Happy Birthday Camfrog


Today is the Birthday of Camfrog according to our change logs.  Thanks for using Camfrog for all these years and we hope you continue to use our software for many years to come.

A new Windows/Mac client release is coming shortly, then some new server/bot releases soon after with new features.

Sorry for the delay on the Windows client but we’re working hard to make sure the quality is extremely high for this next release.   Thanks for your patience.

45 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Camfrog

  1. _Oracle_

    Happy birthday Camfrog I kew you 3 years and 8 month ago you were a little child yet but you grew up rapdly and I think you will continue to grow.

    Thx to all the people who makes Camfrog a nice place where enjoy ourself and know many new friends.

    Have fun on Camfrog.

    Camfrog … I am lovin It 😀

  2. casperpl

    6th Anniversary Camfrog Video Chat…

    I fan Camfrog =)

    Great Job Camfrog Team Tumb UP !


    Perhaps next released version file size might try to be on diet for the age time.

    LOL just kidding.


  4. JJ

    HBD Camfrog I want say i’m so happy cause all of this years of success for camfrog and happy times for users use it ,
    i wish every thing will come in this year be success like before ,
    god bless you

  5. Mody

    happy Birthday Camfrog
    keep on the best Video chat ever in World ,
    very fast Customer support and Service too
    Mody ,, P_

  6. Valentinad_Diablo

    So if I already have a bot I baught through camfrog…when the new version/upgrade comes out…I can upgrade for free correct?

  7. admin


    We have never charged for a software upgrade before and we have no plans to charge for this new bot.

  8. Valentinad_Diablo

    OMG Thank you so much, that is wonderful news, cause I was thinking to purchase yet another bot from Camfrog cause I love mine so much…and im so glad to hear that the upgrades will be free. Im so excited for them to come out, the new camfrog one and server one too, cause in the next few months I want to purchase my own room server pro code too from frog…Sigh, so im a happy camper<333 Thank you to all Camfrog Admins.

  9. hobAa

    i’m not happy in this days 🙁 i very sad for ban my nickname (64)
    Admin… I hope you to verify the cause of ban my nickname
    , e-mail helpdesk not reply i hope you help me
    thanx camfrog team^_^

  10. admin

    Hobaa, your name was registered as 21 but your profile said “I am 17”, therefore you are banned permanently.

  11. eXaS

    Happy Birthday camfrog and hopefully to many nice years we will be together 🙂

  12. hobAa

    yes i’m 17 years old and this nickname was with me by gift from my friend his nickname is (10)
    and this is not a convincing reason for banning my nickname
    i did not exceed the terms of service never, If there is a new terms my nickname was banned before this terms. I hope you unban my nickname.

  13. sir admin, please let us enjoy evry time in camfrog we here for chating and do happy time not for fights and when any one do anything wrong banned automatic ,, just warn me or send me E-mail tell me alert not automatic banned i hope u understand me
    i say that because I love camfrog, Thanks admin.

  14. hobAa

    it’s Frist time ever from 2003 in camfrog never see this rules and never hared about any one banned about this Reason !!

  15. hobAa

    please admin , i want just Serious Reason , i think many ppl make profiles 100 years old why just me ?? why camfrog do bad with arabic pepole and muslim to ?? why not check camfrog profiles ?? why why why just i need seriours reason please
    I’m waiting for admin reply
    I’m very tired.

  16. admin

    Please report the people with 100 year old ages via “report inappropriate content”.

  17. hobAa

    Dear admin ,
    i will tell u one thing i read the terms alreayd thoroughly there’s no term give any admin prerogative to ban me cause i jok with my friends in my comment about my age that’s my freedom and i’m free to type anything if legal and not political or have abusive words so i’m free to jok with my friends and that’s chat program so wtf ‘s that ????!!!!!!!!
    i lost my nick and my friends and rooms and my gifts for some reason Petty….

  18. im happy .. new versions off all camfrog stuff 🙂 jihaaa

    @ hobAa no one from camfrog makes trouble with religions or other stuff
    all peaple are welcome.. profile fakers goes banned thats it…

    but admin ? i have a wish ,, some 2 or 3 characters names are banned
    some month or years.. i would like have a shory name like “x13” or “z”

    can you make free some long banned short names ?

  19. Without the benefit of all my …
    I want the mind to tell me that age violates the terms of camfrog
    i not want write thing else
    thank you camfrog i will leave you.

  20. Mody

    HBD Camfrog ,

    Sir , we need more controls / options in profile page for be same profiles site .. Hi5 – tagged – facebook , I hope u answer me
    mody ,, P_


    Did you ever get suggestion from the folks about the “Question/Answer Security” before retrieving or modifying the password?? if not, what do you think it helps more protection?


  22. Mikael

    Any plans to make the mac version more like the windows version who is so much better? for example the cursor handling in contact lists in rooms. Also be able to log in as invisble, that is impossible in the mac version.

  23. admin

    Mikael, I’m not sure if the cursor system is possible and the Mac version handles it a different way so it may not be necessary. We may add the log in as invisible option. Thanks.

  24. Yepp!!!!
    I’am right with this guy ( hobAa ) coz i got banned many times too but i don’t know the reason why that!!
    So if camfrog not allow ppl to put 100 years old why allow they put the year upto 100 years??

    btw Happy Birthday!

  25. aycini

    turkey by about 5 years here have made gains in the server lık doing but I am not yet in full throttle I continued down:)

  26. Mody

    sir ,
    i want report same one insult users and Creat bad names of Rooms same this person
    StrOnG_HackeR : بابا جاب موز
    Show_Om_Elmtnak_P_ (Join)
    nickname is : StrOnG_HackeR <<

    i am see the new TOS and see bad names was not allowed and rooms too
    thank you
    btw .. HBD camfrog

  27. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    Hello all
    About the ID’s from people who are older then 100 years.
    There are 1000 or more users who are 100 years
    But i think the camfrog just pick somone to ban.
    They did that with my old ID
    I have also mail them 15 time’s but i never get some answer back.
    That is how the camfrog people are so learn to live with it lol.
    And i am also from 2003 in the camfrog but there do not care if you ask something.

  28. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    But i think if they want to ban all the people who are 100 years
    Then they goin to be very busy lol
    So all the people go to look for ID’s now from people who are 100 years and mail this to the camfrog

    Thanks all

    btw Happy Birthday!

  29. hi guys
    i tried to get contact with helpdesk but no way
    just i want to tell camfrog that is unfair to leave algeria banned until now for nearly 6 months
    i am disabled person and all my friends are forom algeria and we built forum for that (camfrog) but the ban killed all of us
    i don’t think that is fair towards disabled people who they can’t contact each other following the ban
    please can you guys unban algeria to let us talk to each other and be together again
    thank you for the help

  30. Zoomshorts

    Mr Ben,

    It is not Camfrog doing the ban. Camfrog does not ban wide areas for religious reasons. The country you are in has banned the trafffic.

  31. ARMADA

    I ask you, Sir, tell me how much time or how long it is calculated to raise the nick of ban camfrog com almost sixty days and now I do not know how I thank you and appreciation

  32. ARMADA

    Hello Admin
    my nick is >>This profile has been disabled by the Camfrog administrator<<Ineed want to know at the enable of my nickname Pless Sir I wait …thankyou

  33. Woohoo, happy belated birthday!

    May I make a suggestion? It would be nice if the server could send global messages regarding oplist changes, and banned states.

    >> nick1 set nick2 to FRIEND|OPERATOR|OPPLUS|OWNER
    >> nick1 banned nicked2 [duration]

    So other owners in the room can tell who’s messing around without having to trudge through the logs.

  34. ARMADA

    sir admin
    How do I know the time of lifting the urban nickname exactly so I can open it again ??I just want to know how much time of the opening is the time for urban limit that determines when you do not open the name and be banned from the company?
    ?Thank you very much and please help Please>Please note that most of my time is restricted to only just camfrog
    And my wish is to get the name of two letters>thank you Admin

  35. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    Armanda there can tell you anyting
    The only thing what camfrog is see are $$$$$$$$$$
    There do not care for users like us.
    That time i send them some screen shoot from a hacker and how there hack id’s and you know what happand.
    There banned my id and the hacken can do what he want to.
    The user just must buy pro codes and that suppet gifts so that the camfrog get more and more money lol.
    Look only how many people sell 3 leter ID’s
    And there know it is forbidden but there do noting about that.
    And about the procode there can see who is use the pro code if you lost it to some one else there know your IP number
    But also then there do noting there onli say do not share and if you tell them that there hack your email accond you still wil get the same answer.

    Camfrog we like it all $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  36. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    O some other thing more if you lost your pro code or some on hack you and that person is use your pro code tha camfrog can not help you
    Even if you gif them the order number that you buy it
    But if you say someting bad about the camfrog then there know to find you dont worry there banned your ID Mac Adress and your pro code
    So dont worry the camfrog is take care for us all..
    Solong if you buy buy buy hehehehe

  37. oCo_ZipCode_oCo

    There also have camfrog help rooms lol
    There better can close it.
    Dos people can not help you belive me
    The only thing there say is mail the camfrog.
    And play some power in the help room.
    If there not like what you say or cant answer you what want then there kick you out or what ever.
    But still we love the camfrog all like my self
    But we dont love the people behide the camfrog who are make the rules

    And i am sorry for my bad english.
    But you all know what i mean
    I love all my friends in the camfrog and if i am goin to be banned now
    Then i will miss them alot for someting i say here in the forum
    But the camfrog do not care if you have friends in the camfrog
    I am now also a little bit more then 5 years in the camfrog but the camfrog is not the camfrog anymore like in 2003
    Alot have change
    There do alot off good thinks but also alot off bad thinks
    And still we love all the camfrog ( friends )
    Now i will stop and late see how other people think about this
    I hope the camfrog is now not remove this all.

  38. Supernova4

    Bravo !!!
    Happy ANNIVERSARY Camfrog !!!
    keep on the best Video chat ever in World ,
    Give us more standart icon…….

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