Camfrog Server 4.3 Released (Windows)

Camfrog Server 4.3 for Windows is now available for download.  This new server software has been updated to use our new and improved video streaming technology, plus it also has been optimized to work more efficiently on your server.

If you run a Camfrog server it’s urgent you upgrade to our new Camfrog Server or Camfrog Server Advanced software by March 11th or your server may no longer be able to sign on to our system. The reason we have to do this is due to our upgraded video technology for Camfrog clients that uses less CPU but has higher quality video.  Please upgrade your server software as soon as possible so your rooms will run normally starting in March and beyond.  We think you’ll be happy with the new higher quality video.

Download Camfrog Server 4.3 (Windows)

Camfrog Server Advanced 5.0 Released (Windows & Linux)

Camfrog Server Advanced 5.0 for Windows and Linux is now available for download.  This new server software version is made especially for users who host a large number of rooms on one server.  You can now also manage your rooms and servers remotely using our new advanced software without having to logon to your remote server.  On top of all these changes this new software also supports changing server ports while users are in the room where no users are affected.

Please note that if you are not a fan of this advanced server version you are welcome to use our basic Windows Camfrog Server software that we will continue to support indefinitely.  This advanced Camfrog server software is a completely new product made especially for advanced users with multiple rooms and it will not ever replace our basic Camfrog Server software.

Download Camfrog Advanced Server (Windows)

Download Camfrog Advanced Server (Linux)

Camfrog Bot 5.0 Released (Windows & Linux)

Camfrog Bot 5.0 for Windows and Linux are now available for download. To start downloading the application you will need a Bot serial number.

These new versions of our Bot software allow you to run multiple bots in one simple new interface, call and post RSS feeds, a new more advanced plug-in system and more. Please check out our new Bot help page to learn how to use the new software.

Download Camfrog Bot (Windows & Linux)

Camfrog IM to iPhone via Growl and Prowl

Did you know it’s possible to get Camfrog instant messages sent to your iPhone screen if you use Camfrog for Mac OS X?

The new Camfrog client already comes with Growl.  To get these Mac OS X Growl IM alerts sent to your iPhone all you have to do is download Prowl to your iPhone via iTunes.  Once Prowl is set up with Growl any IM that is sent to your Mac via Camfrog will show up on your iPhone.

We hope to release a Camfrog iPhone app next month so you’ll be able to get Camfrog messages with our own iPhone client soon also.

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