Camfrog Client 5.3.215 (Windows) Released

Today we updated our Camfrog (Windows) client with version 5.3.215.  This new version fixes a bug some users were experiencing and adds two new features.  Users can now type longer custom statuses and you can now type @nickname with any Camfrog user name and it will link to their profile.  For example type @frog in an IM and it will link to Frog’s profile on Camfrog.

We have now notified all Camfrog (Windows) users that they should upgrade their client.  If you have any problems please let us know on this Blog, or report logs to our support team.

Download Camfrog 5.3.215 (Windows)

49 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.3.215 (Windows) Released

  1. magicman18

    i too am wondering where the new mac version that was promised is. can we at least have a truthful update as to when we can expect it??


    Camfrog module crashes like mad on this version, when you go to details it gives an error in the controls.dll.

  3. admin

    I am testing the Mac version now. Should be out in less than two weeks. It was going to go out earlier but we found some problems, sorry for the delay.

  4. SoljaBear

    I also was getting the controls.ddl file crashing constantly. I uninstalled and reinstalled the prior version. It worked fine. I though did not uninstall and do a clean install of 5.3.215. Also the newest cersion on CNET is called 5.3.214. I wish also like to know how to do a total uninstall. Im sure after so many upgrades a complete uninstall would help.

  5. notmouse

    thank you for the mac update. I am glad to hear you are working out as many problems before the release. I look forward to the newest version. If I purchase the current version will it be a free upgrade to the next version that you are testing?

  6. admin


    Cnet has the wrong version number on their website but, hopefully they will fix it soon.

  7. And now in the new version off the cleint there most make the command’s like for ICE or Kermit
    Then i am happy.
    So that we not have to look all the time for that stupet tools like ICE and Kermit

  8. _Oracle_

    The release 5.3.215 seems to have some problems when I am in an official room (camfrog server 4.3.0) I’m fine and it works perfectly. But when I join a private room (camfrog server 4.2.232) my CF keep crashing.

  9. admin

    Festler, there is a server version for Linux. We have not made a decision on a Linux client.

  10. jm_one

    i also get the same crash behavior like Oracle, just when i first join an offcial room i will not crash when joining another room.

    Other than that, like all prior 5.3 versions, the new on cam/ mouse over controls do not react according to system wide mouse settings: they only fire the event on a left mouse button click, even if you have set your mouse to left-hand mode.

  11. Taffy

    I have a feeling its an overflow problem with the new code for the @Profile. lots are complain about the problem. especialy when in a busy room

  12. captmanhammer

    I have a friend who got the windows version to work on their linux…. but it crashes the second they try to IM someone or join a room. Would be nice to have a actual client compiled for linux

  13. jm_one

    yes capt i experinced the same, u can get it to run with WINE pretty easy, but it will crash the way you said..

  14. A lot of bugs in this version. The program crash invariably everytime to certain time, I have Windows xp. Please release beta versions before the official version is on the air, thanks.

  15. SoljaBear

    I am still having the controls.dll module crashing. I have twice uninstalled camfrog and same thing everytime I place 5.3.215 on it the module crashes. I am running on the 5.3.206 version. I would like to get directions on a complete uninstall though and then try it out. After the uninstall/reinstall I notice that my procode is still plugged in , and also all my usernames are still there. I know how to backup the IM catcher file. So that would be a non issue.

  16. AJ

    ok sence i donwloaded this update i can not get on camfrog the window show up on my taksbar preview (useing windows Vista) but not on my desktop i can get on to room but the windows do not show up on my desktop soo i can’t type on them i don’t know what do do i’ve uninstalled about 30 tims now over the past days i need a respons oh and i even try runing the program as admin still i get nothing

  17. Taffy

    I’m afraid uninstalling it will not fix the problem, the only way it’ll be fixed is when a new version is released; if you’re having problems try to revert back to the other 5.3.206

  18. SoljaBear

    Benkamin you are correct. I went ahead and emailed to see if they could give me the instryctions to do a complete uninstall. I know how to backup my stuff but you are correct I never go onto the registry without proper instructionns. Taffy that is what I am running now 5.3.206 . It runs perfectly, no issues at all.

  19. Cloakedmassacre

    Well just so you know it’s pretty easy to do a registry clean out after uninstalling. However the pro code and stuff are stored in the applications folder. I will also note that I did this and it made no difference at all. Whatever changed from 5.3.206 to 5.3.215 is causing the crashes. To note even further This is happening in rooms only. When I’m in Fallen Angels I never drop in acoustic jam I do. So either some dweeb has a buffer overflow that’s causing crashes or there is an issue with old server versions and the newer client. I’ve sent 4 zips of logs and CF still has no say on a fix for this. If you want the old 5.3.206

  20. Cloakedmassacre

    I guess Camfrog is not going to fix this so all the windows users can keep crashing. I like how they say there aren’t very many issues. I want to see one of the developers hang out in Acoustic_Jam and watch the 20 people die out every 30 minutes that are on the new client. Go Camfrog!!

  21. admin


    We are working very hard to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately it’s easier said that done. Sorry for the problem and the delay.

    The crash logs you are sending really do help so please continue and please ask others to do the same so we can get to the bottom of this.

    I personally do not have this problem and I have been unable to recreate it.

  22. MACKIE

    You can sit in Naughty Little Hotties and watch 400-500 get the camfrog module error. This has gone on way too long. We have seen alot of new people leave Camfrog because their first experience was 5.3.215 and they got sick of it.

  23. ThoughtlessSoul

    Nice, but I’ve upgraded and now I get nonstop Visual C++ Runtime errors almost every hour.

    SP3 WinXP Professional, 2.6GHz AMD Athlon64 X2, 4GB DDR2-667.

  24. _im_just_mE

    i been yer 3 years now i upgrade to ur new version and wot 4 ??? all it does is crash its ridculous im sick of it thought u would of fixed it by now

  25. I’ve experienced this runtime error on my home system and at work … one is intel the other is AMD so i dont think processors have anything to do with it .. at first it seemed totally random but i think i have seen something in common when i do get this error. I seems to happen when im in a room and get an IM or post a global message to the room. I dont get this error often so i’m not 100% but it seems when i’m dealing with room business and in heavy communications is when it happens … don’t know if this info will help at all

  26. admin


    We have found this problem and the next version will have a fix. I am not yet sure of the release date but when I know I will post it here.

  27. NorthernAZSkies

    Thanks admin and the development team. I appreciate the hard work you’ve put in debugging the recent crash issue.

  28. MACKIE

    come on camfrog……release this fix..members are tired of getting the module error.

  29. Sinda

    Congratulations on a ßeautiful and new versions are out okey ßut I ßetter check the first part of turkey camfrog

  30. Sinda

    Congratulations on a ßeautiful and new versions are out okey ßut I ßetter check the first part of turkey camfrog

  31. BigDreamer

    For somereason i am not allowed to purchase camfrog pro. I went and put in all my information and when i submit for verification it says to contact my bank and my bank is not seeing the transaction go through. Please help.

  32. Taffy

    I really think you should hurry on a new fix for this 5.3.215, windows users are over 90% of the user base and with this constant crashing its sure to drop, its already noticable that the user base it dropping.

  33. admin


    I agree. We are doing our best. We don’t want to release something that is worse or still has the issue.

  34. SoljaBear

    I have started using Windows 7 now. So far I have had just one issue. When I goto my settings and get it all setup, I get a message saying due to my operating system I must use the old rendering option. Also I have not had a single crash yet from the controlls.dll file. So the question I have is will the next upgrade be user friendly with Windows 7 ?

  35. Valccon

    I understand you have not made a decision on a linux client version at this time. I humbly ask that you strongly consider making one. Many of us have shown an interest in one and desire strongly to use a sole linux box, thus eliminating a lot of Windows complications. Your software is one of the few I still stick with a Windows box in order to use. Linux is my primary choice of OSes and with your careful consideration you can solve mine as well as other eager linux users Windows dilemmas. Thank you for not brushing this concern under the table.

  36. Cloakedmassacre

    This is so frustrating. You still 2 months later have not released a fix. I still crash out with the new client in Acoustic Jam.

  37. I can not connect to video stream, I can open a room, but when I try to connect to a name, it says no webcam detected, even with the webcam sign showing by their name. This happened a few months ago, I have just had my hard drive cleaned of viruses, but still can’t connect, I have cleared the parental controls, and checked for bugs, what gives ??

  38. suzy

    how can i get my code pro , when i go on help and about i can see my code
    but the last number is not there ???

  39. Michael

    hi to all,

    who still have problems with camfrog 5.3.215? pls install 5.3.208 cos, this build still working fine. so many german friends have the same problems like me with this new build. u can download the 5.3.208 on:

    hope i could help someone who have the same problems.

    nice regards from germany…

  40. Soner

    can anybody tell me how to quit camfrog on mac! its really annoying i cant find! i need to uninstall that as well! so please hep me!

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