you i ask admin
    and don’t be sure about samething u don’t know
    if u know that person u will never say that he’s still not a big guy he’s yonger like me and u … only i want admin Explane for me what happin with camfrog system many friends got banned pro code and EXE and ID with no reason please Admin show me Reason of bad this ID >> 9_ <<

  25. @Ahmeds
    really i am so amazin looking a person like you .. where’s the reason for ban ??
    fraud transaction ?? who tell u that ?????
    gave me anything Reason make me sure about this Banned
    gave me Piece of evidence that
    we arabis like each other and i see many many many guy banned and unbanned next hours why this person still banned for now ?
    Help him with me ahmed don’t be like that !!!

  26. Ahmeds

    true, last weak some users disabled and re-enabled because some small mistake, but this user >9_ disabled because his fake virtual gifts (fraud transaction).

  27. Lil_B0a

    Ok I of course have recently purchased my own server from frog for 200.00, and I am on the new 4.3 server and I love it. But I am told by another server owner/host, that eventually on March 1,2010 we are ALL going to be FORCED to convert to the advanced server. Is this True? Because I only have this one server and a very small room with less than 10 individuals in it,and since im not a server host, why then if this is true, should I need to convert to the advanced server. I was told earlier in the blogs, that the original server interface for frog wont ever change, that the advanced server was mostly for the convenience of SERVER HOSTS ONLY. Please clerify this as most people like me whom are not server host and own our own servers, Don’t want to convert at all , not even remotely. The new bot works great with the 4.3 interface, and I for one plan to keep it if thats all right. Please respond ASAP as many of us are waiting for the final outcome. We all want to know the truth and prepare ourselves for whatever comes. Thank you for your time and efforts, as they are always greatly appreciated.

  28. admin


    We have posted here many times that nobody will ever be forced to upgrade to Camfrog Advanced Server. We are designing the new Camfrog Server interface now and the two server versions (normal and advanced) will be different products with different user interfaces.

    We plan to keep Camfrog Server super simple to setup, in fact the new version will be even more simple than it is now.

  29. Lil_B0a

    Dear Admin,
    Thank you so much for Clearing that up. The Server Host that told me this insisted he knew what he was talking about, he said he works for you guys, and His boss told him. I tried to explain to him what had been said here in the blog by admins, and he insisted I was wrong and didn’t know what I was talking about…So I am sorry for the Bother, However I am way greatful to you very much, for making this clear here in the blog once again. And If you dont mind, for those confused about this issue, I’d like to copy and paste your response in my facebook and give the link so others can read it for themselves, thus preventing this confusion again. Thank you again so much for your time.<333

  30. admin

    No Camfrog server hosts or their employees work for us or have a relationship with us. If they are telling you things like this that are untrue you may want to take your business elsewhere.

    If someone is pretending to have a relationship with our company when they do not please email our helpdesk with their information.

  31. Using the 4.3 server and 4.3 Bot both working perfect, camfrog has kept to there word as previously mentioned nothing has changed on this new version (codes/rooms).

    Thanks camfrog for giving us the option of 4.3 and 5.0 advanced, and it’s good to know you do listen, especially to Hosters when doing these upgrades, after all without the Hosters there would be no Camfrog, we all know this, there be no money for investment.

    For the record, we as Hoster have purchased 5 more server and bot codes since you listened, not just us but many other Hosters, especially the smaller ones, and look forward to the fruitful relationship for many more months and years to come.

    Slightly of this subject but as u seem to ignore emails and profile reports, all you need to do now is work on the TOS, adhere to it (which is not always the case when people report) and a better way off banning users from the program when your TOS is violated, to make a safer camfrog.

    Keep up the good work camfrog and Craig I now to have Satin Sheets, but still working on the four poster bed though 🙂



    you sead that camfrog need to look at here tos but are u not got 2 rooms on 1 code i would read the tos your lucky camfrog dont ban u one day camfrog will stop u and the west off u host.s

  33. Lee, shushhhhhhhh no one is listening!!!

    Camfrog listened to the small hosters, which is good. Well the ones who managed to suceed in getting people to host with them that is, which was my argument, no other reason (winks).

    I have invested heavily in codes since camfrog have not changed the way the codes have always worked, just like I promised I would. And not buy second hand codes, like alot of hosters and users do, this causing camfrog more headaches in codes being deactivated and reissued..

    Keep up the good work Camfrog.


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