Avoiding Spim (Instant Message Spam)

Have you received spim (instant message spam) while using Camfrog?  If so please immediately report abuse so we can take immediate action against the user and website involved.

Camfrog already has anti-spim systems in place, however we plan to make even more changes soon to combat this problem even harder.

Please keep in mind you can always change your status to “Privacy” to avoid any possible IM spams.  Thank you for your patience.

Report SPIM (IM Spam)

36 thoughts on “Avoiding Spim (Instant Message Spam)


    i all whys report them as i done so this week 2 times and yes you banned them names with thanks but some time when a user is reported note done like if there hand name for 1year + what you going to do a bout them users who think there run camfrog like rooms like this _pLaYa_H8rZ_BaLL_ for one that room not with in your tos

  2. Billy0329

    Since you tell us to put privacy, what if the users need to talk to me or need some assistance and I am on privacy, How can we solve that problem?

  3. Taffy

    Can I make a quick wish list if this is the case with “SPIM” That we have instead of the Users nicks shown when banned and use an email addy.

  4. Billy0329

    I have a idea, it is come from AIM, if someone IM you as you unknown who, it has top of IM said “Unwant? Unappropiate? Spam? CLICK HERE TO REPORT!” more as simple instead copy and paste in report profile. The best way is click here to report, it will automatic copy the IMs for the camfrog admin to look at it. Just a idea?

  5. scotchmyk

    yep…bots are being a pain…i report most but my pc is never switched off and 99/ of the time i’m in private chat…(not been in a room for a week)…they’re not pulling the names from the room to spam like before

  6. Taffy

    The Best way to combat SPIM would be to force each user to add each other before been able to IM each other. Its a known & proven way to stop SPIM and used in many other IM systems. Camfrogs Spim has been going on for a while but not quite to this extent.

    I have mentioned this some times back but dismissed.

  7. Floren

    Please put the REPORT ABUSE box on IM table. Please make the ban user id plus their email address. Once you ban someone and that person can make another user id and do it again.

  8. Taffy

    Their was some mention of improving banning method some time back, which I havn’t noticed been applyed, I still have to resort to banning country’s or IP range and ISP’s just to stop the one or two idiots that are intent on causing problems. Its unfair on the rest that dont misbeheave.

    sorry a little off the topic but does tie in with the whole IMing problem.

    anyhow this is your littlebaby its upto you on how the IM system works I’m just throwing some ideas.

  9. admin


    We are working on this and more, thanks! We made a few changes last night and I haven’t seen more spam today so far.

  10. Zoomshorts

    I think this is a little extreme, but users should be able to invisibly block IM IP
    ranges. Say a user is getting unwanted IM’s from people who obviously do not speak that user’s language. Why allow this? That region/IP range should
    be blockable by the average user, with regard to IM’s only.

    In the past it was suggested that, having BOTH users to agree to IM’s was the way to go, much like all the other chat programs on the planet. It did not happen. You copy what works. Having an AUTO block feature, unless the other user is on your friends list would have been nice.

    Also Taffy, thanks for your giving Camfrog the resources to make large rooms possible. Some people were not aware or remember, but I do. Again, thanks.

  11. Zoomshorts

    Admin, I went online and almost immediately for 4 such messages.

    May I suggest that when users login and get an ID, that the software check the IP address of the new user, and if they FAIL to be from where they claim to be from, be denied access to the software?

    Verified IP lists can be found on the net, and a user that claims to be from
    “Germanie” who is really located in Asia, should be denied any login at all.

    Regions need to be exclusive until the user purchases Pro. Fraud would be the TOS reason to deny such people.

    They all KNOW what is expected, unless they are too stupid to be on the Internet. Why allow liars to have any access.

    In addition, you need ‘honeypot’ users designed to collect such SPAM. Having 20 or so fake accounts for SPAM collection would make this easier. 20 male and female users high up on the user list. Not necessarily the highest, but high on the list.

  12. I like the IM catcher for such uses. People that are on my list, can IM me, if your not on my list, it doesn’t block it like privacy, just puts it away for later, to read, delete, block, or whatever.
    You can access the IM catcher by going to the Actions menu, and clicking IM catcher

  13. Billy0329

    I do like Zoomshorts suggest but people CAN change their IP. I was think create a new user name is base on the pro code. Since non-pro are block to create a new user name. Just a suggest. Remember – The IP address are alot of available to use those IP. The pro code are limit to people who bought it and limit to create a user name.

  14. Billy0329

    And also add the “reCaptcha” like we have here…. to protect against the robot to create too many users name. Since many companies are using those to protect.

  15. Galdor OrageCorneille

    Camfrog Server 5.0 and Camfrog Bot, it’s better I change the language (Language) as Camfrog Video Chat 5.4. I hope the new 5.0 and not forgotten Bot Language for the world agree that way;)

  16. marco

    I’m sorry, this post is about camfrog server, but I ‘m posting here because there is not possibility to leave a reply there:
    I have a problem: in my pc I have installed camfrog videochat and camfrog server 5 beta.
    I set my room online, people can enter into my room and all works fine…..but i cant access to my room :S
    It displays the message: server is behind a firewall.
    What should i do?
    My router is BW554 of sbs

  17. Ahmeds

    CasperPL, huh! what? what is fraud shell that?
    i did not do any thing bad and i want to restore my nickname, how i can restore it?

  18. admin

    Ahmeds, Your nick was reported as related to fraud by our billing company so it was deactivated.

  19. marco

    @ CasperPL
    Its not a probelm of router coz everyone can enter into my room…..
    ONLY the PCs of my lan can’t enter into :S….soemthing is wrong….
    what should i do? thanks

  20. Ahmeds

    i have contacted Cleverbridge and they say contact camfrog helpdesk
    and you say contact Cleverbridge.
    What is the solution for my problem?

  21. Zoomshorts

    As a programmer, you know the limitations of Camfrog. The IM Catcher is a LAME excuse for a REAL Buddylist implementation. Why should users be forced to deal with people they do not know? The correct response is, “They should not”.


  22. admin


    You can change your status to privacy any time to avoid messages from people you do not know. Nobody is ever forced to deal with people they do not know while using Camfrog. Our Privacy status has been available for over 5 years.

  23. Ahmeds

    i had contacted cleverbridge and they told me they already send message for helpdesk about my problem,they told me too you don’t had any wrong payment with us,the problem someone send for me anonymous virtual gift and my id got banned for farud,so thats me am not owner this payment,and thats not my wrong,the sender must banned not me.
    i dont want to Receive any anonymous virtual gift.

  24. Zoomshorts

    “You can change your status to privacy any time to avoid messages from people you do not know. Nobody is ever forced to deal with people they do not know while using Camfrog. Our Privacy status has been available for over 5 years.” Almost 5 years. 😛


    * – With version 3.2 users can now change their Camfrog status to privacy to avoid instant messages from other users not on their contact list.

  25. 901

    I Have Pronlem On My Id ( LRH ) i can’t use it from camfrog video chat and i can alreday open it from profile what can i do ? Pls Answer Thx !

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