Camfrog Ready For Windows 7


We are excited to announce that Camfrog Client 5.3.224 has been officially recognized by Microsoft as being compatible with their new Windows 7 operating system.  If you have upgraded to the new Windows 7 operating system today then you should have no problem using our Camfrog software.

Our Camfrog software has been tested for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7 and it was found to have passed Microsoft designed tests to minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs, and reboots.  Camfrog client was also found to install cleanly and reliably and eliminate unnecessary reboots.  If you are using Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit you should have no problem using Camfrog.

If you find any problems while using Camfrog with Windows 7 please let us know in the comments area.

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37 thoughts on “Camfrog Ready For Windows 7

  1. workd very fine on windows 7. the system requirements are the same like windows xp. maybe 3 % cpu power more or less.. good work

    see the snapshot link

    91 cams have 21-27 % cpu power on Intel q6700 quadcore

  2. Zoomshorts

    OFF TOPIC : What happened to the ALLOW list feature on the Camfrog Server?

    Back in the day, room owners could add users to the banlist in the ALLOW mode, in that way the room could be locked to prevent generic users from entering the room without permission, yet users on the ALLOW list could still enter. The Password feature still functions, but … it is not as handy. The ALLOW feature was more useful, for private rooms or corporate rooms.

    Now this setting does not work. I want to be the one to choose who enters my room.

  3. PP33

    Sorry! can i talk about coming up the new version of Camfrog Video Chat Room here?
    I have a request, can Camfrog fix the issue about chinese language or other language at message of the day for Mac user?
    Thank you.

  4. jack06

    stop stop to hiden your face and do something for the flood camfrog is dead if you dont do same think in europe if your room is over 200 you get flooded before the room use to be over 1000 even in the state

  5. Hello, Thank you for the upgrade for Win 7, I should be receiving mine in the mail very soon. I was not able to answer tex about my camfrog getting worse with crashing. Its really bad! Im wondering if I should download an older version, as these problems have gotten worse the last two upgrades.

    YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED is happening every few minutes!!!!

    I love camfrog and would like it to work for me.

    I searched for YUVxfm.dll and it did not exist on my computer.

    Thanks for help Ctguy

  6. Mark Watson

    After I upgraded to Windows 7 OS, there are error messages kept appearing ‘Camfrog Client Module is not responding’ Are there some bugs?

  7. @mark .. what ? the loading is too slow ? the loading time from 5.3.215 to 5.3.224 is the same i think. chek your dsl speed or chek the needet open ports for camfrog in you moden/router

    but… users with old versions of camfrog can maybe makes problems

  8. Mody

    OFF TOPIC : Admin , this days have problem with Domain in my msn [ ,] look at my E-mail it’s not work and not have inbox because the main company i registerd my ID is closed and u can cheked by your Self ,, any way can i ask help desk for change all my nicknames’s E-mail in Camfrog from old to now ??
    please answer me Admin , i wait your answer
    best Staff
    Thanks Camfrog ,,
    Keep Best

  9. casperpl

    I am use Windows 7

    Camfrog working fine!

    AMD 3000+
    1 GB RAM
    bandwith connection 640 kb/s

    CPU 50~80 % 8 cams open

  10. Zoomshorts

    CTguy, you may be disconnected if you are sharing a pro code. When someone else is using the same pro code, users get disconnected. If this is not the case, I have no idea why. It all works fine over here on all Windows versions. I have 7 PC’s running many versions of Windows.

    If you are sharing a code you did not purchase, I would suggest you purchase your own code. Just a thought.

  11. Kasrot

    I just brought my new computer using Window 7 Premium 64bit and after I install camfrog (the newest version on the camfrog website). I found that everytime I join any chatrooms, My computer just hang and stop working everytime. In the first time, I think it just hang for a while and I wait for a long time. The result is my computer’s screen never move or change anything such as my mouse doesn’t move, caps locks and num locks don’t work after press. eveything stop and I have to close and open my computer again. I doing like this manytimes and right now I cannot play camfrog on my computer. Can you help me what i should do???

  12. admin


    Try upgrading your webcam drivers, then try using Camfrog without your webcam plugged in and see if it still crashes. If it does not crash then you know it’s related to your webcam driver.
    If that’s the case upgrade the driver or use software as your virtual driver.

  13. Kasrot

    To Admin,

    I already do everything you said but it’s still not working and i found that it doesn’t happen only when I connect to chat room but also when it has a pop up when my friends login. I already using ManyCam software too. I don’t know why and I already upgrade my windows 7 from home to Professional version and it’s still not working properly. Do I have to upgrade to Ultimate version??

    Thank you,

  14. Adrian


    Works fine on Windows 7 with my Linux CamFrogServer private room.

    Not sure where to post, but looking to ask if there are plans to offer increase video size/quality above the super High avaliable at the moment?


  15. admin


    We could do it but it may have break up for some users on slower network connections.

  16. Dear Camfrog I am not happy you said that window’s 7 will work with camfrog and it keeps freeing in rooms All the cams lock up lose sound and then i can not use camfrog i can not go in rooms now cuz it keeps locking you i am on interner line with 80 meg line so its not me lagging, plus this computer useing is new one its intel core 2 duo And plus has ram sticks of 4 gigs So I do all my test make sure not my computer Hopeful you will able sort this promblem out at camfrog thanks very much danny

  17. Adrian

    Hi Admin,

    I would be interested to be able to increase the video resolution myself and then make it a requirement for my private users to have a minimum level of bandwidth in order to join the chat session.

    I have camfrog server hosted on my own dedicated machine (linux) – is this something you would be able to make avaliable to me?

    Happy to pay some more for the server licence if that would help justfiy any tweaks you would need to make?

    Kind regards,

  18. GuamDad671

    On Windows 7 64bit Camfrong 5.3 is extremely slow to log on, to view cams and to type in chat.

  19. I am having major issues with 5.3 an frog I get booted cant private an lag so bad I cant even take it been on frog for years PLEASE HELP!!!!

  20. Ryan

    I am using Camfrog 5.3 (5.3.224) On Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a Dell Vostro PC with 3.00 Gb of ram. I am having a problem with the sound in my IM’s. Sometimes I can hear the IM message sounds, and other times I can’t. I can still hear the sound in the chat rooms (mic/music). I am not sure if it’s a bug, but perhaps others have had this probelm too?

  21. lansing11

    I just got windows 7 on a new computer, but my pro code isnt recognized…. ????? can anyone help with this?

  22. GuamDad671

    I spent a couple hours with Camfrog support trying numerous suggestions they made to get 5.3 to work with Windows 7. None of the suggestions worked and then Camfrog support quit responding. So, 5.3 still lags when a room is opened and cams are slow to open, typing in the room or IM is slow to respond. Even Camfrog logon takes longer under Windows 7. I think Camfrog was a little too fast in stating that it was ready for Windows 7. Right now Camfrog SUCKS in Windows 7.

  23. TEN_

    I have a problem when I change the language by the Grove key, but no problem when I change it with Left Alt + Shift.

    The problem it Camfrog became freeze. And close by windows’s kill process

  24. Rafael

    i can’t logon to camfrog… i disabled my firewall and it still just keeps trying to connect..

    help please..

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