Reporting Technical Issues

So far not a lot of users seem to be having problems with our new Windows Camfrog 5.3 client and our Mac client.  That’s not good enough though. We won’t stop until our software is working perfectly for every Camfrog user on Mac and Windows.

If your Camfrog client for Windows or Mac is having issues it’s easy to report these to our support team.  The sooner you send us your logs the faster we can solve your issue.

If you crash while using the Camfrog Mac client immediately start Camfrog again, then go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate File For Technical Support”.  Please include your email in the report.

For Windows instructions go to our FAQ page and click the link near the top that says “I am still having multimedia problems…” and it has detailed instructions on how to submit crash logs.

If you are having video problems with Camfrog 5.3 for Windows go to your Camfrog settings, then choose video and try switching to the old video rendering system.  We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to submit these logs to our support team.

110 thoughts on “Reporting Technical Issues

  1. Gorma

    james claud Says:
    June 5th, 2009 at 2:17 am

    guys i have a problem using camfrog new version i can’t view any friends video cam and also i can’t even chat at the public no more.need ur help isn’t my isp block this program? one thing more there’s an error when i post at public room that i need to upgrade to camfrog pro.ASAP response would glady appreciate guys pls do e-mail me for support on your side love your chatting program.

    >>Same problem with mine. Is there anyone who knows how to fix this? I am using Vista HomeBasic. Is there a problem regarding my OS with Camfrog? I am in Dubai. Please respond. Much appreciated if you could help us with this issue.

  2. outback1

    i recently got a new pc and camfrog will not work on it. camfrog installs ok and opens but when i go to a room or video setting it restarts the pc. have turned off firewall and re-installed even earlier version, any ideas on whats causing these crashes????

  3. bennyjet

    lately i am having trouble when i instant message someone. i can’t see the text i am writing but when i hit send it appears. aslo, i can’t see the other person’s reply even though i know they are texting, because i can see the thought bubble next to their name. this isn’t all the time with everyone, just resently i have been having this issue. please let me know if you have any information on the matter.

  4. mnevis

    I have just downloaded the latest version of Camfrog. I am unable to enter a chart room. Nothing happens when I click on the room, no bars loading, simply nothing. Anyone any ideas?

  5. dave

    i cant see other users live webcam this is the error anyone knows how to solve this prov.? “Camfrog is unable to connect to the video streams in this room. Please check your firewall/antivirus software settings or visit the Camfrog FAQ page”

  6. Alessandro68

    I dont know if someone reported already this problem.
    If you enter the rooms using the new 5.0 BETA and (pop), after a while the green little eye disappear and you can not see who is watching on you. This cause some problems as you can imagine…friends asking why i dont look at them…It happens only with rooms using new BETA version and user using new camfrog version.

    Next problem is, that normally friends are showing in green background. If this friend has the (pop) next to his nick, the green background disappear. I hope you will fix this soon…Thanks

  7. MynameisChris

    Ever since upgrading my camfrog pro I get error cannot find roomlist check path z:rommlist.html ssomthing
    Please help

  8. Luis

    I’m receiving the following message when I enter any chatroom, “Camfrog is unable to connect to the video streams in this room. Please check your firewall/antivirus software settings or visit the Camfrog FAQ page.”, this seem to block the video from the users. I checked my firewall and everything seem O.K
    Please advice.

  9. akosimarley


  10. langer1961

    Dear camfrog,
    the new server software 5.0 is corrupt. sorry for my bad english. the new sotware have a bug, some user can not in the room. the error is ” Please check your firewall/antivirus software settings or visit the Camfrog FAQ page.”. this bug is not any time, its a lotterie. please dont disabled on 11.03.2010 the old software. thanks

    please feedback to me

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