22 thoughts on “Planned Outage November 2

  1. admin

    It won’t solve any client errors. This is unrelated. If users are having errors they can send logs by following the FAQ on our help page, otherwise we cannot assist.

  2. MAT49

    hey admin .
    this is a good news. but the great news when you unban our ip in south africa ( algeria . tunisia . morocco )
    we can’t yet use the camfrog with our ip since six months
    pls tel me is this gonna finish ????
    i m waiting for some one answer me

  3. Zoomshorts

    MAT49 , Camfrog is NOT blocking you or algeria . tunisia . morocco, those ISP’s are blocking you, NOT CAMFROG.

    You need to talk to your government or ISP to see why you are being blocked. Being able to access this BLOG, means you are NOT blocked. Your access to the chat program is being blocked by YOUR ISP and government.


  4. MAT49

    i can log to the programe with a proxy programe change our ip to europe or american ip

    but thi problem start since only 6 month
    before that we was using camfrog normally sice 2003

  5. Billy0329


    It is obviously it is not Camfrog it is your ISP. As zoomshort said… you need to talk to your ISP or your government. I am sorry but there nothing we can do to let you in with your own IP address.

  6. MAT49

    if she is my country only it will maybe ISP problem but it s in three country with deferent ip use to be in camfrog & in one menite no camfrog
    & i will tel you why this ban
    because there is 3 or 4 huckers from this banned area
    was huck the computer of AdminJ & they take there nicknames & serials
    & because she is a admin in camfrog she can any time bring back her nicknames & her freinds nicknames too…….
    then she lodge a complaint to the company about what happend & next day we cant use the camfrog since ore than 6 months

  7. Billy0329


    I am not trying to avoid you answer those questions. I was busy in college. Think twice before you accuse me.
    Second, CAMFROG have nothing to do with your being banned.
    Third, CONTACT your ISP or government to see if they block the Camfrog for you to using it. IT IS NOT HARD to call them instead of complain in here

  8. MAT49

    yesterday egyptien too cant log to camfrog with there ip
    it mean evry ip start with 41.???.???.?? cant log to the camfrog
    there is 4 country & thousends of users not just me

    & about accusing you
    i think i dont need that because i dont wait a answer from some one dont know what he talking about

    i wait my answer from some one in camfrog admin or any boddy knows

  9. Ahmeds

    MAT49, the problem is not from camfrog , the problem from your country or your internet provider. I have the same problem , im from palestine and my internet provider is israeli company and i connect to camfrog normally and no any problems.

  10. MAT49

    dear ahmed
    no one speak about palestine
    i speak about algeria tunisia egypt & saudi arabya
    they say the algerian & tunisian was banned because they are huckers
    & the egiptien & saudian banned because they buy serials & givts from camfrog with a hucked credit cards

    but the question is … is it fair to banned thousends for the mitake of 3 or 4 users
    sure this is not fair camfrog . this is not fair at all

    & try to fix your problems some another way
    we re camfrogers & we love this programe & we will still log to the camfrog what ever happen

  11. admin

    We are not sure what the problem is. Perhaps it is a temporary network problem. We do see some users from Egypt are able to logon so perhaps your ISP has blocked us.

  12. MAT49

    thank you admin but you did not answer me
    & about the egyptien how can logon to the programe they all use proxy programes & VPN to use the camfrog like we do

    & there problem is just since a days
    & we in algeria & tunisia we dont use our ip just to logon to camfrog
    pls camfrog dont do punish us all for a mistake of some users
    or like what happen in all banned give us a date to finish this

  13. admin

    What popular VPN and programs do they use?

    I do not control your ISP so I have no control over what they do and do not allow, sorry.

  14. MAT49

    thnx ahmed
    but he is not free for a long time ……. just 24 our online
    then we use another ways to change ip

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