Camfrog Bot 5.0 Released (Windows & Linux)

Camfrog Bot 5.0 for Windows and Linux are now available for download. To start downloading the application you will need a Bot serial number.

These new versions of our Bot software allow you to run multiple bots in one simple new interface, call and post RSS feeds, a new more advanced plug-in system and more. Please check out our new Bot help page to learn how to use the new software.

Download Camfrog Bot (Windows & Linux)

37 thoughts on “Camfrog Bot 5.0 Released (Windows & Linux)

  1. Lil_B0a

    Hey everyone, I installed the camfrog new bot without issues, however, the only reason I have the bot is cause we like to play WORD SCRAMBLER, we actually dont even use the trivia that comes with the bot, we use only word scrambler. How can I go about obtaining the new WORD SCRAMBLER DLL and other plugins for word scrambler? Please respond ASAP as we cant run the new advanced server without the new bot and cant run the bot without the proper pluggins. Thank you so much for all your time and efforts as they are greatly appreciated.

  2. Lil_B0a

    Also, Please let ICEOP know that windows 7 is viewing their bot plugin as a BACKDOOR VIRUS. They need to fix that, and also, their plugins for this new bot you have out are not out yet.and everyone in my rooms is upset cause there is no word scrambler in my bot no more. Also I want to use the new advanced server and bot, so this is why all this concerns me, i know i could keep using the new 4.3 server for frog, but I want the advanced, so I need to really get this straightened out. Please help.

  3. Lil_B0a

    Ok now I just tried to go back and put the reg new 4.3 camfrog server and the old bot and word scramble dont work at all anymore…Sigh, so now i wish i had waited til i knew for sure that the new word scramble plugin was finished. Who ever made that plugin for frog, please have them update it for us ASAP please, so we can use it, and please provide a LINK to download it. Most people here on frog that use the bot, dont really play the regular trivia that comes with it, they get the word scramble plugin and everyone LOVES to play that. Your hard work and all your efforts are greatly appreciated. WE LOVE CAMFROG FOR LIFE!<333

  4. Lil_B0a

    Ok I just signed out of the bot name i have for my room with the new bot, and when I tried to make a new name, it asked me to enter a pro code so i entered mine and it said it was still being used by the other name, so this is my suggestion. I liked it when I didnt have to enter the pro code more than once to activate my bot. I always have only been able to use my bot code once and only for one room and thats great, however, when I change my room name which I do often ,I change the bot name to match that new room name, and now its gonna be a pain in the but, cause we all have to make sure we DEACTIVATE the bot on the old name, then make the new name and reactivate it. I did notice it was gonna let me make it now on my 64 bit pc, so wow, kudos, u all are really working hard, and believe me it shows. But if there is anyway at all where we can have it to where we still only get to use the bot for one room, but we can shut down one name and make a new one and still use it right away without the inconvenience of entering our bot pro code over and over. One of the fun things about frog is being able to change the names at WILL at Random. Thank you again and we are all keeping our fringers crossed for high hopes. God bless you all for your hard work, really…IT SHOWS<333

  5. Lil_B0a

    Just noticed there is NOWHERE where it says we can DEACTIVATE the camfrog bot code! OH NO! That is so not cool. So at this point I can only deactivate it by uninstalling it? I’m asking cause I dont want to put myself through all that. Sorry about all the feedback…Just trying to help.

  6. frogfuzion

    Nice, regarding the linux version, can we have sample sources for plugin development?

    We need to come up with linux versions of the windows plugins

    Thank you,

  7. frogfuzion

    Nevermind. Found the sources bundled with the windows version. Nice to see plugin code is cross-platform.

    Great job

  8. frogfuzion

    Is there any documentation for the xml_interface for bot plugins? we’d like to know the strings for buttons, option boxes, etc etc.

  9. George

    Hello people. The bot in windows, the nicknames are not aligned rather than in separate line from each other, as in the old bot to enter the room !top, the way it is now is very confusing will that could change? Thank you.

  10. @Lil_B0a : We are currently working on a WordScrambler upgrade for camfrog Bot 5.0. As soon it’s ready we will let you know on IceBlog and IceOp.Org.

    Sorry for the inconvenience

  11. Lil_B0a

    I’m not sure what anyone is talking about with the bot code being used twice…for as long as I can remember that I have been using the bot, u can only use it for one room, if u try to run it twice on two pc’s it shuts you down and tells you someone else was on your code. But, on the old one, you could also have the freedom to change the bot name at random, at will, and that was what was most fun, and now on this new 5.0 bot, you cant change the name, and you cant do it cause you have to deactivate the code first, and there is nowhere to deactivate it. So If I can’t change the bot name anymore, i feel like i lost my money, the reason even for buying it, to play word scramble and change the bot name as random as I change my room name on the server. It keeps it live and fun and interesting. I hope they fix that. I like the look and feel of it, but there are not enough SETTINGS and OPTIONS to mess with to make the bots well…OUR OWN and Unique. Hope they fix that too.

  12. Lil_B0a

    Thank you so very much to the ICEOP TEAM for all your efforts, believe me, I can only imagine how hard your job is, cause I couldnt do it myself…and I am so very greatful that you are creating the new plugin word scrambler, my only hope is that is is done soon, hopefully by this weekend. Everyone is driving me crazy over it lol. Which if you think about it, says alot about your plugin…If it wasnt so wonderful…No one would want it as badly as WE ALL do (smiles) So thank you once again, and we all look forward to the new upgrade of the plugin.<333

  13. RusticSpider

    When is Camfrog going to release a bot that is easy for the majority of people to program and is backward compatible? Currently this is limited to the elite few who have years of C++ experience and most likely a PHD in computer science. How about providing an interface that insulates people from most of the intricacies of C++ and the underlying architecture and just leaves them with some bare simple scripting languages or something as easy to work with? BMPscript is attempting to do this however it is struggling like most others to keep up with the new version. Perhaps an architecture that will interface with VB or something else that is more user friendly would make the bots, and ultimately Camfrog, more diverse and versatile.

  14. admin

    To deactivate your code with the bot right click the bot in the bot list or just delete it.

  15. doug

    Bug report
    When using a question mark character in any password field the Camfrog Bot process terminates.
    Event viewer log
    (Windows 7)
    Faulting application name: CamfrogBot.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4b68001a
    Faulting module name: USER32.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bdb2f
    Exception code: 0xc00000fd
    (Windows XP)
    Faulting application camfrogbot.exe, version, faulting module camfrogbot.exe, version, fault address 0x00037d67.

    The above problem has caused me to be unable to login with the usual bot name, so I’ve made a temporary one in the mean time (without a question mark character in the password). Unless the above is a “feature”, it makes me question how much attention Camshare are paying to encourage strong password security, and how much beta testing goes on in-house before release date.

    I’d like to use my old bot ID still, and use any ascci character for a password too. Could you suggest a way of changing the password so I can login with password characters that do not terminate the bot process.

    Thank you.

  16. frogfuzion

    We’re having difficulty compiling a linux version of the plugin… when we change UNIQID from CSLLCSPL to FFHGREET, and include the unique id in the plugins.conf, it stops responding to test /ver

    debug switched on:
    [2010/02/15 20:49:26] : Module manager : module successfully loaded : FFHGREET

    [2010/02/15 20:49:26] BOT SDK successfully initialized
    [2010/02/15 20:49:26] Starting up…

    and it doesn’t show the plugin being loaded anymore after startup, unless we change the UNIQID back to CSLLCSPL.

    Is there anyone we can talk to regarding bot development? A Bot development forum would be a good start

    Camfrog ID: Wayne82

  17. frogfuzion

    Is there a built in way to get the room name the bot is currently connected to?
    I tried using BOT_EVENT_ROOM_NAME but f[0x01] is returning empty, or should I just parse the room name from the server message on room join?

  18. AKE

    i try setup Camfrog bot v.5 on linux RedHat E5
    it’s can run and come to my room
    but all plugin is not excute.
    i open debug mode and look in file /var/log/camfrogbot/camfrogbot.log
    all plug in is Permission denied.
    this is some part of log file
    ]# cat /var/log/camfrogbot/camfrogbot.log
    [2010/02/21 03:48:02] : Module manager : could not load module with reason : /usr/lib/camfrogbot/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied
    [2010/02/21 03:48:02] : Module manager : could not load module with reason : /usr/lib/camfrogbot/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied
    How i do
    thank you

  19. RichardRoe

    @ frogfuzion : your plugin should be subscribed on CF_BOT_ROOM_EVENTS to receive BOT_EVENT_ROOM_NAME. You can subscribe plugin on initialization in cfbot_initialize() function.

  20. frogfuzion

    Thanks Richard! Great help once again.

    @ AKE
    Looks like you have permission problems. Check that /usr/lib/camfrogbot has the read flag enabled for all users:

    # chmod +r /usr/lib/camfrogbot/*

    or if you’re security conscious

    #chown -R camfrogbot:camfrogbot /usr/lib/camfrogbot/

  21. ADY

    When the new camfrogtool’s plugins come out U MUST RUN BOT AS ADMIN if you run it on vista or windows 7. if not the plugin will crash the bot will post more info on here when i test more. befor u all ask they not on camfrogtools website at the mo i am testing for them

  22. frogfuzion

    @ADY that’s most likely because the camfrogtools commercial plugins need write access to the windows registry, which by default windows vista/7 does not allow. No access = crash. They need a cleaner way to stop the plugin from running, instead of crashing the whole program.

    The issue was there with their old plugins when running the bots under non-admin accounts on Windows 2003

  23. ADY

    It has Bin Fixed They will not crash now when i post last post i still was testing with them works all good now

  24. Bronx_Guy

    Are the bots tied to the server’s IP?

    I have a console with a dozen bots 5.0.

    I found that the bots will go to any room, if the room is disconnected or the room server restarted.

    It is annoying, the console show all bots up and running, but some of them in different rooms.

    One must go and check ALL rooms to find the missing bot, and then restart the problem bot.

  25. Bronx_Guy

    Sometimes they will do the same when the console is restarted. You do not know whether the bot will connect to its assigned rooms or not.

    This is another headache for management.

  26. frogfuzion

    Possible Issue with camfrog bot linux, unless I’m adding the bots wrong.

    Adding a new linux bot to the server won’t sign in the bot unless the camfrogbot service is restarted.

    [2010/02/26 14:58:23] start : command received for bot :
    [2010/02/26 14:58:23] : bot_manager::_sign_on_bot() failed (not found)
    [2010/02/26 14:58:23] : sign on failed
    [2010/02/26 14:58:23] : sign on process failed due to internal error.

  27. Doug

    It appears that “admin” does not bother to keep up to date with those who have concerns reguarding Camshare’s software.
    I’m sure if users started to deplete from the Camfrog network “admin” would certainly try to at least acknowledge those who care to discuss the outragiously uner tested software!

  28. Doug

    It appears that “admin” does not bother to keep up to date with those who have concerns reguarding Camshare’s software.
    I’m sure if users started to deplete from the Camfrog network “admin” would certainly try to at least acknowledge those who care to discuss the outragiously under tested software!

  29. frogfuzion

    On the contrary, they’ve answered every question I’ve thrown at them regarding bot development, whether it was here on the blog or on camfrog itself. I love the linux version… we’re migrating to linux bots completely within a week or two once our plugins are complete.

    I think you’ve given them quite an unfair assessment. Getting helpdesk to reply via email on the other hand is another story lol.

  30. Doug

    It’s really good there has been support on the linux side, although a vast majority of bots will still run on Windows. I’ve not compiled the bot for linux nor run the bot on linux itself. I wonder if the same character “?” causes the bot to crash on linux when input in to the password field.
    I’ve still had no reply regarding that from admin.
    Thanks for acknowledging my coments frogfuzion, even if camfrog staff can/will not.

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