9 thoughts on “Terms of Service Update

  1. Me

    A suggestion – Would be possible to highlight any such updates in a different color or make them bold. So that its easy to identify and ready.

    Currently its very difficult to figure out what is the change or update.

    Just a thought….


  2. my09dbs

    Though my question is not related to this topic. I’d like to ask about how could I become a Camfrog admin?


  3. moldor

    many people don’t write good informations in profile when they suscribe. I would like to know how change birthday date in profile, to respect camfrog’s term 1


  4. PumpedIron

    “Recording videos of others without their explicit permission and broadcasting any pre-recorded videos on Camfrog is forbidden. A pre-recorded video is a video that is not broadcast live from a webcam.”

    So you’re telling me I’m not allowed to broadcast my own personally-created content? That sounds suspiciously like an attempt to assert control over my copyright. Can you please clarify this further in your EULA?

  5. PumpedIron

    #31 is illegal. My right to chose my venue cannot legally be waived by an EULA. I’d remove that. Electronic Arts just lost a case due to unenforceable terms in their EULA similar to what you’ve got in 31.

    Just to let you know. You might want to keep your head above the federal interstate commerce laws. They’re about to get so strict that half of your EULA is going to be null and void. GO OBAMA!

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