Camfrog Server BETA 5.0 (Windows) Released

Camfrog Server BETA 5.0 is now available for download.  This new Camfrog server version has a totally new interface that allows you to host an almost unlimited number of video chat rooms from your server.  You no longer have to run multiple versions of Camfrog Server to run multiple video chat rooms.

You can also now manage your rooms and servers remotely using our new software without having to logon to your remote server.

Switching ports on Camfrog Server startup is now easy and it won’t cause problems with the users already in your room.  As an added bonus, our early alpha testers have reported that this new software version uses even less CPU and resources than our old server.

Please download Camfrog Server 5.0 BETA and give us your feedback.  Please keep in mind this is a BETA release and not a final release.

Download Camfrog Server 5.0 BETA (Windows)

Update:  Please note this is a beta test and not a final version of the server software.  The old server version is still available and absolutely no changes have been made with Camfrog in any way.  We released this software update as a beta version to get feedback before releasing a final version and we appreciate your comments and take them seriously.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Avoiding Spim (Instant Message Spam)

Have you received spim (instant message spam) while using Camfrog?  If so please immediately report abuse so we can take immediate action against the user and website involved.

Camfrog already has anti-spim systems in place, however we plan to make even more changes soon to combat this problem even harder.

Please keep in mind you can always change your status to “Privacy” to avoid any possible IM spams.  Thank you for your patience.

Report SPIM (IM Spam)

Camfrog Client 5.4.228 (Windows) Released

Camfrog Client 5.4 for Windows is now available for Download.  This new release uses our new video technology and has many stability enhancements for some users who were having problems.

Our new video technology may cause your CPU usage to increase a little until all users have upgraded.  This is because your client will be running two video technologies simultaneously if you are viewing users with our old video technology.  The new video technology we are using should eventually cause less CPU usage and better video quality once all users have upgraded early in 2010.

Download Camfrog 5.4.228 (Windows)

Camfrog Client 2.0 (Mac) Released

Today we updated our Camfrog (Mac) client to version 2.0.3009.  This new version has a lot of new features including Growl support, IM History, the ability to resize, organize, and close all remote windows simultaneously, a search box for long contact lists, a password strength meter during nickname registration, a newly designed IM system with easier to use tabs, the ability to invite other users to the room you are in by going to the “actions” menu and choosing “invite”, and the preferences window now has video integrated into it so it’s easier to use.

This new software version also has a lot of bug fixes and stability enhancements due to users helping us and sending logs when they have problems.  If you have any problems with this new release please immediately go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate file for technical support” after experiencing a problem.

To learn more about Growl and what it is please visit the official Growl website.  We think the advanced Growl features and notifications are superior to ours, however if you don’t like Growl for some reason you can go to your Camfrog Mac preferences and switch back to our old system.  Growl notifications have a lot of fun customization features and they can even allow you to push notifications to your iPhone if you use the iPhone app called Prowl.

If you are unhappy with the search box over your contact list you can also disable this in preferences, however it’s turned on by default.

Thank you for using Camfrog Mac.  We hope you enjoy this new version and we welcome your feedback.

Download Camfrog 2.0.3009 (Mac)Change List