16 thoughts on “New Virtual Gifts (September)

  1. HiMA

    Respected Sir,
    i have a situation here which is that my camfrog id (w9V) was stolen today. Ihave tried to get the password back on my email which is (topic_@9.cn) and it was sent to me.. password is (5426109) but still i cant login . My id is online now and i tried to talk with the guy but no reply.. im always entering the camfrog from this ip which is ) from egypt.
    Paying to your attention that my pro code is original and also the gift.
    Waiting for your kind and fast reply
    Thanks And Regards

  2. lee

    i love to see when you look at the favourint room list you can see the users list like how meny there is in the room at the time

  3. hobAa

    Dear admin ,

    yasterday i have login problem in my account when i am try to login it’s tell me inviled username and password and when i am long in to my profile i see it’s has been disabled by camfrog admnistrator ,, also i am buying my pro code and my Vitual gifts too and i am respect The CAmfrog Tos rules i hope u gave me help because i am also send at helpdesk E-mails but i got no replay

    my nickname [64]

  4. Hima

    sir,Exuase me for tell u samebody hacking camfrog users and cracking the Camfrog system about pro code and extracking the mail list of users and do smawith they spammer staff i am try to report but i think we in egyot not work at ip ,, pleaase check this NICK q28 , just i am try to fix who loses in camfrog video chat

  5. aycini

    hahahaha who uses it, but from texas … I think they offered the only country flags admin washing you gonna be?

  6. Rehanpradita

    I have problem on “Logging in…” It stay on this action more than one hour but the version on Windows logging so fast on my same network….

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