Camfrog Client 5.4.228 (Windows) Released

Camfrog Client 5.4 for Windows is now available for Download.  This new release uses our new video technology and has many stability enhancements for some users who were having problems.

Our new video technology may cause your CPU usage to increase a little until all users have upgraded.  This is because your client will be running two video technologies simultaneously if you are viewing users with our old video technology.  The new video technology we are using should eventually cause less CPU usage and better video quality once all users have upgraded early in 2010.

Download Camfrog 5.4.228 (Windows)

16 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.4.228 (Windows) Released

  1. f

    i m getting a bit tired of CF. i upgraded a few days ago; yesterday i tried to have a pvt chat with a non-pro user, which was probably running a previous version. and we couldnt get both the streams working. if i called the other person, i couldn’t see a thing. if the other person called me, i couldnt see the other’s video. in the rooms, my cam was not being detected. i could see others’ videos tho.
    every time a new version is released, i’m expecting less lag, less cpu usage, more stability, more speed; but i just get more and more errors and problems of compatibility.
    my pc is completely virus/malaware free, and i have only the basic services and process running – no toolbars, no stupid applications in the background. so its a CF thing.

  2. admin

    F, we will try to recreate and solve this problem. We are upgrading to a new video technology and once both users are using it you should see less lag, less cpu usage, and more speed.

  3. f

    thanks for the quick reply, and merry xmas.
    by the way, CF is the only software i ever bought, so there should be a reason 😉

  4. frogfuzion

    Cool stuff. Keep up the good work.

    I hope this one’s just as stable as the last. Haven’t had a crash since.

    When will you guys be blocking the older versions? If you want to encourage users to use the new video technology, might as well force them to update. There are still users on 5.2… 😦

  5. admin

    Frogfuze, yes we will probably force an upgrade eventually when we are happy with our most up to date version.

  6. Dave

    It seems that since the introduction of the new rendering system, the CPU usage for CamFrog (in 1-on-1 or in a room with 1 or 2 cams open) on a P4 Prescott(F)-HT 3Ghz, 1MB L2, 512MB RAM, running XP Pro SP2/3 lept to an average 65% with CF 5.3, up from an average 25% with CF 5.2 – but in the last month the CF Clients 5.3 and 5.4 now seem to take up all available CPU power running at an average 85% to 95%.

    This means that with just CF 5.3/5.4, along with minimum system processes running, the CPU runs at a constant 100% but the cams lag massively and are reduced by several frames per second to around 15fps. I know it’s an old system lol but should still have enough oomph to run CF and play tunes in a room at the very least.

    I’m wondering if other users are having this cam lag problem, with way too high 85-95% CPU usage and if it is a known issue with the last few versions of CamFrog?

    Hope it can be fixed soon – cheers all

  7. MoDY

    Frist merry X mas CF
    Cool stuff. Keep up the good work.
    you did not tell the new of this version
    and i have other ask
    can i online camfrog from my I phone ?
    i have try but it gave me unknowun file can’t run in my phone
    San Stifano

  8. admin


    Please test again with our new release that we’re going to have out tonight or tomorrow.

    We will investigate the issue you reported. If you could go to our help page, then FAQ and send logs to our support team it would be great.


  9. Dave

    Will do Admin, I’ll grab it as soon as possible and pass on the info.

    Cheers guys ‘n’ girls – Happy Holidays

  10. martin

    Camfrog i personally dont have issues with the extra CPU as warned about in this version but there are many who do
    many users simply fall out of the room with the previous version and refuse now to go back to newer versions most still being on Camfrog 5.2 i personaly run on both 5.2 and now am testing 5.4
    i have both running now in the same room with the same cameras open
    Camfrog 5.4 running at 121,652k CPU at 12%
    Camfrog 5.2 running at 64,844k CPU at 6%
    both are on separate Camfrog Pro codes both running pro too
    identical setup just different clients
    i have a strong PC with strong net but alas other users do not there CPU goes through the roof and they either cannot open cams there rooms freeze up constantly of they simply fall out of the rooms
    making it not as much fun and many cant stand being on due to the issues

  11. adi

    hi i have camfrog video chat 5.1 i think is old version ,but now i am using that with pro code ,i lost my procode mail when i buy it can somebody help me pls?

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