43 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.4.231 (Windows) Released

  1. Cloakedmassacre

    What is the deal with ATI drivers. How come I’m forced to use the old rendering system? I have the latest drivers btw.I just spoofed my card to show up as a Nvidia card. It works fine the new rendering system. If you want someone to test with an ATI card direct with no weirdness let me know. It just seems like your code only recognizes Nvidia cards.

  2. ken

    please help. When i join a room or start IM my CF crash. The new version did not solve my problem.

  3. mistaagress

    The new version is good now but few things is very sad
    The videoquality is now much lower its griny ..unsharp
    with both video systems… the colors not really god

    in windows 7 with 64 bit and webcam max 6 the video source has
    black beams is incompatible with the fddshow codec

    i hope camfrog go back to old systems so video quality goes up again

  4. Anthony

    “in windows 7 with 64 bit and webcam max 6 the video source has
    black beams is incompatible with the fddshow codec

    i hope camfrog go back to old systems so video quality goes up again”

    Iv been using Camfrog Video char with Windows 7 64Bit a year in january when the first public beta was released, I have never had a video issue with CF in windows 7.

    Infact all i have seen is video improvments, I am using a crappy 256MB graphics card at the moment and its all good.

    well done camfrog 🙂 and Happy Christmas

  5. Taffy

    Just Wondering why we are constantly been flooded with these damn IM’s seems we dont even need to be in a room where you would guess your on some sort of list.

  6. Cloakedmassacre

    Well for the guys who don’t know what they’re talking about saying they use ATI no problem. When you get a pop up that says use the old rendering system you’re not using ATI no problem. You’re stuck with the old rendering system. Honestly Camfrog has done a great job at the improvements . That’s why I want them to remove the ban on ATI drivers from using the new system. The code is closed source otherwise I’d find it and make a patch myself. As stated in my previous post when using Nvidia cards I do not get a pop-up. If you want the exact pop-up here you go “Because of compatibility issues with video driver installed in your system Camfrog will use old rendering system.” I wish Camfrog would let me just override it. I have the latest driver btw.

  7. Cloakedmassacre

    IF you have a crappy video card go to your camfrog settings. Select video and click on always use old rendering system. Often this is not something most people would want to do because the new video rendering system rocks! If you want try getting manycam and see if it makes a difference.

  8. playwrightc

    I just downloaded and installed the new version and my procode went away. Any help? Nothing posted in old emails.

  9. baja_hippie

    I “upgraded” to the latest version of cf, now it crashes every time I try to enter a room. IM’s work fine, but that’s it.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on a fix? Running Vista…

  10. Donnchadh

    I have been unable to load camfrog since downloading the upgrade.
    I am running Windows Vista and starting camfrog should result in Vista changing the screen to Vista Basics but now I don’t even get that far. The program fails to respond. I have uninstalled and re-installed v 5.3 but the problem remains.
    Any suggestions?

  11. bill320

    I upgraded and camfrog no long let’s me sign in. I uninstalled then allowed camfrog through my firewall and still i cannot sign in. never hjad this problem with the former version

  12. Jason

    Just got the new version and Im having trouble with the chat room randomly closing for no reason. And it always closes when Im viewing someones cam and click to close it. Annoying, didnt have this trouble before. Any ideas?

  13. Taweechai

    I had only one problem today is tha i can’t Login to the camfrog I thought

    it was my router’s problem, so i restart it and it did work still. tried turn

    off Fire-wall but still not working, anyone please help me out this. is it ISP

    problem or my laptop ? oh! it works fine until I tried to make a new ID and

    then could not login for whole day.

  14. Nick

    Same issue as playwrightc…. Upgraded and lost pro code. Don’t have original email when I registered and have no clue which email I used or who the merchant was (Since I registered several years ago). Had to do a restore to get back to 5.3. I wish I could find out where the code is stored (in registry maybe) so I can upgrade…. otherwise I’ll just have to wait.

  15. jamesthegreatest

    im having terrible troubles with this and the previous version,
    if i unpause my cam or if anyone views my cam, even whilst its paused i cant load web pages and the room starts to lag until i finnaly get disconnected from the camfrog server,
    as soon as i exit camfrog my connection rturns to normal,

    also if i do a broadband speedtest whilst in a camfrog room whilst paused or not my speed shows as less than 3meg, soon as i exit camfrog and do the same speedtest it shows the correct speed of 10meg,

    i even freshly installed windows 7 32bit ultimate but the same thing is happening so i know its not malware,
    my computer is way above minimum required specs (q8200 quad core/4gb ram/gtx260)

  16. admin

    jamesthegreatest, I am not sure how this is possible but we will investigate. Camfrog is unable to control your network settings.

  17. LooLoo33

    Hi admin,

    This is my problem,
    I’ve ordered a serial key from eSellerate and after only one week of use, I can’t use camfrog pro anymore. It’s sayed that the key is invalid.I specify that I’VE BOUGHT IT AND I HAVEN’T SHARED IT WITH ANYONE !!! I don’t understand what’s happened.I’ve sent e-mails to camfrog and eSellerate but no response ! I’d just like to know the reasons and how I can use camfrog pro again cause it’s a bit expensive to use it for only one week! I think you understand my problem 🙂
    So, could you help me to resolve this problem please?
    Thanks in advance

    Ps: my nickname is LooLoo33 but let me know if you need more informations about my account…

  18. Froggy


    I downloaded 5.4.231. When I enter a chatroom, I am not able to sort the list of users. The menu items for sorting is disabled. Do I need to do something to enable sorting ? Or is user sorting only available in the Pro version ?


  19. LooLoo33

    hi again,

    About my problem of invalid code, I’ve just received a response from eSellerate. They can’t do anything for me but this is their e-mail, maybe it can help you:

    You have contacted eSellerate, Inc. We are an e-commerce provider for many different companies, meaning that we host their Web Stores and process online transactions for the purchase of their products. I looked up your order and found that it has been returned. You will need to speak with Camshare if you believe this is a mistake. Otherwise you will need to purchase the software again to obtain a different serial number.”

    So, why my order has been returned ?I didn’t do anything exept using camfrog pro during few days. I hope you’ll be able to help me because I don’t want to pay again (and I won’t…of course)
    Thanks again for your help…

  20. MWT

    Hey all the new versions good accept for some reason my ATI Drivers don’t seem to like the new rendering system. But hey otherwise great work

  21. Ahmeds

    i have contacted Cleverbridge and they say contact camfrog helpdesk
    and you say contact Cleverbridge.
    What is the solution for my problem?

  22. admin


    We have no access to the credit card data you used so we can not evaluate whether it was fraud or not. Cleverbridge reported you for fraud and your account is permanently disabled and will not be re-enabled unless they contact us and say you are not involved in fraud.
    If you think it’s a mistake with Cleverbridge you can contact them and get them to confirm that you did not make a fraud order with us, then we can re-enable your account. It would be highly unusual for Cleverbridge to make a mistake I think.

  23. b_boys150


    WHY YOU BANED MY NICKNAME b_boys150 ????????????
    this is very stupid

    thank for reply

  24. mwtnetworks

    hey about the issue with “Because of compatibility issues with video driver installed in your system camfrog will use old rendering system”

    My video card on this system is a Ati Radeon HD 3300 Graphics. DO we have a fix or a work around for this yet??

  25. When i go into a room on camfrog i cannot connect to camera servers. My cam comes on but it dosn’t show me in the room as having a cam. Any ideas? I do have the new version. I am behind a duel wann router.

  26. YAzan

    i downloaded the latest version of the website when i try to sign up it says u “could not connect to server” i have vista internet speed 1mb

  27. Nyson

    do you guys having a problem with this version Camfrog Client 5.4.228 i know its old or new..but everytime i join rooms and stay for like 1 hour or so..then when i click room list or im a person inside the room..it gives me an error.. Camfrog module has stopped working..every single time!..i hate the fact that everytime camfrog updates to the new versions of what they do or saying to make it better…its getting worst and worst…

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