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  2. Rayrock

    I hope this fixes the Lag issues that Camfrog suffed for so LONG..
    Keepin my fingers crossed

  3. MAT49

    just dont forget to fix the problem of our banned ip north africa
    we cant use the camfrog yet with our ip

  4. Skiner

    Rspected Admin,

    I would like first to thank you for your nice chat program and i want to you to help me in my situation.
    Briefly my camfrog id ( skiner ) was banned suddenly on 22/10/2009 while i was satying in my room,in that action i found my pro code banned also, even my pc mac address too !.
    I sent so many emails to helpdesk@camfrog.com to provide me with the ban reason as im not violating the CAMFROG TOS or doing any illegal things, also my (pro code and virtual gift are original)
    Hereby im requesting you to explain the reason of banning me or kindly to unban my ID as i lost all my contact list including friends from all over the world.
    Waiting for your kind and fast reply.

    Thanks And Regards

  5. my09dbs

    I’m in the UK, since the server is moved it takes me 20 minutes to log in. Could it be problems on my side?

  6. Zoomshorts

    Skiner, Camfrog reserves the right to ban for a reason or no reason at all. It is most likely that you, or someone using your ID/Nickname, was doing something that many people reported. Camfrog usually only BANS people who have been reported by many people or have witnessed themselves.

    If you are on a public computer and you allow automatic logins to your account, you can be held responsible for any transgressions done under your nickname/ID. The Camfrog Terms of Service work in conjunction with the Camfrog EULA. A violation of either may result in a BAN. A combination of the two can also revoke your access.

    “Briefly my camfrog id ( skiner ) was banned suddenly on 22/10/2009 while i was satying in my room,in that action i found my pro code banned also, even my pc mac address too !.”

    If you used a REAL email address, you would have received a brief explanation of why this action was taken against you. If you used a false email address, you would not have received the notification.

    http://www.camfrog.com/terns.phtml is the main set of rules for you to access the site. ANY violation can result in a BAN at Camfrog’s sole discretion.

    Please read this and see if you, or someone who has access to your computer, could have breached these rules. Never allow other people to login on your account, that is yours alone.

    Camfrog is good about informing users what they did wrong.

  7. Skiner

    Dear Admin,

    Thanks Fors replying me, but can you clarify what do you mean by ( our billing removed your account due to fraud).
    This charge is related to what, kindly provide me with a proof of this fraud.
    As im having the bills of the pro code and the virtual gifts.

    Waiting for your reply to finalize this issue.

    Thanks And Regards

  8. Skiner

    Dear Zoomshorts,

    First i would like to inform you that im using camfrog since 4 years,im not new here to tell me read the terms and this things.
    second,im not paying money to have a pro code and a virtual gift then you say ( camfrog has the right to ban me without a reason).
    Third,Im not also an idiot to leave my id working in a public computer,im using my id from my home and never give it to any body.
    Fourth,im putting a real email address not a false one and i didnt recieve any notification as you are saying.
    So i prefer that you dont interfer in a message sent to admin, u can share your comments in a common discussion not a complain or a clarification directed to a camfrog admin.


  9. admin


    Please contact Cleverbridge if you think they are wrong, but I think it’s unlikely they are wrong.

  10. what’s wrong with “Skiner” why his id has been disabled without any resones??
    admin Says:

    October 29th, 2009 at 5:09 am

    Please contact Cleverbridge if you think they are wrong, but I think it’s unlikely they are wrong.
    i think Cleverbridge don’t have a spower to block nicknames here in camfrog 😀


  11. Skiner, I know and sure that your nickname has been disabled without resone but what we can do??? in arab zone there is no Admins to follow or resolve arab zone probles even if your nickname blockes without resone no one can help and if you go to send e-mail to helpdesk no one will replay you to lol
    Sry skiner if you have an admin frind only you will got your nickname back
    if you nurmal user no one will Listen from you this is nurmal here bro

  12. admin

    ISaf, I stated here why he was banned. It was fraud reported by our billing company. We do not ban people without reason.

  13. Zoomshorts

    Skiner. Apparently you sued a stolen credit card to purchase Camfrog Pro.
    Camfrog has a good system in place to detect STOLEN credit card numbers.

    It is sad you did not have a legitimate email address whereby Camfrog did not have to make your reason public. That is all part of people who steal things and try to hide. IF ANY part of ‘your’ credit card information is false, then you get removed. This is normal.

    Yeah, please show us in this forum, that all your credit card information is legitimate! I am happy to provide MY information to the appropriate people.

    Hiding ANY information is tantamount to theft. I suspect you went to a ‘warez’ site and stole a credit card with it’s information. Refute this and you may be able to come back.

  14. MoHaNaD

    hello, i just wana ask why the helpdesk not answer me… i was buy pro code from cleverbridge.com via wire transfer from my bank account and after 3 munths the pro code was stop wihout any reason..then i tried to send for helpdesk@camfrog.com about my problem and no one was answer !!!

    i dont know i will got my answer here or here is the same wiht helpdesk?:)

  15. MoHaNaD , i think you are from arab zone so no one will reply your e-mail to helpdesk@camfrog.com you can ask god to find arab admine in our zone
    and about your code you must forget it like cf forget our zone always

  16. admin


    I looked up your email associated with this post and found your order was marked as fraud by our billing company and that is why your serial was blocked. We were never paid for your order since it was fraud. If you have any problems with this please contact Cleverbridge.

  17. admin

    iSaf, I searched the email you used to register and found no valid orders. If you have a valid order please contact our helpdesk so we can refund your money if you are unhappy with our service.

  18. Michael

    hello camfrog team,

    thanks for the nice build, cos no any crashes since i update to version 5.3.224!

    i just missing some new icons for actions >> change email… video >> preview your video… video >> restore defautl windows size and alignment.

    and it will be look more nice, if we can see the flags for the language too.
    and what about to change the icon on the taskbar if we have a pro code? maybe red color?

    nice regards from germany^^

  19. MoHaNaD

    how my order fraud??? i was buy it via wire transfer did u want to tell me my money was back to me? i dont think so but i will call the Cleverbridge and come back to you … thanks

  20. Amr

    Hello admin,
    i was a proofreader in camfrog translate and my nick was lost , i sent message to helpdesk@camfrog.com , and because of i recorded all my details before to you , you asked me to send information for security verification about the nickname , i sent it many time and no replay . a now i lost my work as a proofreader , lost nickname and my contact with my friends ” all that since Sunday, July 05, 2009 3:28:17 PM ”
    yours faithfully,

  21. Mody

    Admin ,

    i have problem with my nickname >> P_
    my yahoo ID got hacked by facked used send me trojan
    please Help me Admin
    when i am try to sgin in i can’t and show for me login error and password too
    please check up if u can fix this problem from me
    also my Friends send me original gifts and my pro code too original
    please replay Admin ,

  22. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    The only thing what camfrog is see are $$$$$$$$$$
    There do not care for users like us.
    That time i send them some screen shoot from a hacker and how there hack ids and you know what happand.
    There banned my id and the hacker can do what he want to.
    The users just must buy pro codes and that supped gifts so that the camfrog get more and more money lol.
    Look only how many people sell 3 letter IDs
    And there know it is forbidden but there do noting about that.
    And about the procode there can see who is use the pro code if you lost it to some one else there know your IP number
    But also then there do noting there only say do not share and if you tell them that there hack your email account you still will get the same answer.
    Camfrog we like it all $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    O some other thing more if you lost your pro code or some on hack you and that person is use your pro code the camfrog can not help you
    Even if you give them the order number that you buy it
    But if you say something bad about the camfrog then there know to find you don’t worry there banned your ID Mac Address
    and your pro code
    So don’t worry the camfrog is take care for us all..
    So long if you buy buy buy hehehehe
    There also have camfrog help rooms lol
    There better can close it.
    Dos people can not help you believe me
    The only thing there say is mail the camfrog.
    And play some power in the help room.
    If there not like what you say or cant answer you what you want then there kick you out or what ever.
    But still we love the camfrog all like my self
    But we don’t love the people behide the camfrog who are make the rules
    But you all know what i mean
    I love all my friends in the camfrog and if i am going to be banned now
    Then i will miss them allot for something i say here in the forum
    But the camfrog do not care if you have friends in the camfrog
    I am now also a little bit more then 5 years in the camfrog but the camfrog is not the camfrog anymore like in
    Allot have change
    There do allot off good thinks but also allot off bad thinks
    And still we love all the camfrog ( friends )
    Now i will stop and late see how other people think about this
    I hope the camfrog is now not remove this all.

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