Today we updated our Camfrog (Windows) client with version 5.3.224.  This new version allows Pro users to remove ads from chat room list, adds new green diamond virtual gifts, creates a new system for changing your email address for more security, the minimum password for accounts is now 6 characters, and we have fixed several crashes some users were experiencing.

Please upgrade and give us your feedback.  Thank you for using Camfrog.

Download Camfrog 5.3.224 (Windows)

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  1. Zoomshorts said:

    It is working fine for me.


    I am with version 5.3.224, everything is running fine. About new feature “Change Email” It looks nice however, my little bit of concerning, it’s easy to change the email address immediately after stealing username and password. Suggestion: The Security Questions should be added. Below examples link here:

    Or may find more info about above mentioned words in search engines.

    Thanks for updates.

  3. All good here – Lets hope the crashing stops! – Thanx Camfrog!

  4. ok im on the new version and like the last seems the profile picture hasn’t been fixed still cannot put a picture on your profiles :S
    this feature for ops and owners is a let down as cam checking sometimes requires us to check the pic on profile to verify the person is who they are on the camera at that time i.e. video checking to see if they are real

  5. ok ive sent this in with screen shots 2 crashes so far in 5 mins only downloaded today :S will run in debug now

  6. Still crashes for a friend of mine, he’s running it in Debug mode… and will send the info to helpdesk when it crashes again.

  7. Thanks for the logs.

  8. Antonio C. said:

    Dear Staff Camfrog,

    This version seems to work well, many have reported that the software no longer crashes.


  9. Xx_Marc_xX said:

    I DL iceop 5.3 that came out b4 the new version of camfrog and just downloaded.. My globle are not showing in the room – I clicked op op+ and owners- Is there a Bug

  10. Xx_Marc_xX said:

    Im getting that Error message like in version 5.1 now.. But has 5.2 and uninstalled and reinstalled also clicked continue application , restart and going to send a Bug Report also. never had a problem till this new version Of CF

  11. Lamborghini_ZZ said:

    Why not show the green diamond?

  12. The Camfrog process terminated without any visible errors from the debug logs after “close all cams” was selected.
    After a reboot of the pc and log in, I loaded up lots of cams, right clicked and selected “close all” again.
    All cams closed without problem although now about 20 users cams are still showing as “visable users” yet they are closed. After closing the chatroom and re-entering I now cannot open any cams as i receive the “…has left the chat or has had a temporary video error” message, yet they are still in the room.
    I just tested again and the same happens with closed cams still showing the users in the visible list in the chatroom.
    There seems to be some issue with the “close all cams” function in general. Logs will be sent via email to you. Hopefully some one will reply to me as to how the problems can be resolved.

    But…. none the less this is much better than the previous release.
    Well done.

  13. Zoomshorts said:

    Hello Doug,
    I popped into Camfrog main and opened a bunch of cameras,
    They all closed properly for me. Is there something odd about your PC setup that would account for what you observed? TB tuner card or something?

    Every camera I was watching went back to ‘normal’ for me. I opened them alphabetically, so sorting may be an issue.


  14. er, still getting runtime error.

  15. @Zoomshh…
    Every new release of camfrog I would go in to the main room, sort by males/famales and open as many cams as possible as fast as possible. This way I can test the new version of camfrog and I would look out for wankers to help the ops. I don’t have a TV tuner (nor “TB” :D).

    Is it possibly the male/female sorting + “close all remote cams” problem or is it my machine?
    Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 478 3.4Ghz (Hyperthreading enabled), on Asrock P4i945GC Motherboard, running Kingston DDR2 memory @ 667Mhz with Saphire ATI Radeon 4870 512MB (dual screen setup – 1st Display 1440×900, 2nd 1024×768) with Catalyst 9.9 drivers, oh and PSU is 700W working fine. OS = Windows XP with all the latest M$ updates.

    Well thanks for testing yourself Zoomy. Maybe there is some explinations and it can be resolved. I’m just a little confused.


  16. Windows XP Pro with all latest updates . 2GB of Kingston DDR2 667Mhz memory. what else do you need to know?

  17. All working fine.. The crashes of old version (215) are away now.. good work camfrog !

  18. casperpl said:

    im fine is great camfrog =)

  19. Without doubt mistaagress. Well done Camshare for improving the stability, now just the bugs need to be addressed 😀

    Not to mention some ops needing to stop abusing colour in Camfrog main room.

  20. Power Version of Camfrog , i see Green Daimond has added in this Version and locked E-Mail Adress , but i wanna ask why not make Secret anser& Question like other chat programs , ?
    B.T.W ,, we are waiting the power options for Camfrogers , lolz

  21. hey all , i dont like the new version . because peaple some time need to change email adress but evry thin als is good in it .

    & please i have a question to admins or any one can give me a answer

    what about the north africa banned ip the is 3 country can not use camfrog without change ip ( algeria . tunisia . morroco ) this mean a thousand & thousand of camfrogers can not use the programe since about 6 month

    pls whene this gonna finish

  22. If the logged in user’s password was not stored in memory in plain text then the requirement for entering a password for email change and change of password would be useful.

    For automatic logging in after a diconnection, the stored password is useful, but does it really need to be in plain text? I doubt it very much.
    Ah well. This is not really much of a priority, just as changing email address with password is less of a priority. Maybe it’s something to think about for version 6… or not!

  23. If someone has full access to your computer then your Camfrog password is probably the least of your problems.

  24. the idea of can not change my e mail adress is bad idea cause if my e mail adress stolen thats mean my all nicknames stolen and cant get back again i hope that putting security qusetion and security answer thats will be good for security and thanks admins for ur efforts

  25. hi….there….

    im new user for Camfrog when i want to make an account its always appear to me that ( cannot concet to the server ) soooooooo… please if any can help me in this problem e-mail me on


  26. casperpl said:

    Hello admin

    What happen online/offline room. Update we have server central?

  27. Its work fine wiht me


  28. hey admin i think i deserve a answer for my question!!!

    i ask about the north africa banned ip
    when this gonna finish please

    because evry ban have a end & we can’t use the programe with our ip since 6 month & we dont know whene this is gonna finish

  29. christian said:

    hello camfrogger and debugger,

    Camfrog should put the security code or security question for preventing hacker who steal or get without asking permission.

    Camfrog should change design. for example, the list of the camfrogger should put the real name of the username like YM’s nickname without email address so that they will know who they are. right? agree?

    Camfrog should block IP address for preventing hacker who steal IP address. or can be hide IP address. you know why? its because the camfrog operator positioner can see us our ip address for getting a pro code, username and password when they will change it.

    if problem, tell CAMFROG COMPANY about it. better safe than nothing.

    some of hacker is stubborn for that.

    i hope that camfrog will be safe soon.

    thanks for my post..


  30. Billy0329 said:

    Hi Camfrog,

    I have a suggest for protect password to be change. If you want to change the password. Once the password complete change. The Camfrog should email to your email account to let you know that the password will be update. Also the camfrog should add the security question before go in the advance setting such as email change, password change, pro code change you know. Any questions? Email me and look at email in unpublished. Thanks 🙂

  31. Zoomshorts said:

    Christian, “camfrog operator positioner can see us our ip address” , this is not correct. A Room Owner can see that information, but operators cannot.

    Camfrog changed the OP+ ability to see IP addresses years ago, and now we simply have rooms full of “owners”.


    AGREEE with Mody, Man, christian and Billy0329 about the SECURITY Questions/Answers.. that feature option would help more protection.


  33. did some one agree with me
    about 3 country in north africa can’t use the camfrog because our ip is banned from the camfrog .. & they dont know why … or whene this gonna finish … & i think the admins too dont want to answer me

    i dont think this is fair from you camfrog

  34. outback1 said:

    my pc crashes whenever i go to open a room or view my own cam. any iddeas on whats causing this conflict?

  35. What is this new feature added “adds new green diamond virtual gifts” ? I could not see green diamond anywhere. Can someone pls explain..


  36. Camfrog crashes my new pc whenever i go to open a room or view my own cam. any idea on whats causing this? I can not find debug mode or any other help? why is there no contact email for camfrog on the website????

  37. Our email is on the contact page.

    This page has instructions for sending bug reports.

  38. This is silly! Camfrog is just terminating when i open about 20 cams or more. This should’nt happen should it? I’m Already running as debug, but the logs are not picking up the crash/termination, what ever you will.
    Why is this happening?

    Can you suggest something i can do to log the problem please.


  39. When using the newest update, i can chat in CF. I can write down to the responder but i cant read what he or she write back. You can see they write something but in the IM box it didnt show up. The responder can see what i write.

    Whats happening???

  40. charlessio said:

    when i click the icon “room list” the only thing that pops out is this. “Cannot find ‘file://Z:000 roomlist.html’. Make sure the path or internet address is correct” what should i do?? i tried to reinstall it but the same thing still hanppening.

  41. EMPRESS said:

    USER left the chat or has had a temporary video error.

    Near the cam view it says no webcam detected for the person and says go to help page.
    I can see my cam the issue is not being able to view anyone else

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