14 thoughts on “New Camfrog Virtual Gifts (December)

  1. Ahmeds

    good work, but if camfrog add new Platinum Points Packs like Crown and Diamonds then camfrog will be good.

  2. plaintif


  3. plaintif

    you do not we offer the passes our servers and you stand idly you think these people where is the service of camfrog

  4. plaintif

    I don’t think it’s fair to say we don’t answer your complaint because I am answering your complaint right now. I searched the helpdesk for your email and I didn’t see any complaints that you sent that we ignored. Please give me the date of the complaint along with the subject and I will investigate if your email was not answered and I will make sure that does not happen again.
    <<<<< I confirm allow people without answers

  5. v4c

    good work, but if camfrog add new Platinum Points Packs like Crown and Diamonds then camfrog will be good.

  6. Oz

    Love camfrog I just wish the Mac version was as good as the Windows version. There are way too many options that were not ported over. Also for some reason my external camera worked once and hasn’t worked anymore on camfrog. It works on other programs… wonder what the problem is.


    Pls update us what changes or implemented features for latest available current version 5.4 now…


  8. admin


    A new Mac version is on its way out. I hope you like it.


    All will soon be announced on the Blog.

  9. plaintif

    I think you close your eyes on my posts but those are taken with great importance, because otherwise I think we will go straight into the wall a little smart because they play with their attack finally it was you but see if you do nothing camfrog death will change your version camfrog us to connect through gateways which will hide our ip is unconscionable that you leave unanswered.
    I can give you the date and time that you have not answered my message

  10. admin


    I recommend you get a new IP from your provider. The Internet does not allow IP addresses to be anonymous so your request is technically impossible.

  11. plaintif

    I will not talk about personal IP, but IP server, I mean people who tell you that we are ready to give you access to our server, we ask if it’s true that you are in agreement with a company that provides firewall, we are talking about increasing attacks on the power of 2 Go see 4 GB, then you do not then tell us you prefer rather than worry about the client version that Seveur

  12. Zoomshorts

    Camfrog is NOT alligned with any particular IP, ISP or other provider.
    They are fair to all users, providers and all that. They would not do anything to reduce their market share. Doing that would be dumb.

    If you have a problem, you need to document exactly what you are complaining about, chronologically, and submit it to Camfrog in an understandable manner. If you have problems with someone who runs a Camfrog room, you need to talk to the room owner.

    Many companies. like Microsoft, provide firewalls. If you are getting an error message, you need to determine exactly what is going on. Camfrog only provides the server software and client software. IF any room denied you access, there may be a reason. Ask the room owner.

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