Camfrog Malware Scam Warning


When downloading Camfrog please only download directly from or  Even if the site you are visiting has the same graphics and logo of Camfrog it may be a phishing or malware site.  Look carefully in the address bar of your browser and make sure the URL you are visiting says or before downloading.

If you download from a site unrelated to Camfrog it’s possible what you are downloading is not Camfrog at all.  Also please watch out for sites offering Camfrog Pro patches or skins.  These files are probably viruses made to steal your nickname and Camfrog Pro code.  Camfrog does not currently support skins.

If you are unsure if the software you have downloaded is really from Camfrog you can right click the installer and check for our digital signature by choosing “Properties” then “Digital Signatures” to make sure it’s signed by Camshare L C.  Our software includes a Verisign encrypted digital signature that protects and verifies the integrity of our code.

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79 thoughts on “Camfrog Malware Scam Warning

  1. Good post Camfrog, but what about the users who have already lost Pro Codes, and Server Pro Codes and the Hackers we already know that are back on Camfrog, whats being done about them???

    I love Hosting Rooms for Camfrog, and I hope Camfrog see the Rooms we Host as safe, and we always use Legit Pro Codes. So what about a Official Camfrog Hosting List, so we get rid of the small Hosters, and keep the Camfrog Hosters that keep users in the Private Rooms on Camfrog safe???

    Or again is it all about making money and selling Pro Codes to anyone??

    Theres enough Hosters out there now who buy Pro Codes, so you can think about making a Official Camfrog Hoster Approved List, and even do special rates on Codes if they are Camfrog Approved.


  2. admin


    If someone lost a pro code they can contact us and we will investigate the problem. You can report inappropriate users by visiting their users and clicking “report inappropriate content”.

    I don’t understand your question about hosting lists and your idea to “get rid of the small hosters”. I don’t think we want to get rid of people or companies who host rooms just because you define them as small.

    We have no plans to recommend more hosting companies.

    It is important Camfrog makes money, otherwise we could no longer have a development team to continue improving our software, or money to pay for our servers. I am sorry you feel that our service has no value and it’s not worth paying for. If that’s the case you are welcome to use the free version of our software.

  3. I have been using Camfrog from day one, I personally have no issue with Camfrog, because being fair, you have always been there for me, and do in time return to my Emails of any concern about users or issues with the Camfrog program.

    You may of missunderstood the constructive question, I was asking about other users on Camfrog.

    But I do have a idea, you give users the option to report a user by there profile, but you don’t give a option to add a file to send a snap shot or any proof, so I am not sure how you can investigate just a few words from a user on Camfrog, so why not add a “Add File” option here to.

    But I do feel other Hosters who buy your Pro Codes, which you do use to help Develop Servers and the Camfrog Software which have been doing this along time, because theres a few out there should now deserve some sort of recognition from Camfrog, and I don’t mean because we buy your codes, I mean from respect and I know our Hosting has only in 3 years had one room closed, because safety like Camfrog is paramount to our Hosting and we should be thanked for helping users on Camfrog keep safe.

    So what do you think to the idea on reporting users, and making it easier to probide proof to help you investigate inapropiate users??


  4. admin

    Our moderation team is only 24/7 so they can investigate the claims immediately on receipt via live video with their own eyes.

    I think it would be inappropriate to give priority to some hosting companies over others. I think the only hosting companies we would recommend are companies who we have tried ourselves for our own “Camfrog Hosted” rooms. Since we tried these companies ourselves we feel comfortable recommending them.

  5. Thank you for your response, I am still not sure how you can investigate someone without real evidence in which is required in some cases, like if a Nick Name is wrong then I see its blatantly obvious, but in a “IM Box” not sure, less you have access to everyones conversation, which surely would be breach of privacy, anyways I have gave my opinions and ask for some recognition, and will take everything you have mentioned and advised on board.

    Thanks again, I will never the less continue Hosting great rooms on your program, and thank you for your professionlism towards me personaly and towards my Hosting.

    But I am well known on Camfrog and do know other users have struggled for what ever reason in getting a response from the Camfrog Helpdesk or using the Inappropiate Users on there Profile.

    But I will still advise any users that come to me to do it the correct way by using the above, not revenge which does happen on Camfrog. which a pride myself in not doing and believe when I Opped for Camfrog, working along side Babsi and Helia, that I have used this to not only make me a better user on Camfrog in doing things the right way, but used it to advise others the right way to.

    Still think the “Attach File” on a profile is a good idea!!!



  6. Hello everyone,
    My nickname is many years online and also code camfrog pro.
    I never had problems, I can not accept files or programs are not authentic.
    My company has always informed all the dangers and published on our website all information for all users.
    We informed Camfrog serious about everything, there are people who have lost so much money because of sites that create not original programs under the name of Camfrog and accepted and then lost everything.
    Unfortunately, there are new users who do not know all these serious problems and who then are the first to be robbed.
    My Italian company has for many years fighting to eradicate the problem informing all with good results.
    Unfortunately ICEOP has created beautiful programs that many people use and then skyn hacker creates false or emoticons to send to all and steal nick and pro.

    Regards all staff Camfrog

  7. plaintif

    Êtes-vous capable d’expliquer pourquoi les chambres dans la zone européenne sont toujours soumis à des attaques contre nos serveurs nous pose des problèmes énormes que les entreprises ici crois qu’il nous cause des attentats et tout le monde dit que la faute est avec camfrog server 4.2. programme. Quand pensez-vous que vous serez en mesure de faire quelque chose dans votre logiciel particulièrement pour nous aider à protéger l’identité de l’adresse IP de notre serveur

  8. Hello i read the message between admin and people that post topic. I use Camfrog also already long time, and about patch and cracks from Camfrog that the admin also know it’s not new it was there from day 1 it go online. Look where people need to pay, other users always will try to go in for free, and you will always have people that abuse the people that are new, or easy to manipulate. Trust me what you see on Camfrog is not much, because there are much more bigger criminal groups active on the world wide web that operate from Nigeria Lagos and Russia and London, this groups are not active in Camfrog. Why not because there victims are sellers and buyers and most off the time older rich man with money. And they feel not save in Camfrog, like as on many dating site where they active. So is Camfrog saving from people that steal I say yes, you will always have people that still not know not accept file’s, and you will always have. I have more a problem with older man that is busy to make contact young girls and boys, and do think with them that are far out legal and normal. And is that not already bad enough then is recording this action the limit. You think, no this users go more far they blackmail the kids or even their parents, to put the video online. Personally I make more worry about that then procode ’s . So I can say people when you download something, use always official website. Are there working patches or cracks no they never work or going to work.

  9. Dear Staff Camfrog,
    a good idea to retrieve nick stolen.
    When you enter a new nickname, as well as nick and password there should be a personal box code security identity.
    This security code can not be retrieved or modified, you must enter when registering new nick.
    If someone steals a nickname, you go on the site and Nick Stolen Recovery page, enter your nickname and code security identity, printing video shows the password.

    I hope I have explained my idea well

    Best Regards,

  10. andrea

    Hello camfrog, i am often on phil rooms….in these 2 days users cant im often each other coz they receive the message: please upgrade to camfrog pro to IM this user…..what is the reason??it seems not so fair.
    thanks for your attention

  11. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    Yes or close that camfrog help rooms
    The most of the time there are helpers there cant help nobody
    And say for help you can mail the camfrog.
    Or put in some real camfrog helpers like there have in paltalk

  12. Zoomshorts

    I think what NoDrAmaUk meant by small hosters are the less than honest ones who cannot deliver on their hosting responsibilities. In the past, I have hosted with such people, only to have my server code stolen. Thankfully Camfrog has helped me EVERYTIME. We have to give hosters the benefit of the doubt, until we discover they are not who they say they are.

    What Camfrog needs is a REPORT ROOM feature, much like the ‘inappropriate’ content feature for users. This would go a long way to help maintain Camfrog’s reputation.

  13. NoDrAmaUk


    Thanks for your kind words, and in trying to explain what I was trying to discuss with Admin, ive been Hosting over 3 years now.

    I Love the idea of “report room” feature because we all know there are many Private Rooms that Spam other rooms and carry out or do other things to break TOS, maybe Camfrog can implement this somewhere on there site or on there next software we download on the next version.


  14. Zoomshorts

    I agree. Many rooms want ‘numbers’ and have no regard to the TOS.
    They advertise things, products and ‘services’ which involve direct violations of the Camfrog Terms of Service. This needs to either be allowed or stopped.

    Camfrog needs a ONE ONLY room owner icon that designates the REAL room owner, NOT the ‘OP +’ status of the co-owners. I suggest a GOLD nickname and one that can be only tied to the server code owner. This would keep the wannabe room ‘owners’ from thinking they actually PAY for the code or room.

    This is just my idea, not a popular one. Many rooms give ladies who ‘show’ instant room ‘ownership’ but they are NOT real room owners. These co-owners can bring rooms down due to their ‘supposed’ ownership. That can be costly to REAL room owners. Just a thought.

  15. plaintif

    Stop stop to think that louse your young customer camfrog I do not know in some rooms you stay but come to make a tour in Europe to see how’s that takes place it is inadmissible we are banished servers without reason or still room make flooding free of charge with usurpation of ip all this to obtain the premiere place in the top room of camfrog. The worst is that we know who practises him????
    Also it is normal that we made a room rise with videos??
    We send you mails you turn a deaf ear lively the technical service!!!
    If that so continue in zone Europe you will have nothing more??
    Help the hebergeurs of room what would be much more interressant in the immediat

  16. Zoomshorts


    I am sorry if your comment did not make any sense. Violations of the
    Terms of Service or other violations can get you removed from using Camfrog.

    Stop stop to think that louse your young customer camfrog I do not know in some rooms you stay but come to make a tour in Europe to see how’s that takes place it is inadmissible we are banished servers without reason or still room make flooding free of charge with usurpation of ip all this to obtain the premiere place in the top room of camfrog.

    What are you trying to say? Losing young customers? Do you mean people who lie about their age? You need someone who is both a native language speaker and an English speaker, to enable us, or Camfrog to understand what you are trying to say.

    Good luck with that.

  17. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    Hello all
    Can some on tell me why the camfrog never give some ansher if a room is banned.
    It is all the time the same story.
    Now some room owners do not know why there room is banned
    So if there start up a room again there not know what to do.
    I talk now not for my self but for alot off other people
    And now i mean this room __I__N__T__E__R__ ist is not my room
    But from some poeple i know very good

    Maby you can look ore ask the camfrog why Admin
    And why is the camfrog not make some list in the blog or the website what rooms are banned today and for what reson
    Then the owners also know what reson there room is banned now they do not know anyting
    And sorry for my bad english

  18. plaintif

    Bonjour je vous suggère de venir voir en Europe parce que ça devient très grave ce qui se passe en Europe, vous auriez à nous expliquer pourquoi nos serveurs (serveurs) sont si banni sans raison, il est inadmissible que nous expliquer??
    Et que vous essayez d’améliorer votre serveur dans l’application camfrog (serveur) afin que les personnes mal intentionnées ne peut prendre aucune ip plus!

  19. plaintif

    Bonjour je vous suggère de venir voir en Europe, car il devient très grave ce qui se passe en Europe, vous devez nous expliquer pourquoi nos serveurs des serveurs sont donc banni sans raison, il est inadmissible que nous expliquer??
    Et vous dans les essayer d’améliorer votre serveur de Camfrog d’application sur le serveur afin que les personnes mal délibérée ne peut pas définir ip désormais
    La salle qui a été banni est Xx_libertinage_show_exhibitions_xX et serveurs IP et

  20. admin


    Your room was banned for playing pre-recorded videos. Please review our Terms of Service.

  21. plaintif

    not prerecorded videos I’m agree with you prove me otherwise I’ve sent the evidence that others passed by cons.
    that’s why also the server ip’s are banned??
    I want proof of what you say here

  22. cynthia41

    libertinage show exibit Explain we why the room is banished as well as server of our hebergeurs of the room more the keys of the lounges than you banished them it is inadmissible.
    Think of these people who takes you key products servers as well as malformed??
    Protegez the it ameliorant your version of the camfrog server to allow that these persons can hide ip servers.
    You come walk in Europe to see flood when undergoes

  23. admin

    Please email us your room name, a link to this page, and your serial with order information. Thanks.

  24. jack06

    camfrog start to be a rip off you are juste taking money you are not offering fare supportand now you are stealling by banning server ip nickname and pro code i wanted to be reemborssed 5 keys legally both
    you start to be gready but we will passe the message to the fraude squad
    because we event suspect you to ddos certain server we have proof of your server ip

  25. admin

    I offered to help you above. Feel free to follow those instructions if you need help.

    I’m sorry if you think we attacked your server but I can assure you that is not true of course.

  26. jack06

    you are freak we get flooded we lossing are server and now your are stealing are serial because we get spoofed and usurpaet the ip by the italien you are really unffair because we are been very long time with you and we never ddos you this is ip issurpation by ITALIAN_SHOW_PASSION
    jack06 : the flood every body to be number one in the liste

  27. jack06

    trop facile vos accusations
    on se fait flooder (ddos) et vous nous accuser de vous flooder sa commence a etre asser vous etes maintenant complice de ses attack ou faite quelque chose pour nous aider
    la vous bannisser nos serveur et le cle serial que nous vous avons acheter
    sans aucune raison
    en plus vous ne voyer pas que l on se fait attacker par ddos avec ussurpation d ip j ai la preuve avec un log que vous camfrog vous nous attacker
    je suis avec vous depuis plus de cinq ans et je me rends compte de votre changement de strategie commercial vous ne pennser qu a nous arnnaquer

  28. admin

    Your servers blatantly attacked our servers for an extended period of time so I think this is why your serials were disabled. As I replied via email we will investigate your claims in detail and reply to you tomorrow or Monday after our tech team has had a chance to investigate further.

  29. jack06

    ou est texas ou est votre forum que du vent tous vos service
    Our team will investigate your claims and reply to you on Monday.
    Is it possible your server could have been compromised and used for an attack? Please scan it for viruses/trojans.
    Please contact me again on Monday around this time. Thank you.

    que du vent
    parole parole .
    we see
    only only word but you steal as 5 serials

  30. jack06

    we wait and expect for fairness or we are going to legal action and complaint to fraud squad this a abuse from camfrog dont forget we are user since day one you are unfair or disoneste i m waiting to see your good weel

    We will investigate and reply Monday.
    Please report videos to I am not online 24/7 but our moderation team is online 24/7 and they can investigate your post any time. If you email me directly I may not check my email for hours or days if I am away.
    Thank you. I will reply to your serial problem on Monday after we investigate the attacks from your servers more in detail.

  31. admin

    If someone is attacking your server please do a whois lookup on the IP, then send to the abuse email and report the logs so they can shut down their server.

  32. jack06

    but please ……do you realy beleve then we are stupide the usurpating ip and spoofe(ddos) wake up

  33. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    Hello Admin
    Can you tell me what this means
    Thank you for your request.
    Your accounts have been blocked by our administrative teams, due to violations of the
    Camfrog Terms of Service. Our thailand adminsitrator blocked this due to inappropriate
    video content. If you are not from this region (Thailand) Please do not host chatrooms there.
    So what the camfrog now is saying if i have some thai room in Asia zone then the camfrog is goin to banned that room
    And what now if i have some enlish people in that room or only english people and some thai girls there are make some show
    Then the camfrog is also go to banned my room
    So that means Then also thai people me not joint and can make any show in some room outsite thailand zone or Asia zone and UK zone ex..

    Then i think alot off poeple and rooms goin to get alot of problems

  34. Zoomshorts

    “Your accounts have been blocked by our administrative teams, due to violations of the Camfrog Terms of Service. Our thailand adminsitrator blocked this due to inappropriate video content.”

    What that says is that one of your users, OP’s or owners ,was playing a video or was broadcasting on their video stream, something that is not allowed. Copyrighted material that you do not own, like movies, television broadcasts are usually what is found. Example : Playing the soccer matches for all to see is a violation. Playing pornography is another example. Playing a movie, same story.

    Simply purchasing a DVD or CD with a movie on it, does not convey copyright to you.

    ANYONE found in your room doing any of these things can get you closed.

    Being a room OWNER does not excuse people from following the rules. You
    license the software, you do not own it.

    Sawasdee Krop, Zoomshorts

    Thaiboys4_Boss may be able to explain it to you in Thai. 🙂

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