Spontaneous Rebooting & Webcams

Lately several users have contacted us about having a problem that causes them to spontaneously reboot when joining a video chat room on Camfrog.  Spontaneous rebooting is almost always caused by a problem with old webcam or video drivers.  To see if this is your problem try unplugging your webcam then join a Camfrog video chat room again and see if you reboot.  If you no longer spontaneously reboot after removing your webcam then the problem is most likely your webcam driver.

To upgrade your webcam or video card drivers do a Google search for your webcam or video card manufacturer name or try Windows Update.

Camfrog Malware Scam Warning


When downloading Camfrog please only download directly from Camfrog.com or Download.com.  Even if the site you are visiting has the same graphics and logo of Camfrog it may be a phishing or malware site.  Look carefully in the address bar of your browser and make sure the URL you are visiting says Camfrog.com or Download.com before downloading.

If you download from a site unrelated to Camfrog it’s possible what you are downloading is not Camfrog at all.  Also please watch out for sites offering Camfrog Pro patches or skins.  These files are probably viruses made to steal your nickname and Camfrog Pro code.  Camfrog does not currently support skins.

If you are unsure if the software you have downloaded is really from Camfrog you can right click the installer and check for our digital signature by choosing “Properties” then “Digital Signatures” to make sure it’s signed by Camshare L C.  Our software includes a Verisign encrypted digital signature that protects and verifies the integrity of our code.

Official Camfrog Download PageCamfrog Security Tips

New Camfrog Translated Languages

Camfrog client is now fully translated to 23 languages.  The 23 languages are Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English (UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Croatian, French Canadian, Indonesian, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Estonian, and Czech.  The four newest languages are Bulgarian, Bosnian, Estonian, and Czech.

Romanian, Greek, Tagalog, and Catalan, Velencian are currently being translated by our translation team.

Do you speak Hungarian, Slovak, Afrikaans, or Albianian?  These four languages are almost completed however we don’t currently have a proven and trusted proofreader.

Do you want Camfrog to be translated to your language, or do you want to help out with these translations above?  Please sign up to be an official Camfrog Translator and get listed on our best proofreaders list so you can get a free virtual gift.

Camfrog Translation Project