Camfrog Mobile 2.0 for Windows Mobile is now available for download.  This new mobile software version allows you to make private audio calls, send and receive snapshots, and update your profile photo on the fly.

Download Camfrog Mobile (Windows Mobile) 2.0

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  1. Hello Camfrog!

    I just installed this new version on my Samsung Omnia ..


    Clear Audio …..

    I test with some friends, and perfect ..

    Some problems on send snapshots from my cellphone camera .. any erros, but the image was not sent …


  2. Glad it’s working. Please tell us the type of hardware so we can solve this snapshot problem.

  3. Hello Admin!

    Its a Samsung Omnia Windows Mobile 5 with a 5 MP camera.

    When click on snapshot button, open the camera, and its possible to take the picture, but, not appear on Camfrog ..

  4. PhErAoN said:

    Hello i have mobile nokia 5800 xpress music and not widnows mobile so i can’t use this program i hope make program make for all mobile’s Thax :p

  5. Amazing Work !
    Keep Going Camfrog !

    I hope all mobile internet connections in a few years going more speed …

    HSPDA is max in The Netherland now
    ther is not so mutch country use it yet.

  6. AstralDrain said:

    Very nice!!
    Too bad there isn’t a blackberry edition, it would be so damn good, coz roaming data here is so expensive!

  7. this nice version but problem snapshot not fixed ı used audio chat cant send snapshot pls interest this case….

  8. Well, i am really exited to get the CamMob version with room support as well 😀

    This release was a big step in the right direction … pls fix the snapshot error…

    I own a SE X1 and will try it now 😉

  9. the_blacker_cracker said:

    I downloaded it, and it works fine for me, including the snapshot part.

    Thanks Camfrog

  10. LATINO_H3AT said:

    would this work on any smart phone or does it have to have windows mobile. if it does only have to have windows it would be nice to have a camfrog messy for other phones that dont have windows mobile just a suggestion but looks good keep up the good work

  11. Hello Camfrog .

    how can i install camfrog Mobile in I Phone .. ?
    i have new I Phone and i can’t install and i text in Nokia N95 But not Work ..

    Great Work

  12. Buy HTC will I download camfrog mobile but means that can enter the room camfrog as webcam?


  13. Hello I am deaf, Buy HTC will I download camfrog mobile but means that can enter the room camfrog as webcam?


  14. Hello Camfrog I am deaf I want mobile windows 7 the room camfrog as webcam? pls Thanks Camfrog

  15. I would like use camfrog mobile on android

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