Phishing Alert

sadfaceUnfortunately some fraudulent phishing emails have been going around that say you have received a virtual gift, and you must logon to a website with your Camfrog logon and password to retrieve it.  This email is false.  You will not recieve a gift, and you will be giving your Camfrog logon and password to someone unrelated to Camfrog.

Never enter your Camfrog logon, password, or serial in any website besides  Please always check your browser address bar carefully to make sure you are really visiting and not a phishing site.

9 thoughts on “Phishing Alert

  1. Zoomshorts

    Also be wary of subtle spelling changes:

    camfroq – NOT Camfrog

    camforg – NOT Camfrog

    camfr0g – NOT Camfrog

    Sometimes critical reading can help.

  2. Zoomshorts

    This is not related to Phishing :

    The new version, having the room type (18+) displayed is a nice thing,
    BUT can you make the letters in RED, plus next to the room name, show the user numbers?

    That would be really cool , and in rooms with limits, you could display if the room was full. It may help people to figure out why they cannot enter if they do not understand the room language etc. ???

  3. Ct

    Alot of people sign with nick names such as camfrogK ,camfrogZ
    that the word of camfrog on the name we believe them when they say that im admin or operator on camfrog because the word of (camfrog) blocked from create a new mail !!!

  4. KaYs

    Admin ,
    Ct < is right !
    Nickname Like “CamfrogProjects” …
    I thought he was Admin !

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