Camfrog Client 1.9.2924 (Mac OS X) Released


Camfrog Mac 1.9 is now available for download.  In this new version a slowdown problem in busy chat rooms was fixed, a problem where some users saw upside down video windows is fixed, a crash some users experienced when exiting a busy room is fixed, a problem with profile photo submissions is fixed, and the installer now has an alias so it’s easy to drag the Camfrog app to your applications folder.

If you experience any crashes or major problems with this new client version please go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate file for technical support”.

Download Camfrog Mac 1.9.2924

89 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 1.9.2924 (Mac OS X) Released

  1. admin

    Mody, send the helpdesk your order number and serial so we can see it belongs to you along with your gift orders. Include “Mody” in the subject.

  2. Mody

    Admin , now i am not have the order because we in Egypt can not buy so i am sending to my friend in thailand and he make for me . . and he lost order number becase he make many orders beer day .. what i do now .. and thanks for replay

  3. Mody

    admin i am send all in mail and i get same order number how can i send for u .. thanks very much

  4. Billy0329


    Admin already post this

    Mody, send the helpdesk your order number and serial so we can see it belongs to you along with your gift orders. Include “Mody” in the subject.

  5. Jay

    This is a follow-up on the question about a Camfrog client for linux.

    The response was: it is not technically possible.

    I find this a very strange answer. MacOS itself is based on Unix.

    Besides a lot of companies have released official software for Linux. The closest example is Skype with fully working webcam and audio support.

    So ofcourse it is technically possible. I run Ubuntu for my work and private use on my laptops on computers. I can do everything with it and in most cases even better than in Windows.

    The only thing I cannot do however is run Camfrog. It works half under the Wine project but most of the time it just crashes.

    If the Camfrog team is really dedicated they should release also a Camfrog client. You already have a sever version so the know-how is there. Hey…i know it takes time and money…but if Skype can do it then also Camfrog can do it.

    I am not Linux fanboy (I have worked for Microsoft) but I just see a growing number of people using linux instead of Windows.

  6. admin

    Jay, some of the video technology we license has no Linux option. If we change technology sometime in the future it may be possible. We do have a version of Camfrog Server for linux, but it does not actually view video and use the same type of video technology the client uses.

  7. Jay

    It is not based on Linux but Unix. So Linux and OSX have a common ancestor.


    “Mac OS X, whose “X” represents the Roman numeral for “10” and is a prominent part of its brand identity, is a Unix-based operating system”


    “Since Mac OS X is POSIX compliant, many software packages written for the *BSDs or Linux can be recompiled to run on it.”

    But I understand your point since you licensed the video technology and are thus dependent on the choices of the software developer.

    What might be possible though that Camfrog could work together with the WINE project to sort out some issues. Now I can run Camfrog and do IM’s but video and joining rooms still don’t work.

  8. Zoomshorts

    Jay, Mac Os X is based on BSD, a totally different animal. It is NOT UNIX, but a clone, a derivative. Berkley Software Development. WINE is an emulator, and as such, not a compliant software.

    Quoting Wikipedia may not be the best thing to do, in as much as I can edit it.

    Camfrog developed their own video technology. Why would they release a free version? It would undercut their profits. The Linux community is based upon ‘free source code’ and why would ANY proprietary software, give it away for free? Riddle me that Batman.

  9. admin

    We just license something Zoomshorts. If we developed our own we could make a Linux version, so perhaps we may do that someday. For now though it’s not possible.

  10. 4amr

    Amr Egypt I want know why I’m classified Neem Belize Ajafty sound and surreal sound you Adinm Belize Belize are high I was working in the servers and Akontat and Srellat and Jfattat your reply and imposed Trud high as possible I wish you could loosen my Adinm Niemi 4amr Belize Ghali I plead with you I’m Chgaly fully God and fully Chgalh not and there is no need Maih multiplied sincere I wish you could loosen Neem Ya Ghaly Lenny Chgaly fully Ya Ghali fully and Ashkra and special thanks Lee and company Altos Thank you, and Galen, and with safety

  11. 4amr

    I have a situation here which is that my camfrog id which is ( 4amr ) was disconnected suddenly yesterday with no specific reason,i sent the forget password and got it on my email but still not working.After a while i checked my profile to find that my id was disabled by the camfrog administrator.
    Paying your attention that my pro code is an original one, also the virtual gift installed on it and im not violating the camfrog tos

  12. Yeaa so….i have had the same problem as most, firstly all my rooms was offline then they all dissapeared now 75% of my contacts have vanished lol

    Still i dont think it’s affecting your profile page all contacts should still be visible on your own profile.. you can easily re-add them. . although it’s a pain in the A#% and more than likely they will get deleted again hahaha

    If your rooms are still showing OFFLINE…just right click and copy the room name, delete the room & paste it to ADD again…it should be ok then.
    This should also apply with your contacts !! GoOd LuCk

    And HURRY back SEVERS we MISS you * cries *

  13. Bazzaman2000

    I have recently changed my PC from Windows to a Mac. I’ve installed the Mac software and found that I cannot sort the list of users into male and female like I could with the Windows version. Are you planning to introduce this please?

  14. sisi000111000

    Hello, Mr.Admin. I am from China. I just found that I can not log on with my camfrog ID ( sisi000111000 ). I also found from my camfrog profile page that my profile was disabled by the camfrog administrator. I do not know why, I am a free users, but I readlly did not violate the camfrog’s policy. I have virtual gift installed on this ID, could you pls help me? Thank you in advance, Mr.Admin.

  15. GaMeR_GiRl_210

    I believe I have been mac banned but I see no reason as to why I was. When I try to log onto any of my names it says error oeration failed. I have emailed you guys about this three times and I have yet to get a single resonse. I would really like to know what is going on. I paid for this rocode with my own money. So please, answer this.

  16. sisi000111000

    Hello, Mr.Admin. Pls try to help me, I have many friends on that ID, I appreciate your attention.

  17. FX

    sir , that’s very good news at gifts ,
    i have same problem with my nickanme
    last night i am login and all is oky today when i am login i see [worng password] and when i send my password back i see it’s change what mean of that i hope u help me i think sameone stooling my nickname ,, the nickname is [FX] u can check by ur self ,, btw thank you for helping us

  18. guy

    cf 1.9.2924 is still extremely slow-going. and, to some extent, so is 1.8. i’ve been using 1.8. so… wondering if someone at cf will- please, of course- provide us mac users with more info about this matter. so that we may get a better idea of what is going on, here. as for us cf pro users, we paid good money to use a product that works to a good performance standard. presently, the ’state-of-the-art’ version of cf for mac, 1.9- and, its predecessor, 1.8- are seemingly substandard performers, by far. cf: we deserve better. come on. please… help us out, here. something. anything. thank you.

  19. admin


    I use this version every day and I have not experienced this issue. I also monitor email communications carefully and so far we have not had many complaints from Mac users about this.

    Please give details on the type of hardware you have, your OS version, your webcam type and your amount of RAM.

    Try exiting other apps while using Camfrog.

  20. admin

    You say the software is slow. Can you give more details about what exactly is slow with it? This would help me understand.

    If the video is slow this can be due to network problems for example and has nothing to do with hardware.

  21. sisi000111000

    Dear Admin, could you pls help me with my ID(sisi000111000)? I have a lot of friends on it and virtual gift on it, I always follow the CF’s policy, but I do not know why my ID can not log on again. Pls pls pls help me with it, thank you very very much!!!

  22. faison

    I have problem on “Logging in…” It stay on this action more than one hour but the version on Windows logging so fast on my same network….

  23. guy

    running hi-speed cable modem, speed-tested to show- on average- download speed of 20mb/s & upload speed of 1.9 mb/s, with a ping of 21ms.

  24. jeff

    camfrog.dmg failed to mount not recognized

    Sorry to report that when i download the new client Camfrog Mac 1.9.2924
    i get error message and it will not create a true DMG file
    i tried download the client from several mirror sites
    with same result, unstuffing it with stuffit expander etc.

    anyone have similar experience and/or have a workaround solution?

  25. Rehanpradita

    I have problem on “Logging in…” It stay on this action more than one hour but the version on Windows logging so fast on my same network….

  26. Luk

    I have some problem of latency on my own video cam,whit the new Logitech QuickCam for Mac.
    The cam work great whit other programs,but whit camfrog my video is slow(Macbook Pro Unibody “13). Whit the iSight work well.

    Another problem is if i look my own cam in a room,isnt clear.
    Dont think is a problem of connection,i have a ADSL 20 Mega.
    You guys have this problem of whit CF for Mac?

  27. my09dbs

    Rehanpradita :: I have the same problem as you too, has anyone told you what’s wrong? I am in the UK now and facing the same thing while using Camfrog for Mac..

    Dear admin, I would appreciate your prompt reply on this since my screen has froze on logging in for about an hour for each login session.

  28. my09dbs

    Dear Camfrog Admin,

    I have been experiencing problems logging on from my (Camfrog for Mac 1.9). My user id is my09dbs. The problem is that what I sign in, the screen always stuck at the Logging in.. stage with the CF logo spinning. It normally takes me an hour to log in to Camfrog for the past 5 days.

    Is there a problem with the software for the Mac version, because I can login from my Windows PC with ease.

    Looking forward to your reply,

  29. nickkilla

    Often I am in rooms with 1000+ people. It would be handy to have a search for nickname feature instead of having to scroll up and down the user list (I am often in the China rooms and most people have very very similar nicknames). Could this be an option for feature versions or maybe a CF Pro feature?

  30. toto_momo_dada

    i also have experiencing problem logging on Camfrog from my Mac. anyone help! it just keep on the logging stage! and the logo is just always spinning around!

    when i use Window wit my nickname it did let me in, i just need to use on my Mac coz i don’t have a webcam for using wit PC..

  31. Paisleynight

    Dear: Admin

    I am unable to log on. Even if I create a new nickname. I have purchased Pro so it is extremely frustrating. Please help me with the problem ASAP. It is very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

  32. lilmisskay

    hey , i dont know if you can help but i would really appreciate it if you could .
    i have been a legit camfrog pro user for a very long time! however i go through spurts of using camfrog and then i am inactive for a while and then use it again however on returning as of late i find all my nicknames no longer exist and i can no longer activate my pro … i bought pro properly thru cleverbridge i recently did a total restore on my computer so thought maybe i copied down my pro code incorrectly.
    i have the ref# and invoice for my purchase i have emailed them but it hasnt helped all i get is a copy of what i have i am no closer to finding out if it is my pro code that is incorrect or maybe i was just totally wiped off because i was deactive for a while!??…

    just because i go through spurts of using camfrog and being deactive surely doesnt mean i should get deleted !? i paid for the program and i do use it. i am very disappointed at this. i didnt even get emails asking if i was no longer using the program etc. i find this absurd.

    please help me out.

    thanks ,


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