Today we introduced some new virtual gifts for rooms and users for July.  Come check out our new gifts like this keg on the room and user virtual gift pages.  New gifts are marked with “New”.

Comments on: "New Camfrog Virtual Gifts (July)" (9)

  1. Great gift especially the string loool

  2. JoshBosh said:

    clawing the last penny out of anyone, lacking money from procodes and server procodes as of late? Is this a hint that camfrog may soon be going into liquidation?

  3. Fred Lampson said:

    JoshBosh, is this a hint you’re a douche?

  4. I dont know nothing,
    Do u Have a camfrog in mobile for symbian?

  5. Zoomshorts said:

    LOL , I could not resist.:P

  6. I think these are a waist of time and money; they dont benifit the rooms in anyway.

  7. Free for beer!

  8. my nick name ownerc get banned without any reason i used original pro code check now and see im good my pro is good and still work im banned without any reason i hope my nick OwnerC < un banned and thanks alot

  9. Let’s look at than what camfrog icon to make a gift

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