Reporting Technical Issues

So far not a lot of users seem to be having problems with our new Windows Camfrog 5.3 client and our Mac client.  That’s not good enough though. We won’t stop until our software is working perfectly for every Camfrog user on Mac and Windows.

If your Camfrog client for Windows or Mac is having issues it’s easy to report these to our support team.  The sooner you send us your logs the faster we can solve your issue.

If you crash while using the Camfrog Mac client immediately start Camfrog again, then go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate File For Technical Support”.  Please include your email in the report.

For Windows instructions go to our FAQ page and click the link near the top that says “I am still having multimedia problems…” and it has detailed instructions on how to submit crash logs.

If you are having video problems with Camfrog 5.3 for Windows go to your Camfrog settings, then choose video and try switching to the old video rendering system.  We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to submit these logs to our support team.

110 thoughts on “Reporting Technical Issues

  1. ozziebruce

    Camfrog 5.3.215 (Windows) it updated ok but when I join a room it stopps responding and I need to quit to move on, this room could be from my list our from your room list same thing, I have uninstalled and rebooted and reinstalled it but still no good.

    Cold you put a link out there to an older version so I can atleast catch up with my friends until we get this sorted


    PS, I ran under debug but I can not locate the report even if I search my whole drive

  2. MAB

    I have the same problem as ov3r_it!!!

    Can’t log on. Yesterday my 9-year-old nephew tried to get on my camfrog name with the wrong password multiple times.
    Now I feel like camfrog has locked me out from logging on!
    I could log on from a friend’s house, but not my house, not even on a different computer.


  3. The Owners of Nederlands live video chat room !

    In the Dutch chat box CAMFROG! the owners as a kippie and tuttenbol of the Dutch room make their own rules! Without reason you get a ban !
    fine i dont give a shit i will us a ip swits but wheee hackers wil terminate you pc end surver ! lurn to respect all people !!!!!!!
    you whant to be big boss not respect people fine welcome to my world !!!
    u are juslessssssss put better owners in that box !
    PS camfrog workers open your fucking eyes !!

  4. tomasisi

    How come I can’t sort by number of users in the new Mac version 1.9.2911?


  5. moany1963

    this 5.3 is garbage..5.2 works great…i receive error after error…my pc is new…it pukes when 5.3 is installed…why mess with a good thing?…this isnt yahoo crap we’re talking here..hadda screw with a good thing…ugh..i paid for this???…now i cant send files to people who have newer versions..features are disabled if not same versions…i don’t know what else to say but…you messed up a good thing cf..nice job..not

  6. purplebflygrl

    with 5.3 I keep getting signed off. keeps restarting and sometimes i get a runtime error. is it possible to go back to the old version

  7. staffyshire_bull_terrier

    Yes, that is very bad, I am disappointed with 5.3 produce extremely FREEZE and CRASH and UNAFORTUNATELY, I am unable to set “Old Rendering System” or “Stick Video Windows” while the powerful freeze situation stops me. What do I do? I am back to 5.1

  8. Pixie_UK

    Well 5.3 worked fine until i formatted my computer & reinstalled it after. Eversince ive been having server problems. Ive noticed i dont have the firewall window pop-up saying whether to “block” “unblock” “decide later”. So i do it manually, still doesnt work. I might get 5.1 i suppose, from wht ive heard its ALOT better running

  9. teetrinker

    I installed the new camfrog 5.3 (215) and it works about ten minutes ca. and then the programm closes down… (on vista basic 64 bit – all updates on) , several times i had that problem, then i installed 5.1 again…

    greetings teetrinker

  10. SoljaBear

    dunno why but since I used the debug option when running Camfrog 5.3.215? No issues running it now without debuging it. Wierd, but it is well seems to be just fine now. I run the same config teerinker cept i use the 32-bit VistaBasic.

  11. SoljaBear

    wow how it changes so fast. Last night the controls.dll module crashed twice on me, and stupid was not in debug mode. I thinks perhaps a complete shutdown and restart comp helps. Not a simply restart. I have to see how it goes tonight. But is is still better than before.

  12. lanzlovers

    camfrog cant run on windows vista ultimate.
    ive tried few times y i cant execute it.

  13. Hello
    Admin ,
    i need ask you for Camfrog Server 5.0 When working
    What is the difference between the old version and the New version

  14. Hi,

    I am running a Linux server and keep getting the room seemingly deactivated. When I register a new room it works for a day and then this in the logs:

    [2009/08/04 15:48:04] threads: CS_INCOMING_THREAD stopped
    [2009/08/04 15:49:07] Central Server: trying to reconnect…
    [2009/08/04 15:49:07] threads: CS_INCOMING_THREAD started with tid 30385
    [2009/08/04 15:49:07] threads: CS_SOCKET_THREAD started
    [2009/08/04 15:49:38] Central Server: no response from central server
    [2009/08/04 15:49:38] Disconnected from Central Server
    [2009/08/04 15:49:38] threads: CS_INCOMING_THREAD stopped
    [2009/08/04 15:50:40] Central Server: trying to reconnect…
    [2009/08/04 15:50:40] threads: CS_INCOMING_THREAD started with tid 31785
    [2009/08/04 15:50:40] threads: CS_SOCKET_THREAD started
    [2009/08/04 15:51:12] Central Server: no response from central server
    [2009/08/04 15:51:12] Disconnected from Central Server
    [2009/08/04 15:51:12] threads: CS_INCOMING_THREAD stopped

    Anyone can tell me anything that would be great, have emailed and never get an answer. This is on a registered version of the software.

  15. pop

    hello there everyone, i wonder if anyone could help me. in fact i cant read my ims history as it is all encrypted, i have tried and older version of camfrog but it doesnt let me and its says the im database is newer for this camfrog version. any help would be appreciated ty.

  16. wick

    i have a problem with my camfrog.
    everytime i log in, it doesnt respond.
    i cant use camfrog @_@

    what will i do??

    im using windows vista sp1.

  17. Technica

    Can someone tell Why version 5.3.215 keep crashing all the time. every 30 mins or so camfrog crash 😦 I need some answers Help!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Bernard le Roux

    Hi there – not sure where i am suppose to ask this question as it seems virtually impossible to submit a techical question anywhere in the help section. I can even remember how i got here. Anyway my question is this. I would like to use a proxy server to log on to camfrog. Is this possible and if not, when will it be? I am a PRO user.



  19. calvins

    I logged on Saturday afternoon without difficulties and the was gone for most of the day. Saturday night I could not log on and now it is Monday morning and I still can not log on. It just keeps loading without connecting. Says logging in but nothing…I have let it load for over 100 attempts. I have 5.3.215 and I have tried everything from disarming firewall to reinstalling camfrog. I have deactivated pro and reactivated. I tried earlier versions with the same result. Nothing..what’s the deal.

  20. AIMAD

    i cant get connected to the camfrog , every time i try i get the message cant connect to server or it keeps on running without any result my nick name is ALEco please help me .

  21. i just want to say to report these chatroom name IXiiXI__SUPER___CELEBRITY__IXiiXI these is belong to general it was into the list of camfrog chatroom, i would like to banned that chatroom, for not showing some respect of chatroom users, i hope as soon as possible we banned that room and there will not come back again, together that ip address who should used and create that chatroom account into general chatroom into camfrog, as soon as possible there will be work that sucess so that the chatroom into general list is what nice processing someday,



  23. hello camfrog, i would like to report and pls banned these room IXiiXI__SUPER___CELEBRITY__IXiiXI that was the part of general listing into camfrog chatroom, they didnt know how to handle into chatusers. someone red team was kicked out and then they didnt respect, so i want to banned that forever together the owner that room thank you so much and i hope you will do my wish.

  24. frans

    the new version 5.3 gives me a real bad vid ( my own aswell as the received vid) it’s all scrambled.
    The old version 5.1 doesn’t have these problems

  25. SoljaBear

    Technica I had the same issue when I used Vista. A few days ago I upgraded to Windows 7. So far so good. The issue with 2.3.215 is coming from the controls.dll file in the program. Just do what I did prior to Windows 7. Just go back and use 5.3.208 and all will work fine then.

  26. SoljaBear

    Bernard yes you can use a proxy server to log on and such to Camfrog. Just make sure it is a decent one so you can keep your internet speed up.

  27. pop

    hi anybody knows why all my ims history went all encrypted with this last version ? is there any solution to it

  28. Starr.88

    Camfrog is unable to connect to the video streams in this room. Please check your firewall/antivirus software settings or visit the Camfrog FAQ page.

    ok firewalls and antivirus are off and nothing works.. no sound no cam they cant hear me or see me …whats the deal ..? ive tried it all i believe

  29. SoljaBear

    I spoke too soon in regards to not having any issues using 5.3.215 with windows 7 ultimate. I forgot that now when I got video sttings i get a popup that says my current configuation has to use the old rendering system. Not a large issue but I started to like the latest one with the option available on each users screen.

  30. ffrosbite

    well you got my mobney and now it is impossible tpo sign on……..good scam guys…if yoy only do that to one out of ten then you folks get rich…..cramm camfrog up your ass I am tired of trying to sign on…… oh…go ahead and keep the money

  31. Howard Obey

    Please help me why i keep getting this error???
    it said

    “Unable to open the camfrog IM databas. Trying to gain access to the database failed. The database may be already opened by another Camfrog client”

    I keep getting this every time i wanted to start my camfrog. I’m a pro user, but i never give my serial number to anyone.
    I tried to reinstall and use free camfrog, the msg still occur every time i wanted to start Camfrog program.

  32. Michael

    jaja, how to submit crash logs for windows client?
    why no any german faq? cos i can set my client to german language too!

    btw, who still have problems with camfrog 5.3.215? pls install 5.3.208 this build still woring fine, so many german friends have the same problems like me with this new build. u can download the 5.3.208 on:

    hope i can help someone who have the same problems.

    nice regards from germany…

  33. Michael

    hey camfrog,

    why delete my comment? dont like that i just want to help all who have problems with camfrog 5.3.215?


  34. Cristy

    People can see me but I can’t see my own video or other peoples video. All I see is scrambled pixels .. How can I fix this? I tired older versions of camfrog and video started working at about version 4 but then I can’t sign in that version because it’s too old.

  35. Mikey

    I’ve noticed since the move to 5.3 that the new rendering engine comes across pixelated. I’ve gotten around this by using the older rendering engine.

    My system is able to play high graphics games flawlessly at the highest spec, I’m not sure this is a hardware problem.

  36. saklaryudi

    how do i active my chat room called chucksplacehow do i active my chat room called chucksplace

  37. papanaga

    Camfrog is unable to connect to the video streams in this room. Please check your firewall/antivirus software settings or visit the Camfrog FAQ page.

    how to solve my problem?

  38. robert c

    Camfrog is unable to connect to the video streams in this room. Please check your firewall/antivirus software settings or visit the Camfrog FAQ page.

  39. PumpedIron

    In the newest version, across three different systems and two different OSes (from a P4 to a Quad Core, XP and Vista) I get Visual C++ errors about every fifteen minutes.

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