Spontaneous Rebooting & Webcams

Lately several users have contacted us about having a problem that causes them to spontaneously reboot when joining a video chat room on Camfrog.  Spontaneous rebooting is almost always caused by a problem with old webcam or video drivers.  To see if this is your problem try unplugging your webcam then join a Camfrog video chat room again and see if you reboot.  If you no longer spontaneously reboot after removing your webcam then the problem is most likely your webcam driver.

To upgrade your webcam or video card drivers do a Google search for your webcam or video card manufacturer name or try Windows Update.

43 thoughts on “Spontaneous Rebooting & Webcams

  1. ken_ken_oo

    just bought my laptop and this problem is recurring. I don’t this just the web cam driver cause i already tried to follow your tips but just the same. pls help asap. tnx.

  2. Showid

    Well, many users with manycam also have this issue. Tried splitcam too but same issue. Here are some of the things I noticed

    a) Many users are not able to enter rooms. They get room is offline or behind firewall message. Where as other users are in room and room is online.
    b) If they get in room, after few mins, they will drop into lurkers and get d/c

    These users have good internet speed. Other chat clients (yahoo.msn etc) works fine. So its not an issue with the internet bandwidth.

    I have seen users from around the globe have his problem. But mostly i have seen my friends from Philippines has the issue a lot.

    Appreciate if some analysis is done to resolve this.



    i like to asked camfrog why we can not get 2 letters in the uk i thin that wong to stop us can you tall us why not

  4. admin

    Gardeners, there is no limitation in the UK compared to other countries. If you can’t do something in the UK you can’t do it anywhere.


    and can i asked why is it when you ban a users from camfrog it not a ban becouse there just get new name come bk with 25mins some off then 3mins with saftware i now helia sick off it becouse sre ban one user all time for tos why can you not just stop them i am sore it can be done so thay need to get new pc all new network card s ban them a nuff thay not come bk and we need more admin to help on camfrog like helia but can do more to help at the time you need it like a room you can go in as camfrog help no gd for that as it just ops with no power but two say emil camfrog help desk i was on this from day 1 it was ok but the lost 2ys have just not bing i know all the server owners off the top rooms and thay all not happy i do my best to help but i can only do sow much as i just a users with no power to help .. and can you sort out the so we all can get a the 2 letters

  6. admin

    We don’t plan to allow users to register 2 letter nicknames anymore. Our banning system works well for most TOS violators, however we plan to change the system sometime in the future.

  7. Areida

    I don’t know where to put this.
    I have a technical question I’d beg you to answer – a really need to have access to my Camfrog message archive. Is there any method i could use to recover my conversation?

    Thank you very much


    and youe be looking in two a admin off cf to help users when yeou need them helia can not do it all ya she as co owner ut just for cf room babs i think lie helia now but like i say it not enuf we do need some one who can help paltalk have rooms like that becouse off all the users on there next work and i do now can as more than paltalk is that some think you my look in two

  9. Ahmeds

    i want to ask admin why my nickname >Ahmeds< disabled by the Camfrog administrator. , please reply my message soon

  10. admin


    The billing company reported we were not paid for a fraudulent transaction related to your account.

  11. Ahmeds

    I did not do any fraudulent transaction, and i want to undisable (unban) it if can , please reply soon

  12. Per409

    It seemed odd that after using my Per409 nic for years that it was banned from the main camfrog room about 2 weeks after i BOUGHT this program.In all these years the only person i talked to was the room owner and he couldn’t tell me why, so even tho i never talk to anyone on mic or chat,never show anything on cam except a wall or window i get banned from the main room,return my 49.95 and ill gladly remove this program.

  13. ken_ken_oo

    I agree with showid. I am from the philippines and his observations are the same with me. I alrready tried manycam and disabled my cam but just the same. pls hel asap. thanks.

  14. ken_ken_oo

    I agree with showid. I am from the philippines and his observations are the same with me. I alrready tried manycam and disabled my cam but just the same. pls help asap. thanks.

  15. Zoomshorts

    Per409 , you are not banned from Camfrog, but you MAY be banned from
    rooms you want to visit. Perhaps you need to see if you are banned in some rooms. Rooms have rules, so be sure to read them before you click YES.

    If a room has banned you, then you need to contact an Owner in the room. They may have a reason for you.

    Simply paying for a Pro code does not exclude you from the EULA or TOS or the room rules. We license the code, not own it.

  16. Ahmeds

    I did not do any fraudulent transaction, please admins enable (unban) my nickname >Ahmeds< , i lost money on this nickname. PLS reply soon.

  17. Per409

    Thanks admin it works now.Could of just been a mistake – Thanks

    To Zoomshorts – I see a lot of sick talk in chats but all i do is look at cams,nothing more,to be banned after buying the program sends the wrong message to anyone thinking of buying it.

  18. Zoomshorts

    “To Zoomshorts – I see a lot of sick talk in chats but all i do is look at cams,nothing more,to be banned after buying the program sends the wrong message to anyone thinking of buying it.”

    I agree with you. Just looking at people is no reason to ban someone. That
    being said, each camera viewed costs the server ‘owner’ bandwidth. A Camfrog Pro user can open up a lot of cameras. Each camera uses at least 50KB/sec per camera. Many room owners realize this and if you do not chat in the room, they remove you. It is, after all, a chat program.

    Sometimes, just being in the room and not talking to ALL the people in the room is a reason to remove a user. Camfrog rooms are expensive to operate. Each room has rules and it is hard to know the rules well, as some ‘owners’ change the rules a lot.

    Simply saying hello to the room, and chatting a bit, helps. Just a thought.

  19. Zoomshorts

    “admin Says:
    November 30th, 2009 at 5:36 am

    We don’t plan to allow users to register 2 letter nicknames anymore. Our banning system works well for most TOS violators, however we plan to change the system sometime in the future.”

    I, personally, would require eight letter nicknames as part of the security system. People too lazy to remember a REAL nickname, should be excluded. Merely MY OPINION. Most people with 2 letter nicknames use a password like : Nickname EW Password : EW1

    That is stupid.

  20. CasperPL


    that right 🙂

    Have i see changed 4 – 19 letter and number password too nickname.
    but why we have 2-3 nicks can enter this TOS.

    im not sure

  21. plaintif

    no concrete reply to messages that I sent you on the helpdesk but hey we know you are caring for the desired application Camfrog client and server application is abandoned


    you sy this about the egister 2 letter nicknames but there loads off users with them and none off them uk you taled us it dont work wil japan tryed it and it work for them so thanks a lot

  23. admin

    Gardeners, of course this makes perfect sense because these nicks were registered a long time ago and there are only a limited number of two letter combinations that exist.
    Also just because the people you see are not from the UK does not mean all 2 character users are not from the UK. There are many you probably do not know.

  24. plaintif

    aucune réponse concrète à des messages que je t’ai envoyé sur le service d’assistance mais bon nous savons que vous vous occupez pour l’application souhaitée Camfrog client et le serveur d’application est abandonnée


  25. Showid

    admin Says:
    November 30th, 2009 at 6:00 am


    It sounds like it’s network issues between them and our servers in the US.

    Why is it only an issue with CF? where as other chats (Msn/yahoo/paltalk/etc..) all of them works fine. Its only effecting CF, so maybe its more than just network bandwidth.

    And also in my note, i have stated, its just not users from Philippines. I have users from other parts of the world also having this issue.

    Some investigation can help find the room cause and fix the issue.


  26. Showid

    in the previous note – read the last line as —
    Some investigation can help find the root* cause and fix the issue.

  27. admin

    Showid, I think it’s just a long delay between the user and the remote server he is trying to join. We will try to improve this. So far I haven’t seen many complaints about it to the helpdesk.


    my be so but it be nice if we all can get them still soon be 6ys i sine up for camfrog and i like to get one with 2 letter there this one http://profiles.camfrog.com/y6 why can i not have this one pls can you help me with geting his name

  29. SoljaBear

    Showid is correct in his messages. There is a fix also for the issue. When these users purchase a procode? They have no problem using the out of there area portions of Camfrog. I have tested this with a few users. Same city/isp in the philippines, one with pro and one without pro. Same result. Prouser was able to enter any room/any area and no problems. The non-prouser gets into the room but is grayed out and can not send or recieve video. Sounds more like a software glitch or (I will not say the alternative in here).

  30. Fred26fr

    With CamFrog on mac os X i have a problem : when i open webcams very often the software freeze or it freeze the whole computer!
    I’m on mac os X (10.6.2) with a logitech vision pro 9000.

    I’ve tested on the mac computer of a friend and when he opens several webcams he has the same problem camfrog quits or thecomputer frezze. He uses the webcam of his imac !

    anyone gots a solution ?

  31. admin


    Please go to the Camfrog Video Chat menu after restarting Camfrog after this happens and choose “Generate file for technical support”.

  32. Jie

    Hi all,

    I think the camfrog management of webcam has to be improved.

    When you introduced the “new rendering mode” i suddenly decided not use it, because when you change webcam dimension (for example put to “medium” in a “classic” room ) the image of mine and others’ webcams were so crappy, lacking of “hardware acceleration”, you can see the pixels of the image. So i am using always the “old rendering mode”. Now, the problem is, that i have upgraded my catalyst drivers to latest version (yes, I use ATI) and the problem now is present also with the old rendering. And I cannot even try to use the new one (camfrog upon starts tells to me the old method is selected authomatically). I had to restore my system to old drivers. I use Vista 32 bit.
    Thanks to all

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