Camfrog Malware Scam Warning


When downloading Camfrog please only download directly from or  Even if the site you are visiting has the same graphics and logo of Camfrog it may be a phishing or malware site.  Look carefully in the address bar of your browser and make sure the URL you are visiting says or before downloading.

If you download from a site unrelated to Camfrog it’s possible what you are downloading is not Camfrog at all.  Also please watch out for sites offering Camfrog Pro patches or skins.  These files are probably viruses made to steal your nickname and Camfrog Pro code.  Camfrog does not currently support skins.

If you are unsure if the software you have downloaded is really from Camfrog you can right click the installer and check for our digital signature by choosing “Properties” then “Digital Signatures” to make sure it’s signed by Camshare L C.  Our software includes a Verisign encrypted digital signature that protects and verifies the integrity of our code.

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79 thoughts on “Camfrog Malware Scam Warning

  1. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    Hm oke thanks Zoomshorts

    I already ask them about this and there say that they not play any movie
    But i go to talk with dos people again.

    But thanks for the answer

  2. plaintif

    deban us our server we do not tackle it is a practice called spoofing ip in no case does this practice

  3. jack06

    camfrog is starting to be a joke, this not a serious company any more
    your users with a licence are melting.. because of your dishonest practices only china and third world contries with no license are coming in numbers europe and america are going down every day because you do nothing to proctect and service your clients against theft and flood (ddos)and on top of that they have the guts to ban server IP who are vcitims of ddos attack and even more they are banning the serial key that has been paid for, so a rip off. they should protect us by hiding the IP address of connection and do something about those Italians that are flooding europe and america to be first on the room list e.g. ITALIAN_SHOW_PASSION……o0o_CASALINGHE_VOGLIOSE_o0o…….VIZI_E_MALIZIE……now we are getting fed up of your inaction and no service, are you ready to something or do you prefer to let the product die???? Been with you since the beginning, I can’t believe how stupid and lousy you are becoming…..
    plse plse do something

  4. jack06

    SILENCE = (Terms of Service) of CAMFROG

  5. admin


    I realize you are frustrated about these attacks. We are also frustrated about it.

    1. We did not ban a DDOS attack victim IP or serial. We banned an IP address that was DDOS attacking our servers and the related serials. Then later we asked the customer to scan his computer for viruses and we gave him new serials. The customer confirmed this in this thread already.

    2. You said “because of your dishonest practices”. What exactly is dishonest? Please explain.

    3. You said “they should protect us by hiding the IP address of connection” but this is technically impossible, otherwise all major websites would hide their IP address to avoid DDOS attacks, including us probably. If it was technically possible we would be happy to do this for you, but unfortunately the Internet does not work this way.

    4. We plan to have new features in our new Camfrog Server software that will help you. In the mean time you can send us logs of the attacking IP addresses and we can investigate, however the best thing to do is to send the logs to the host of the IP and their server will usually be shut down and they will have to find new servers to attack with. Do a search in Google for IP whois to find out the abuse email for the attacking IP address.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    Thanks, Craig

  6. Billy0329


    Will it possible if we can using the N.A.T. (Network Address Translation) For example, I using original IP and the NAT can change to other IP to prevent against the hackers. The NAT IP we can use to using the Camfrog is the best way. Just a idea?

  7. jack06

    Hi Craig,

    I am aware of the five serial numbers as I own them through my company Superjack sarl, a legally registered and trading company. I need Camfrog to clearly understand that there is no way that we can recover any log or IP addresses as we are getting attacked by people using ussurpation, so the IP addresses are always false and untraceable back to their true origin. Even worse if you look at our log it appears that we gave been attacked by Camfrog as the attackers can falsify your IP address as well.

    I use the expression “dishonest practices” because you never ever answer any complaint and this I find to be terribly unfair as you are paid for server licences and user licences.

    There is no way we can protect ourselves from DDOS attacks using IP ussurpation. We use traceroute but because the IP address is not truewe can do nothing. You should therefore be aware that banning an IP address or serial number does not address the problem seriously.

    FYI the person or person responsible are Italian-show-passion, the reason why is they want to be first, top of the heap, they flood all of the servers until they are top of the list. Camfrog, in the interest of the good customer relations, should do something about it.

    Finally re point 4 be careful, because, I repeat, the people attacking the servers are using someone else’s IP – innocent people are getting hurt


  8. admin


    I don’t think it’s fair to say we don’t answer your complaint because I am answering your complaint right now. I searched the helpdesk for your email and I didn’t see any complaints that you sent that we ignored. Please give me the date of the complaint along with the subject and I will investigate if your email was not answered and I will make sure that does not happen again.

    In your complaint above you say that the attacking IP addresses are false and untraceable, yet you want us to do something about it. What can we do if we also cannot find the IP? We have no jurisdiction or control over remote servers besides filing abuse complaints just like you can also do.

    If you are saying we should make Camfrog servers immune to DDOS attacks we plan to try something, however it’s technically impossible to make something that’s immune to all attacks because I think this is more of an OS problem than a hardware problem. We could just stop listing rooms in order of the number of users but I think this is not the best solution. I guess we could also consider adding a feature where rooms can decide to not be listed at all in the room list.

    I am happy to listen to your proposal of how to solve this and we plan to try some things to help, however DDOS attacks are a problem as old as the Internet and it’s not easy to stop them. Many major websites and services are victim to these attacks and currently there is no clear solution.

    It’s also important to keep in mind that these attacks are highly illegal and if the person responsible could be caught I think it’s possible that they may face jail time in most countries.

    Thanks, Craig

  9. Room_Check

    I step in this forum lately!! late but happy to be here!

    As about oCo_ZipCode_oCo mate ! the one you posted here was my reply to all those thai rooms i hosted in asia zone which was really hard saying i cant host their rooms nomore. It was a open warns from thai admins(via helpdesk), if im not from that region, im not allowed to open a thai room. The funny was.. it was not even in thai zone as helpdesk didnt checked it? and my gf is a thai who owns the server aswell.

    First the server get attacked everyday, but we might seems better with our own scripted protections. Than they try to hack nicks and takeover the room, was not a triumph. Lastly they comes with TOS vialotions. sounds funny !!
    Even im a victim, i thought not to make a big issue on it, but as i saw someone talking about it , feel so well. I ever thoght to ask Whats kinds of TOS vialotion going on that room? What time and with which nick we do still have log reports saved on our server.!! I would like to say there are more providers whos running thai rooms in asia zone and what about them? I wont misuse the power having a GUN but seems like its rapidly bloomin ere. Just click the trigger the reason would be enocountered…hmm

    Since i got that mail from helpdesk my interest making rooms are nomore active as i was just trying to help unsatisfied froggers with our efforts, Above all its still a bermuda triangle even thailand got 18+ zone why they could open 18+ in ASIA and we not!!

  10. admin


    If you don’t speak Thai you may not be able to communicate efficiently with the moderators in that zone so we don’t recommend you open a room in that zone. I think it’s logical and it avoids misunderstandings.

    Also obviously we do not ban people from opening rooms in a zone they don’t speak the language in, but the room will be banned if you violate the rules.

    Thanks, Craig

  11. Room_Check

    Dear Craig !!
    As i would take your advise very heartly and youre absolute right sayin ; lack of communication could borns many misunderstanings.
    About that room (inter) few owners speaks fluenty english and most of the REDS and OPS are professional froggers as they know the legit TOS. As i told you above my girl friend is a thai and shes a part of our server hosting!!!

    But whatever the things is done!! Im ok with or without em..lastly if i wish to know the reason of vialotion (what,when,who and how) would you prefer to provide a details via email ??so i could face the reason it was really happened, and could prepare myself for comin dayz!!


  12. That is also what i mean.
    Just make some small part in the camfrog website or here in the blog why some rooms are banned.
    And with some screenshot.
    We also try to keep all the room owners to respect the CamfrogTos
    But also we cant be 24/7 look in to al the rooms
    But we allways say read the camfrog relus and put a extra link in or website for it.
    And if there order a room then they must click yes for the camfrog rules if there are agree.
    But there are always some people there make some problems.
    And then some TOS come in the room and bang room down lol.
    But oke
    Close this case
    We are stil happy in the camfrog.
    Thanks all

  13. admin

    We may add a feature where if you are banned you can enter your logon/password and it will have more information.

  14. mir86

    admin.. i think my pro code have been hacked.. but i still got my detailed information about buying pro code on cf website.. can help me wit that get my pro code back.. i do term the policy not click any link.. so how can be my code got hack?

  15. admin

    mir86, email the helpdesk your order number and serial please. We can’t post a new serial number in a public forum.


    can i asked why we can not get 2 letter names in the uk i have tryed loads off times never works


    and can i asked why is it when you ban a users from camfrog it not a ban becouse there just get new name come bk with 25mins some off then 3mins with saftware i now helia sick off it becouse sre ban one user all time for tos why can you not just stop them i am sore it can be done so thay need to get new pc all new network card s ban them a nuff thay not come bk and we need more admin to help on camfrog like helia but can do more to help at the time you need it like a room you can go in as camfrog help no gd for that as it just ops with no power but two say emil camfrog help desk i was on this from day 1 it was ok but the lost 2ys have just not bing i know all the server owners off the top rooms and thay all not happy i do my best to help but i can only do sow much as i just a users with no power to help

  18. Jie

    I think the solution to floods to get the first place would be:


    Just my opinion.

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