Camfrog Client 5.3.208 (Windows) Released


Today we updated our Camfrog (Windows) client with version 5.3.208.  This new version fixes a bug some users were experiencing while using audio in chat rooms and one-on-one connections.

We have now notified all Camfrog (Windows) users that they should upgrade their client.  If you have any problems please let us know on this Blog, or report logs to our support team.

Download Camfrog 5.3 (Windows)

49 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.3.208 (Windows) Released

  1. But Can i ask about something
    as like when anyone open his nickname must see msg as like
    updater new version Released
    it.s will be good
    i had see the new version when i see the new comment
    i think that will be good :p

  2. iP3G

    So sad, windows had update second time. where is the Mac new version? i can’t send file to windows 5.3 version now.

  3. Lil_MisS_Mimi/SeDuCinG_EviL

    Hey ya’ll I installed the new version, however I am going to uninstall it and reinstall 5.3.206 because you all forgot one very important thing, most of us are running Vista, and those of us running vista, our kermit and ice have stopped working now. those who are on XP are fine. So let me know when you fix that particular glitch and then i’ll install it again. Thank you.and as always, Much love<333

  4. CasperPL

    Hi admin

    I have bug.I not have nickname in contact list.Scared Send file me on IM.
    What happen bug. 🙁

  5. EdwinNL

    I agree with you iP3G. Where is the new Mac version? Since version 1.8 I can’t connect to several rooms. It would also be nice if the Camfrog Team would add Applescript or release a SDK for the Mac version. I have asked the team in the past (version 1.7) about this functionality but they couldn’t tell if this was going to happen soon 🙁

  6. admin

    Edwin, it’s coming very soon. I don’t know about the Applescript.

  7. yesterday few north African countries were actually banned from accessing camfrog, is this a decision from camfrog or is it from the country by itself?



  8. Zoomshorts

    Is your Camfrog not working?

    BEFORE assuming it is Camfrog and
    not something you have done, ask
    the following questions :

    Was Camfrog working before you had the problem?
    Did you add ANY software between the time it
    last worked and now?
    Did you update anything? (Drivers, etc)
    Did you change any hardware?

    IF you answered yes to any of the above,
    check your Camfrog settings and verify
    you have the correct devices selected in
    the Camfrog settings.

    Sometimes a cold boot works wonders:
    Turn your PC off, monitor and all, allow the
    PC to sit for one minute, then turn the PC
    back on. NOTE: This is not the same as a

  9. Zoomshorts ,, first of all I do appreciate your quick response, and nice canned response you got there.

    secondly, my camfrog is working because I don’t live in these countries.
    Thirdly, the same problem occured in 2004, and for a month, and if you are a camfrog staff you can check your record.

    fourth and last, how would you explain the same problem with everyone and in 2 different countries? Morocco and Tunisia? and now they have to use a VPN or a Proxy to change their IPs to get in.

    I am basically asking question because i need to find out from the real source what happened. and not from someone who will assume something.

    If someone can answer my first question, this would be appreciated.


  10. Zoomshorts

    Chakk, I am not a Camfrog employee. I do try to help users when I can.
    Some countrys ban Camfrog, mostly Islamic countries because sex can be found on Camfrog.
    It is not Camfrog’s fault people use the software to host sex related sites. It happens. IF Northern Afirican sites are banned, it is not Camfrog’s doing.

    Camfrog embraces all countries and all religions and creeds. I would look first toward individual country’s policies and laws before I would blame Camfrog. Turkiye recently closed many sites from visiting Camfrog, id one of these North African countries doing the same thing?

  11. Greetings Zoomshorts.

    I have never blamed Camfrog, and let me tell you something my dear friend, now I would assume that this is a business decision, because of different complains from a variety of banking companies.

    Camshare is not making money from this countries, they only got troubles, and that is why they banned them.

    same thing happened to Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia and morocco, and having origins from these countries, i can tell you that this decision will not stop other from abusing the system.

    Camshare needs to invest in better QA system engineer, but as a business point of view, this will never happen.

    I deal with IP blocking and geo-blocking everyday in my work and having experience in BGP ASN & IP add block from ARIN, BGP peer management & IP prefix announcement, I can tell you my dear friend that this has nothing to do with any country’s decision.

    one more thing, your help is really appreciated but i wish someone from camshare can respond to this blogger.


  12. EdwinNL

    Thanks Admin. I have already build an Operator Tool in Cocoa. I am just waiting for the SDK. Universal SDK I hope because I am still using a PowerPC 🙂

  13. admin

    Turkey has banned Camfrog, Youtube, Knights Online and many other popular sites. We did not ban Turkey. I hope that clears it up.
    I am not sure why some other countries are banned, perhaps they route some of their Internet through Turkey and this is the problem.

  14. hello admin i am an Algerian User !

    i have a Quedtion Does Camfrog Banned Algerian Hosts??

    We have a problem to Be Signed On ??

  15. Zoomshorts

    I am sure that Camfrog has not banned anyone. It would be counterproductive for Camfrog to do so. Admin’s remark is more likely closer to the truth. Your ISP may be gating through Turkish servers, NO MATTER where they are in the world, and you may be getting blocked.
    I have friends from all over the world, and many are blocked. We talk on other messenger services and still have problems.

    We will have to wait and see.

  16. i tried to register for camfrog pro via credit card and paypal on ur esselerate store link on ur registeration page. but ur dumb ass link never works. i need camfrog pro and cuz of ur dumb service i am not getting ur camfrog pro cuz ur damn chat rooms say u need camfrog pro to chat. so either get ur shit running to where people can buy it or allow non pro users to chat in chat rooms for jesus christ sake.. serious lousy service

  17. justmee2

    I had Version 5.3.206 and updated to 5.3.208 believing it to be good, but I find out now the my cam freezes allot which it never has before (in fact never froze) so believing it came from the update, I will reinstall the old one. Also never had any problems with audio so I guess not my bag. TY

  18. RazielSpirit

    I have camfrog 5.3.215 and i cannot sign on at all.Keeps spinning and saying logging in.I have uninstalled and everything.Testes without firewall on and still nothing.2 days of this, what is the deal.I can sign into any other messenger service fine. So i noticed that that the numbers changed from 5.3.208 to 5.3.215 …what is the update…not signing in??? geez..more junk

  19. RazielSpirit

    I just realized in my last message instead of saying Tested i said Testes..oops

  20. taz_op

    hi admin,
    i would like to ask some question about filipino people that can’t accessing limited cam in some room like sign language room. most of filipino friends asked me why can’t they access to open the cam or asked for upgrade to PRO. they love signlanguage room so much but they are in disappointed coz they can’t access to open the cam to their love one, friends and family. coz it asked for upgrading PRO…

    how are they gonna enjoy the room without the cam? coz most of deaf people use their hands to sign on cam instead of typing.. how can they sign without cam? some of them can’t write as well. how will they enjoy if they dont see their friends or love one thru opening their cam?

    how can they afford to buy pro if it asked for upgrade pro? they can use free camfrog to open only one cam that will do… unlike to other asia like vietnamese people that can access the room opening one cam even if they are using free camfrog not asked to upgrade for PRO..

    my question is that why can’t filipino people access limited cam in signlanguage room and asked for upgrade pro? is there a way to let filipino people to open the access the signlanguage room to open limited cam to their love one or friends or family by the chance?

    pls reply me here thanks… GOD BLESS.. best regards to you all…

  21. frincezs

    in behalf of some Filipinos..i would like you to hear my points..i used to visit signlanguage room coz i believe its a room or place of peace and be able to meet new friends.people who are deaf amazed me of how the know such signlanguage.but with regards of your new policy that we cant no longer access to view or be viewed by some it really need for us to buy pro cam in this know.signlanguage room needs cam in order to be understood.they speak not merely in words but with their hands..hope you were able to get my need not to block this room for not using our cams coz its a must.and geez..not everyone can afford to buy pro cam..and its not only in signlanguage room..some other rooms also..we people from the Philippines have this feelings of so called “racism” or racial discrimintion..coz why some other country can access cams everywhere in room unlike us here in Philippines..or even can view more than 2 windows without pro cam..tsk tsk tsk..racism right?hope you guys understand my points.

  22. trish

    why i cant post my still pictures in using a windows there a problem with compatibilities..

  23. Hello people from the camfrog
    Now we still work with the server version 4.2
    But that versoin is work fine only one ting is not good
    If 4.2 have more then 1400 users and alot people go out or in the room then 4.2 is goin to work very slow.
    But if there are 2000 users in the room and the room is full 4.2 work good again.
    So we think 4.2 cant handel so many connections add the same time
    And dont tell it is my server the server is fast it is a

    Intel Quad Core Xeon 3220 – 4 x 2.40GHz
    1 x 250GB HDD
    1 GigE (1000Mbit) port
    Windows Server 2003
    So that is not the problem we have more rooms on that server and there are good but not so big.
    Oke many thanks and i hope to hear someting soon about this.

  24. starlight_21

    hi to the people behind camfrog. i was so happy when i upgrade to 5.3 version. i can already video chat in private. unfortunately, unlike before whichever room i joined in i can viewed cam from other users same as they can open my cam too. how come, i cant do it now…and when i try to open it in international room, it says need to upgrade to pro cam…is it really necessary to get pro cam? it will be too much for me if i purchased for a pro code. im not here for business. just for fun, meet people from different countries and make friends with them…. sad, i cant do it now because am not a pro user…. by the way, im from philippines and i can only open cam in philippine rooms…does it only apply to us people in the philippines who are not pro users? or other asian countries as well….hope to hear something from you guys…appreciate it if you can give your side…thnx so much….kudos!!

  25. help me !!! what happend ? i can not sign in camfrog !!!! so what i have to do ?
    please help me if there is any things i have to do ?
    i waiting !!

  26. Camtode

    I can sign on, but ever since updating from 5.1 to 5.3.215 i’ve been getting module crashes. is there a previous update i can revert to?

  27. Muddyfox

    Yeah go back to 5.1 its stable.

    Come on Camfrog, sort this out, people get booted in their 10’s and 20’s at a time cos of this module crash.

  28. Ksv2nash


    I have problem with camfrog server
    when i enter then it say’s as follows
    -bash-3.2# /etc/init.d/camfrogserver status
    camfrogserver dead but pid file exists

    Please help me out in this case…………

    Thank you.


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  30. Gorma

    james claud Says:
    June 5th, 2009 at 2:17 am

    guys i have a problem using camfrog new version i can’t view any friends video cam and also i can’t even chat at the public no more.need ur help isn’t my isp block this program? one thing more there’s an error when i post at public room that i need to upgrade to camfrog pro.ASAP response would glady appreciate guys pls do e-mail me for support on your side love your chatting program.

    >>Same problem with mine. Is there anyone who knows how to fix this? I am using Vista HomeBasic. Is there a problem regarding my OS with Camfrog? I am in Dubai. Please respond. Much appreciated if you could help us with this issue.

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