Camfrog Toolbar Update (IE & Firefox)


Today we updated our Camfrog Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer. These new toolbar versions now work properly with the most recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Camfrog Toolbar allows you to change your Camfrog status, search the user directory, search the video chat room list, and locate what room users are in even if you don’t have Camfrog Pro.

Download Camfrog Toolbar
Camfrog Toolbar (Explorer)
Camfrog Toolbar (Firefox)

19 thoughts on “Camfrog Toolbar Update (IE & Firefox)

  1. l3v

    Great…. Good job

    I’m waiting this, because so long time not upgrade.
    Now compatible with my browser mozilla Ver-3.5


  2. inimitablo

    This application is very useful in the explorer of web sites, good job!


  3. b_boys150



  4. SirNerdLaroy

    zoomshorts, you should start your own camfrog blog I have yet to find ONE POST where where your 2 cents is not included.

  5. Zoomshorts

    Actually, I would like my own Camfrog Blog, but I an often at odds with Camfrog on many subjects, ergo I cannot have a blog. I do love Camfrog software and the implementations they have added over the years, but I am not the person to talk to for real information. Admin responds for Camfrog, I am merely a user, like you.

  6. SomthingYouWIllNeverKnow

    There are several right when the blog first started SirNerdlaory

  7. MR_ASUS

    i have a question…plz i need an answer…from j*camfrog helpdesk
    why camfrog won’t work in Tunisia…i mean all people from africa country…i have a busness there,red_sonja teamworkers

  8. Hello all
    Now the Camfrog Toolbar looks verey good
    And now in the new version off the cleint there most make the command’s like for ICE or Kermit
    Then i am happy.
    So that we not have to look all the time for that stopet tools like ICE and Kermit

  9. Zoomshorts

    I think Camfrog should re-open the Tech Forum. It would reduce the signal-to-noise level here. 🙂

  10. Now ice is not work good it sucks one vista.
    And also Kermit is only work in englich so german people or thai what ever there can not use it in there own language

  11. moon_goddess

    this morning i couldn’t use camfrog bar locator , camfrog error appeared , it is invalid now , when will it ok ? August 14, 2009

  12. OwnerC

    Respected Sir ,
    I have a situation here which is that my camfrog id which is ( OwnerC ) was disconnected suddenly yesterday with no specific reason,i sent the forget password and got it on my email but still not working.After a while i checked my profile to find that my id was disabled by the camfrog administrator.
    Paying your attention that my pro code is an original one, also the virtual gift installed on it and im not violating the camfrog tos

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