Camfrog Client 5.3.215 (Windows) Released

Today we updated our Camfrog (Windows) client with version 5.3.215.  This new version fixes a bug some users were experiencing and adds two new features.  Users can now type longer custom statuses and you can now type @nickname with any Camfrog user name and it will link to their profile.  For example type @frog in an IM and it will link to Frog’s profile on Camfrog.

We have now notified all Camfrog (Windows) users that they should upgrade their client.  If you have any problems please let us know on this Blog, or report logs to our support team.

Download Camfrog 5.3.215 (Windows)

Camfrog Toolbar Update (IE & Firefox)


Today we updated our Camfrog Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer. These new toolbar versions now work properly with the most recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Camfrog Toolbar allows you to change your Camfrog status, search the user directory, search the video chat room list, and locate what room users are in even if you don’t have Camfrog Pro.

Download Camfrog Toolbar
Camfrog Toolbar (Explorer)
Camfrog Toolbar (Firefox)