Camfrog Server BETA 5.0 (Windows) Released

Camfrog Server BETA 5.0 is now available for download.  This new Camfrog server version has a totally new interface that allows you to host an almost unlimited number of video chat rooms from your server.  You no longer have to run multiple versions of Camfrog Server to run multiple video chat rooms.

You can also now manage your rooms and servers remotely using our new software without having to logon to your remote server.

Switching ports on Camfrog Server startup is now easy and it won’t cause problems with the users already in your room.  As an added bonus, our early alpha testers have reported that this new software version uses even less CPU and resources than our old server.

Please download Camfrog Server 5.0 BETA and give us your feedback.  Please keep in mind this is a BETA release and not a final release.

Download Camfrog Server 5.0 BETA (Windows)

Update:  Please note this is a beta test and not a final version of the server software.  The old server version is still available and absolutely no changes have been made with Camfrog in any way.  We released this software update as a beta version to get feedback before releasing a final version and we appreciate your comments and take them seriously.

Happy New Year to everyone!

258 thoughts on “Camfrog Server BETA 5.0 (Windows) Released

  1. The price for the codes is outrageous!!!!!!!! for a peace of software that we buy to offer a service for people.. Period Camfrog needs to lift their game or loose everything they have been warned and they have been reading this debate.

  2. frogfuzion

    Pretty impressive so far, with a few things missing that should make out hosting a better experience for us and the users.

    A few suggestions though:
    + Seperate Room Logs
    + Seperate remote panel logins for individual rooms. Our customers like to feel in-control of the rooms they rent, so giving them access to a remote panel would be a welcome addition
    + Revised Licensing Scheme. Since we can now run multiple rooms under 1 instance of the software, charging $199 just to be able to run pro rooms under the same instance seems a bit heavy.

    Another alternative could be to charge a server pro license for the SERVER software, charge a cheaper ROOM pro license which can only be used in conjunction with a server pro instance.

  3. frogfuzion

    So in effect to the suggestion above, 1 Server Pro license can run 1 room pro (friendly for home hosting)… to run more room pros… they need to buy more ROOM licenses, which should be friendly for hosting companies.

  4. Camfrog is going to find a lot of the bigger hosters that keep camfrog running are going to stop buying codes. The price is expensive and ridiculous. Camfrog needs to weigh up money vs clients. All camfrog see’s is $$$.

    As a datacentre owner and an owner of 300 servers its hard to keep prices cheap and continue buying codes, that’s why if camfrog dosent reverse this legislation i and so will others will stop buying server codes.

    Its ok for the smaller wanna be hosters that rent servers from established datacentres, but for us dedicated hosts they have spent the money setting up and maintaing servers for camfrog room hosting its a huge blow for us.

  5. hahahahah matthew what a joke i see you aint changed 300 servers and your own datacentre lmao hahah too funny . This blog isn’t about you its about the camfrog software keep it on topic and get over yourself. i would encourage the admin to put a stop to all the host bashers and enforce the blog to be on topic.

  6. frogfuzion

    @Aus Net Servers
    Actually this move is a huge blow too for “smaller wannabe” hosters, don’t forget you guys started small as well, so calling them wannabes is a bit uncalled for.

    The TOS has been clear about the 1 serial 1 room rule since day 1.

    We’re pretty lucky they allowed us to exist this long without invalidating our serials for breaking the TOS. It would be more constructive to work out a solution/compromise rather than complaining about exhorbatant prices over and over again.

    I still believe my suggestion for paying a one time fee ($199) for a server pro license to run 1 pro room is a good one, to run additional pro rooms on the same server, we could have the option to buy _cheaper_ room licenses (possibly $99) that will only work under an activated pro server.

  7. Aus Net Servers Australia,

    You need to go crawl back into your hole with your 5 hosted rooms and your 1 dedicated rented box with softlayer and stop putting everyone else down i never told you anything about me you are either guessing or making it up. For the last time keep on topic i refuse to post here anymore whilst kids like you sit here and bash everyone.

  8. I am not bashing anyone i am stating the facts you didnt need to tell me. Its called looking at the servers IP Information, that was some time ago. We have more rooms and servers then you. If you would like to take a trip to melbourne i will get matthew to personally give you a tour of our CFHS Servers and then boot you out!

    your turned this into a tiff and i am ending it. I am sinply as part of the ansa team and a hoster sick of camfrog changing their minds every 5 minutes.

    They know what their choices are. If you paid attention craig you seen i have already tested the program as that’s what i am paid to do and i gave my feedback.

    Your not even a threat to us, for one look at your website and then look at ours look at the professionalism between them both. we do this as a career dont a backyard / afterhours job like you as you work full time.

    I will not post anything more to you

  9. Aus Net Servers Australia,

    Templatemonster is great to make websites i’d rathur do my own thanks. Grow up you are a kid don’t claim to be someone you are not its amazing how much crap you can talk on school holidays. Your team consists of yourself Every post here from you is about you and your so called company. Why don’t you post about the software not what you claim to own.

    I wish everyone a happy new year a few hours to go here until 2010 .

  10. Zoomshorts

    Fresh , shiny and NEW server EULA :

    D. Licensee acknowledges the Licensed Software and its structure, organization, and source code constitute valuable trade secrets of Licensor. Accordingly, Licensee agrees not to (i) copy, perform, distribute, modify, adapt, alter, translate, or create derivative works (as defined by the U.S. Copyright Act) from the Licensed Software; (ii) merge the Licensed Software with other software;

    (iii) sell, assign, sublicense, lease, rent, or loan the Licensed Software to
    any third party;

    (iv) port, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise
    attempt to derive the source code for the Licensed Software; or (v) otherwise use the Licensed Software except as expressly allowed in this license and agreement. Licensee may not seek intellectual property protection for the Licensed Software or any site related services.

    This is the meat of the matter.

  11. No its not – camfrog has known about hosters like myself and others since the day we all started regardless of the TOS.

    Server 5.0 is good as in the GUI but the server code worries me and a lot of my clients not to mention every one else

  12. o yes and somthing else that just popped into my head camfrog you have not put in the option for room owners to turn off the room and restart it from the remote room login like you have on the web panel my self i also added a turn on button as some people turned it off and got confused how to turn it back on as it was a restart button not a turn on button

    so please add the ( Turn Off Room ) ( Turn On Room ) ( Restart Room ) Buttons thanks

  13. OMG guys, what’s happened on here since I went for a nap, your all fighting about whos the best hoster and who is not.

    Stop fighting between yourself and get back to the matter in hand Pro Codes.

    Im shocked you have now brought this Blog into a slanging match, come on guys get a grip.

    Big or small we will all suffer the same, all we want is camfrog to go back to 2 rooms one code, then all this will stop.

    Were not asking for much camfrog, and you then wont loose out

    PS:For gods sakes guys stop fighing and trying to prove who’s bigger than someone else, who cares, we all host, don’t matter how many rooms we do or don’t host, this Blog is to make camfrog see sense!!!

    Save all this for the meeting on Sunday!!!

    Link to send you thoughts on the whole situation >>>


  14. Update….

    And the list grows:

    nodramauk (60 codes)
    uksolutions (5 codes)
    aussie hosting (40 codes)
    GLC hosting (10 codes)
    Black hosting (25 codes)
    frogcore hosting (5 codes)
    Camtochat hosting (13 codes)
    giggles hosting 94 codes)
    Aus net server (19 codes)
    foxy server (40 codes) (40 codes)
    cheshirehosting (10 codes)
    tunisia-host (15 codes)

    And the list grows and grows!!!

    My question is camfrog, are you going to discuss this with us, because if not and just go ahead with the rule, all the above we no longer buy codes, now whos going to loose out. I have all there word on this.

    You probably hate me and my hosting right now, but really I don’t care to be honest, I fight for whats right, especially after all the hard work we have put into camfrog and safe hosting, I wonder how many new camfrog users hosters have made download camfrog by our advertising and other media activities.

    We all bought over priced Pro Codes knowing they would work on 2 rooms, breaking TOS or not there the facts, are you going to re-think about this???

    A reply would be nice Moderator.


  15. admin

    I would like to clarify something to help avoid a misunderstanding.

    Someone posted that they are “sick of camfrog changing their minds every 5 minutes” but absolutely nothing has been changed with the way our serials work since we first implemented the system we have now over 6 years ago.

    Also our current release version Camfrog Server versions are still working normally and available for download. Nothing has been changed with Camfrog serials in any way.

    We understand that some people do not like the way serials are treated in this beta version by the server software itself and we will keep that in mind as we develop future beta versions.

    I will be mostly unavailable for the Holiday, however if you find bugs or have feature requests for the new server version please contact the email on the Camfrog Server Beta download page, or you can post here if you have already been moderated in.

    Thanks and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

    Thanks, Craig

  16. Update….

    And the list grows:

    nodramauk (60 codes)
    uksolutions (5 codes)
    aussie hosting (40 codes)
    GLC hosting (10 codes)
    Black hosting (25 codes)
    frogcore hosting (5 codes)
    Camtochat hosting (13 codes)
    giggles hosting 94 codes)
    Aus net server (19 codes)
    foxy server (40 codes) (40 codes)
    cheshirehosting (10 codes)
    tunisia-host (15 codes)
    CamAndChat Hosting (35)

  17. Zoomshorts

    Thank you for responding to us all. When Camfrog allowed two rooms per server on one IP address, we were all very thankful. We could now afford to run two rooms, yet still basically for the cost of our providers. This was a mixed blessing, but was used by all to help re-coup the basic cost of the server plus the actual hosting costs. It was always against the EULA and TOS.

    What if ALL room hosters chose to shut their servers/rooms down for a week?
    Where would Camfrog be?

    Server owners are the lifeblood of Camfrog. It you, Camfrog, had to run the rooms, it would cost you a bunch of money. You, Camfrog, has turned a blind eye to the supposed violations of the server hosters, knowing full well that they are advertisements for Camfrog, that Camfrog cannot afford to do for themselves. Why now, bite the hand that fuels your growth?

    People opening real, paid-for rooms is your best advertisement. WTF?
    Are you trying to kill that secondary revenue stream off?

    If I were Camfrog, I would make the servers a standalone product and provide a tracker for Camfrog rooms. I would sell the client as a standalone and make money there. It would make things cheaper for Camfrog, and allow hosters a bit of money to recoup their initial costs.

    If you continue in this vein, people WILL leave, AND word will get around. I think that is counterproductive, For ALL concerned.

    Please put yourself in the position of trying to run a 1000 user Camfrog room, do the math and see what we mean.

  18. Criag,

    Thank you for your response, and for listening to the people who have helped make camfrog as big as it is today.

    Long as the Serials stay the same, everyone is happy, and I believe we are all impressed with the new Beta version, so keep up the good work.

    I have sent you a seperate email, as I feel partly responsible for a free for all on this Blog site, but I can not control what other people post, especielly last night whil I was sleeping were some took it a little to far, me included at times in earlier posts, but that was mainly because alot of the responses were not justified, so I had to correct a few things and we all were slightly going of the subject at hand.

    Have a Good New Year to you and all the Camfrog Staff, and lets keep up the safe camfrog into 2010!!!


  19. Once again Zoom great post, but I think camfrog and Craig are beginning to see sense.

    One code two rooms, camfrog survives another year, if it does not then as you have posted and I know there will be the biggest mutiny camfrog has ever seen by hosters and users of camfrog.

    I have alot of backing on this, and feel a bit of a spokesman, but I am fighting for every decent, honest hoster and camfrog owner, prices will rise and no one wants to see that and in the long term camfrog will loose out and other chat sites will reap the benefits.

    Believe it or not this subject is already being discussed on other sites like paltalk because I also have a part of that program, have for many years, and word gets around, and I am sure the admin on there are rubbing there hands because there not blind and can see whats going to happen.

    I believe in 2010 and after a few days off and a few well deserve beers, camfrog will post on here what we have all been fighting for over the past few days and thats put into one word “commonsense”.

    Serials will be the same as before, and maybe cheaper, well we can all hope hahahaha, I forgot Christmas is over Bahh Hum Bug!!!!


  20. Craig,

    Although you will not want to hear this camfrog has been going downhill for at least a year since Server 4.0 came out. i myself have delt with you on several occasions to try and sort things out through the help desk and have lead to major frustration and anger.

    I would like your comments on this admin ( craig ) about implementig a “Members Only” secure or client area that the server codes we buy romyou guys is listed.

    It would be good to see Server Codes bound to a specific IP / Motherboard to stop people stealing the codes?.. what do people think about this?

  21. What gets me is admin several times when i brought new codes mid last year i was told by help desk staff ( Jarrod & yourself ) that we can only use one code per room when i reported someone has been using my code.

    Camfrog Reply after days of waiting was pretty much that we can only use one code per room. That goes against what you said above Someone posted that they are “sick of camfrog changing their minds every 5 minutes” but absolutely nothing has been changed with the way our serials work since we first implemented the system we have now over 6 years ago.

    I think Camfrog Support needs to be improved for us hosters so we can get what we need and not bug you admins that are very busy running camfrog. By that is an automated serial replacement system if we need it where it deactivates one code and gives us a knew one if we can provide information that we are the owners of the codes. ( that always seems to be the issue )

    When we buy the codes we use email address that we change or loose access to. For example my very first code is registered to an email address and domain name that no longer exists ( ) i fought for a week with camfrog to prove i was the owner as i had nothing to prove i was the owner.

    Happy new year all ( Currently 1/1/2010 – 2.20AM )

  22. Bronx_Guy

    Hello everyone!!

    My contribution… I believe the new GUI is excellent. A most needed upgrade. I have a couple of dozen rooms and bots and lately, it is a pain in the ass to keeps users and rooms running smoothly. Un-experienced users keep changing preset settings to later complain that the “room does not work”

    I believe the following will improve the GUI usability and security for both; the end user and the system admin

    1. Profile Tab

    I think “Video resolution” and Administrator email should be the only features deactivated.

    2. General Tab

    Deactivate the following:
    2.1 “maximum allowed number of users”
    2.2 “Maximum line breaks count”
    2.3 “Automatic anti-scroll/anti-spam filter”
    2.4 “Show popup Notifications”
    2.5 “Disable hyperlinks”

    I believe end users have no business manipulating those settings.

    3. Serial Number
    Exposing the partial serial number is a NO. If you must have it, Instead of listing the serial numbers, List the number. For example; Create something like “Serial Number:Serial Number 01 Activated”

    4. Server Logs

    Create another Tab “Room Logs”

    Problems so far..
    1. Bots fail to join the rooms
    2. New created rooms using the new interface fail to login once they are disconected.

  23. To be honest i must say that the new setup is alot better in all cases for several reasons and here they are.

    1, It gives the end user the ability to controle there room with ease.
    2, This should stop the holding of rooms when a user desideds to leave a host and go to another.
    3. The GUI is dam sexy and makes me smile.
    4. It is secure so only the room configs can be changed, your procodes are safe and less chance of being attacked via the open port used by the web pannel.
    5. This will help hosters manage there servers better, instead of having to remote desktop a server to install a new room you just do it through this server pannel on your desktop, its even better for thoughs cleaver hosts who have gone to linux as the pannel will alow managment of the linux rooms aswell.

    In all i must say that this release has been a shinning light to the future of room hosts, without which we would not have the camfrogh we know today.

    Chins up guys this is for the better and from what i can see in this new pannel, a new aray of features to come.

    All the best and happy new year


  24. My question is to Matt- Aus Net Servers,

    If Camfrog were to enable a server serial to only be used with a specific IP or motherboard, what happens then if your IP Changes or you upgrade your motherboard?

    Now for Camfrog Admin.

    The best solution here is to keep the limitations the same, as they are now but have a choice of which server to download from camfrog.

    Users who prefer to use multiple servers can download the original server and carry on using web control panels.

    Users who prefer to download and use the new server can also use remote access where their customers can download the server for themselves and add the room to remote rooms.

    It is simple for those hosters that have been on camfrog for a while. Camfrog are very good with what they are doing, though they could cut down on prices i think. If on the new server (serials cannot be used more the once) alot of hosters will not be able to carry on hosting the chat rooms for camfrog.

    If it wasnt for us on Camfrog, then Camfrog wouldnt exist as only the original 12 Camfrog rooms would.

    I think if Camfrog is to change the server serial limitations, then the prices to buy extra serials should decrease in order for customers to replace them in shortage.


  25. Bronx_Guy

    Binding the IP to the serial would done the same way you activatedeactivate the serial number or change ports. An extra field may be added to include the server’s IP.

    Binding the IP should require a strong passwordnick, so stolen serials could not be linked to a different IP.


  26. hd_harddrive

    hay it all looks good to me old hosters needs to remember stuf changes every day and thank goodness and camfrog has a right to charge and limit the services just like u 1 room 1 key is fair and for bots and pro if u ask me and i think hosters who go from hosters to hosters to sir up drama and bad mouth camfrog should be tos,ed and stop posting your crap here we want to see what outhers think about the server not the crying over change great fn job camfrog

  27. Ahmeds

    admin, i want from you to unban my friend nickname >9_1< because he did not do any fraudulent purchase , he bought the nickname from egyption guy

    Please reply soon
    Thank you

  28. My question / answer is to Frog Room Hosting:

    I dont see what you mean. Before the start of January we ( Aus Net Servers Australia where using the same Pentium 4 2.66GHZ that we started using back in 2004. Very rarely did we ever shut them down and they where only replaced because we have upgraded to better redundancy by adding multiple power supplies in the one box and dual network cards and the old server boards didnt support it.

    If you read further up a few posts of mine i ask admin and say they should devolp a ” Members Area” for the server codes, somewhere where us hosters can login and change the servers IP Address. I think the Server Codes should be locked to that server however offer an option to if your going to upgrade or change server that you can u just reset the code and the next time the code is used it retrieves the info much like WHMCS.

  29. Bronx_Guy, i think the binding of a serial to an IP Address or a physical aspect of a server will stop a lot of the issues with stolen codes that dosent just stop at server codes it could be used on the video chat codes as well. I am sure camfrog admins are sick of replacing codes because people have given them out and then fallen out with the person that gave it to and they have the code and abuse it so the real owner carnt get use it properly.

    Ahmeds, your request is falling on deaf ears Camfrog wont unban a user. Once disabled there is a reason they are disabled. I find it hilarious that you say he brought the name from an egyptioon… that’s a lame excuse!!!!! – you got to do better then that trust me

  30. wonda

    Dear Admins,
    Ok, I had some video issues with only using the new beta server and only in my room. I entered my room and it said my video couldnt be loaded or something because I need to check my firewall or router, or go to F & Q in camfrog home, and i did and i sent the debug log to and im stilll waiting for a response, you can cross reference my email here and the one you received from my actual email. I tested it and when i went into my room only on the new beta server i had no cam and it told me so. Then i decided to go into the Main Camfrog all ages all languages room, and I had a cam just fine. So I then proceeded to uninstall the server beta and reinstall the old version again, and now everything works just fine again. Other than that, and the few other bugs I told you before…I LOVE IT! Hope you guys and gals get it fixed soon so I can download it again and use it. Til then, I look forward to see what amazing changes you create next. Love and thanks to all the admins for all your hard work…BRAVO!<333

  31. Bronx_Guy

    I agree, I may stop the hacking and stealing or at least discourage it. However, IP serial binding would not be applicable to the client (video chat) because most people have dynamic IPs.

  32. i know how much of a pain in the ass it is tog et a serial replaced so i really want to get something pout in place to get the codes protected in a better way some kind of secure area.. any idea people?

    P.S it must be your server, i am not having any of those issues one of my CFHS Servers is running 5.0 with 21 users currently

  33. Reply to? Matt Aus Net Servers Australia,

    I think i was confused to what you had been talking about, but even so with the ip user iterface on the website i dont think that is a good idea, it should either be registered to a username or email address or a specific name. If an IP Address were to be used then customers of Camfrog would be forever logging into the website to change thier IP Address.




    Wow.. I love new cool CF server beta amazingly it looks like ALL in ONE.

    One question: Will next released beta version get a feature such as “Log Connections” for each room? if so, Hope so.

    Thanks and Hope all of you enjoy a new ahead year and best wishes!

  35. My question is to Admin, on the new servers will each room still be able to have its own individual remote/web control panel becuase from my website i have a user account services and account profiles. when a user logins to the website they are directed automatically to their own designated profile, and there they can find a link to be able to connect in a new window to the server connection.



  36. Thats our reward… promoting camfrog?? In this case i ofcourse support nodrama uk(dramauk,) and some more peeps ovva here cuz as you need $$ for your works ..we have to equal our efforts too.we are providing masive servers in camfrog with huge range of bandwitches, and our partners running over 130 rooms.
    Objective its notta fair game to them


    One of our server is now being attacked, and are demanding a server code.

    All of our servers have been attacked via DDOS attack today, along with another number of other hosts that we know of.

    I strongly believe that Camfrog should be acting to ban those individuals that do not follow TOS.

    Sadly it seems as though those that have not been following TOS with regard to one code per room now seem to want to break TOS even further and try to take out those hosts that have been foloowing TOS, by DDosing them and attempting to blackmail them into giving out their server codes.

    User name in this instance is D_DOS_ACK.

    Screen shots have been sent to



    I see the unscrupulous are going to try to make it a diffuclt one for the rest of us.

    Such is life! We suffered worse.


    1. this isnt the place to mention that although thanks for bring it up i dont need to worry all my servers that i own are ddos protected by hardware / software firewalls maybe u need to improve ur security on your rented servers contact your datacentre.

  40. also, on the note of idiototic people on camfrog i would like to bring it to the attention of camfrog of a bot running round on all sorts of differant names that we are all experiencing where it wants us to go toa website and it uses all sorts of different names…

    although it hasn’t hit our tech support names ina few days camforg might have gotten rid of the pest.

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