Logon Problems

Having problems logging on?  We are working on it.

5:38PM EST Update: Still working.  Some users can logon but new users may be having issues.

6:25PM EST Update:  Logon is working but some users have lost some contacts.  Try signing on later and they should reappear for you.  Sorry for the problem, it was an unexpected issue.

6:30 PM EST Update: We’ll let you know when all contact lists should be working normally again.  It may take awhile to solve the issue.  Thank you for your patience.

6:54PM EST Update:  We’ll have intermittent outages over the next 48 hours as we solve the unexpected database problems we had today.  Any outages are unacceptable and we apologize for the downtime.  Thanks for your patience.

121 thoughts on “Logon Problems

  1. ladycougar

    Well been on the phone with comcast they dont even know what we were talking about. My service person had never heard about camfrog and they never block anything like this. They are going to try to log in to camfrom from the mainoffice so more info is coming up

  2. Day_off

    I have spoke with comcast, without a ip address of camfrog server or port addresses they are clueless as to where problem can be. Camfrog you must help solve the problem.

  3. admin

    I was told by several Comcast users that Camfrog.com website would not load. In this case you just explain to them Camfrog.com is online, but you cannot load it. Is that not the issue?
    I do realize this is part of Camfrog.com. I thought maybe you were using a proxy or accessing the website at work.

  4. Day_off

    We cannot log into the camfrog video Chat with our username and password, see the room list, or IM our friends. Camfrog.com is ok.

    The eyeballs keep spining and it says “camfog is logging in (x number of times)…….. ”

    If Comcast does not not have the video chat program and a username and password, they cannot and will not test it.

  5. admin

    Oh, I was told Camfrog.com would not load by several Comcast users via email and on Facebook. They are complaining to support also.

  6. Hamoooz

    hi admin
    is the server still down for the middle east area as we cant login
    thank you for your reply

  7. Simon Grant

    Cannot log into camfrog in Thailand for the past 48 hrs (14-16th August 2009). Working perfectly before that. Is the server down? Or are the Thai police blocking again?

  8. saioznik

    wouldn’t log in…eyes spinning…repeating attempts…but no good coming out of it…thats in Jordan-middle east. whats up yooo?????

  9. justfknnasty

    is there a new log on problem because i carnt log on plus site says invalid detales but when i get password resent its the same

  10. justfknnasty

    anouther thing when i try logging in on the client i get invalid nic name and password but has above there right because when i resend i get right detales not only me having this problem im in uk a friend in usa having same problems

  11. starm

    the problem is still exist in Jordan.

    i keep trying to log in but i cant

    i tried 300 tries for nothing

    please help us

  12. Howard Obey

    Please help me why i keep getting this error???
    it said

    Unable to open the camfrog IM databas. Trying to gain access to the database failed. The database may be already opened by another Camfrog client

    I keep getting this every time i wanted to start my camfrog. I’m a pro user, but i never give my serial number to anyone.
    I tried to reinstall and use free camfrog, the msg still occur every time i wanted to start Camfrog program.

  13. John

    Hi there.. I’ve been trying to just register with camfrog, but it doesn’t even allow me to do that… I tried with the nick names Raptor9 / Raptor9692.
    I get a “Cannot connect to the server” I’ve also tried uninstall and reinstall!
    Please help???!!!

  14. kaotec

    hi! ican’t connect to camfrog. and also can’t connect to camfrogweb sites since 2 days.
    with my static ip of my original isp. but i succefull with an other public isp to connect but have a bad speed connexion.
    why the first ip of my first isp dosn’t succeed to conncect camfrogweb sites ???
    some peoples sayes that my ip is black listed ???
    what that mean ?
    what does i do to get connect with my first ip ?

  15. julius

    My camfrog pro code is no longer valid and my screenname (misshightimez) is now disabled and i am having a problem loading cam frog on my other lap top. I was told that anyone in the room naughty little hotties an 18+ room that had color (i had red) had the same problem and i was never given any reason for this I paid full price for all the cam frog procodes that i own and am very disturbed by this turn of events what can you do to help me with this problem.

  16. I bought my pro code Oct 27th and this morning it is not working. I have emailed support and help desk and have heard nothing for the last 6 hrs. WTF is the problem?

  17. Escolastico

    Unable to open the camfrog IM database. Trying to gain access to the database failed. The database may be already opened by another Camfrog client

  18. setanta

    My Pro account appears to have been deleted can you rectify this problem. I believed when I susribed it was a lifetime mebership but it now appears to have been deleted ?

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