15 thoughts on “Classic Virtual Gifts

  1. I know that, but this is not the solution
    Many people do not know that they can not login to camfrog
    Please solve the problem as soon as possible and thank you.

  2. Ahmeds

    hobAa, the problem is not from camfrog , the problem from your country or your internet provider

  3. not from my country ,camfrog blocked ip this country (Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Palestine , Jordan , Algeria , Tunisia , Morocco…) Most of the Arabs not can open camfrog.
    All of these countries including the Internet in good condition.
    Problem of the camfrog only ,not any country.

  4. admin

    Hobaa, please try rebooting and flushing DNS. The network problem should be solved now, thanks!

  5. plaintif

    My first question is when do you take more care of hosts that rent rooms on your site?
    and the second will ask you is normal when Europe area are disseminated 18 videos copyrighted

  6. Zoomshorts

    Hello All,

    Contacting this user requires Camfrog Pro. is a common message.

    ONLY SOME features of Camfrog are free. Multiple cams, unlimited contact and other features are paid features. The free version works fine within a geographical area.

    I have found that if you claim to be from one region, but are actually in another region, you can be denied access to users from regions you claim to be from, but are not.

  7. _DJKG_

    Hi Guy, What is your actually purpose for Gift? I read from your instruction that we can give any gift to user that we want to pass the Pivate Status. But I tried to do it so many time and finally I heard from the authoized agency. You or someone block for Credit card. If we want to buy gift or camfrog pro, we have to buy from agency. Please confirm me. If I asked agency to buy gift instant of me, I can sent IM pass to that’s one. I know you can earn big imcome from Thailand, What do you think if everything is complicate to process. Why don’t you do something to for your client that’s growth in the market. And one more confuse, I’m not sure who is the authozied agency and what is gauruntee that I buy gift or pro code etc. I would like to know you have Camfrog Thailand or not? If yes, What are they doing and propuse? I saw on TV, your comfrog name looks like the underground software. and TOS have a power to report that chat room should be ban or not to ICT department of Thailand without reason. Thank you in advance. This is my comment.

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