Camfrog Client 1.9.2924 (Mac OS X) Released


Camfrog Mac 1.9 is now available for download.  In this new version a slowdown problem in busy chat rooms was fixed, a problem where some users saw upside down video windows is fixed, a crash some users experienced when exiting a busy room is fixed, a problem with profile photo submissions is fixed, and the installer now has an alias so it’s easy to drag the Camfrog app to your applications folder.

If you experience any crashes or major problems with this new client version please go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate file for technical support”.

Download Camfrog Mac 1.9.2924

New Language Packs (August)

Did you know Camfrog has been translated to many different languages?  If your language is not available please join the Camfrog Translation Project.

Today we have released several new translated languages including Croation, Indonesian, Polish, Serbian, and French (Canadian). These new language packs are available for download.

We are also very close to releasing language packs for Korean, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Romanian, Afrikaans, Albanian, Hungarian, Slovak, and Vietnamese but we still need some help. If you are a native speaker of these languages please help us by joining the Camfrog Translation Project.

If you have helped with translating Camfrog or if you plan to help we thank you for your hard work and support.