Got Loud Audio?

Are other Camfroggers complaining that your audio is too loud?  Is the audio in the room you are visiting too loud?  It’s easy to fix both of these problems.  Check out the Youtube videos below to learn how to change your audio settings with Camfrog Windows/Mac.

8 thoughts on “Got Loud Audio?

  1. marlonius

    any chance you guys over there at camfrog could get everyone back online before trying to fix other problems? its been 30 hours since i could log in. I’ve with camfrog for 5 years now, this is getting a little bit annoying now.

  2. admin

    I can confirm that all logon problems are solved. Please try rebooting.

  3. Kevin

    I suggest making a privacy mode with invisible. People offline get harassed in rooms,

    And Also, the ability to be in a private chat playing video, while still in a room has gone away – you can either play for the room & private or nothing.

  4. Zoomshorts

    Way OFFTOPIC :

    Camfrog Client Pro and Server Pro codes ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE !

    This means that you CANNOT resell the code you purchased to a
    different individual ! The code you purchased is tied to a
    specific transaction. It is NOT resellable ! Your email address
    is the basis for the sale and the EULA and TOS prohibit the
    transfer by you to another person of the registration code. Period!

    Many people IM me with problems they have with “their” code.
    In fact, it is a code that someone sold them and NOT a legitimate
    Camfrog code. I paid for my code and I will NOT try to sell it to
    you. I understand the concept. But many people purchase/buy one code
    and try to resell it. That does not work. Camfrog disables the code
    and YOU who purchased the code are out of the scene. You bought a
    code at a reduced price that has been resold to MANY people. Camfrog
    shuts these codes down! Why not simply buy your code from Camfrog?

    You will never get a better deal! Why would you try to get Camfrog cheap?
    It is already the cheapest video chat on the planet? Why would you
    try to cheat Camfrog out of their profits?

    This applies to server codes and client codes. Camfrog is not in the
    business of losing money. Why would you think that you can get a ‘better’
    deal from a third party? It does not work, and when you IM me asking why
    the code a ‘friend’ sold you , does not work, it makes me wonder about

  5. Zoomshorts

    ON TOPIC :

    Camfrog already has one sound channel, why not add the second channel to make rooms STEREO? It is not rocket science.

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