Reporting Technical Issues

So far not a lot of users seem to be having problems with our new Windows Camfrog 5.3 client and our Mac client.  That’s not good enough though. We won’t stop until our software is working perfectly for every Camfrog user on Mac and Windows.

If your Camfrog client for Windows or Mac is having issues it’s easy to report these to our support team.  The sooner you send us your logs the faster we can solve your issue.

If you crash while using the Camfrog Mac client immediately start Camfrog again, then go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate File For Technical Support”.  Please include your email in the report.

For Windows instructions go to our FAQ page and click the link near the top that says “I am still having multimedia problems…” and it has detailed instructions on how to submit crash logs.

If you are having video problems with Camfrog 5.3 for Windows go to your Camfrog settings, then choose video and try switching to the old video rendering system.  We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to submit these logs to our support team.

110 thoughts on “Reporting Technical Issues


    Yes, that is very bad, I am disappointed with 5.3 produce extremely FREEZE and CRASH and UNAFORTUNATELY, I am unable to set “Old Rendering System” or “Stick Video Windows” while the powerful freeze situation stops me. What do I do? I am back to 5.2.

    Oh, NOOO, do NOT tell me about the update drivers for video cards, please? LOL

    I am currently using:
    Windows Camfrog 5.3
    MS Windows XP Home
    1GB RAM Memory
    Mobility Radeon 9200 AGP by ATI Tech
    DirectX 9.0c (4.09)

  2. Mike

    The teen block is annoying because i talk to alot of people that are not “teens” and it gets annoying having to add people i don’t want to add

  3. Lil_MisS_Mimi/SeDuCinG_EviL

    The only issues I have had thus far is…I lost my cam 3 times and frog shut down twice. Thats pretty much it. I LOVEEEEE THE NEW FEATURES! Wow, you all really have been super busy huh? Lol anyways, I think its , simply put, FANTASTIC! You just keep making frog better and better and I love it. You know what we all have been talking about? We were hoping that you could make it like windows live where we can choose a skin right in the messenger or change the color of the messenger to any color we want, and use our own pics or graphics to make skins with it. That…Would be utterly AMAZING…I know you all are some SMART LIL COOKIES, so maybe one day huh? Love ya’s. Thank you to all camfrog Admins for the amazing upgrades thus far<333

  4. iP3G

    My friend told me that Windows Camfrog 5.3 was very perfect, I’m waiting for the new version of Mac.

  5. Zoomshorts

    5.3 seems very stable to me. I like it a lot so far. The transition from 5.2 to 5.3 was clean.


    @ __DustinBowls__

    Yes, The report along with logs had been sent and done.

    (y) 😉

  7. westerndragon

    I dont know why i always got some problem with the new video rendering
    nvidia or ati videocard

    if i try to resize the cam its get pixelated

  8. ov3r_it

    yes i have some issues with it i was trying to log on too another name of mine i tried several times to remember the password for this name and then when i tried to log on my husbands name it would keep saying connecting and still has been for the last 5 hours now i was wondering if i accidentally/inadvertently got his computer mac banned by trying to log on to my old name so many times with the wrong password and if not could you suggest what a possible problem could be or a resolution to this problem thanks for your diligent compliance

  9. Showid

    Thanks for the new version. Like the mouse over and other cool UI enhancements.

    I have identified 2 bugs, not sure if its just me or everyone.

    1) Loading of Room List takes a loot of time (approx 2min), and stalls all the windows in CF while the room list is being loaded. CF comes alive after the list is loaded. Although once it did not.
    2) Anytime I join a room or use chat the cpu usage slowly keeps going up and up finally it will swing between 100-90%, making the laptop so slow and i have to kill CF via taskmanager. Older versions were running on same laptop with same OS and same Hardware config.

    Item # 2 is really Priority#1 bug for me. 🙂

    My Laptop config is:
    Dell Latitude D610/Pentium(M) 1.86Ghz / 2GB RAM


  10. @westerndragon

    This is normal, especially if the room your in is using “classic” mode. I would suggest you try joining supercamfrog, in the camfrog tab. If you have adequite bandwidth you will find that when you resize the windows it will not pixalate.

  11. Zoomshorts

    “Mike Says:
    May 16th, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    The teen block is annoying because i talk to alot of people that are not “teens” and it gets annoying having to add people i don’t want to add”

    Precisely how do you know these people are not teens? Their profile?
    People make fake profiles. Having to add people who appear not to be teens, may be caused by the owner of the software license, disallowing contact via the parental controls. Users 13 – 19 years of age are considered teens on Camfrog.

    Often teens make false profiles and cannot guess the admin password the PC owner has set. It it really annoying OR is it working like it is supposed to work? Obviously, if this is happening, something is fishy, I cannot say on which end it is fishy. I do have my suspicions.

  12. westerndragon

    __DustinBowls__ Says:
    May 17th, 2009 at 9:53 pm


    This is normal, especially if the room your in is using “classic” mode. I would suggest you try joining supercamfrog, in the camfrog tab. If you have adequite bandwid

    I dont think is normal as if i use old rendering mode is FINE

  13. hello

    We have big prob in our zone Arab zone
    more nicks disabled without any reason
    and we don’t know what’s wrong with our zone admin
    he never help or care us or resolve or problems
    we must know him and talk directly with him to can help us
    cos more users send e-mails to helpdesk@camfrog.comnbut no any answer or resolving our problems
    so we must know whom is our zone admin.

    thanks for understanding ,

  14. jm_one

    well as i have pointed out before, the on screen icons got a bug ( i ve been emaling you):
    They ignore the system settings for what should be considered “left/right mouse button”. In other words, if you use left handed mode for your mouse, they will still react to a click of the left mouse button, not of the right one.

  15. X4G


    What happen with CF 5.3, after im install arround 36 hours much my ID/nickname have been DISBLED. My ID X4G with 152 points have been disabled.

    I’m from Indonesia and I like help all user in my country with tell they about camfrog, i’m make camfrog more famous in my city but now all my ID disabled, how can they contact me.

    I have server to rent, bot to rent, i sale VG and all item camfrog product on my website, but now they can’t contact me again and if im used new ID it so hard work….begin to add and tell they one by one.

    If I have mistake please tell me…..or give me warn, so i can to change / repaired about my behaviour and i will say sorry because im just want to be on camfrog.

    I send email to 3 time but until now im not receive / reply email.

    I look CF 5.3 more nice and more perfect but why like this…….

  16. cassandraaa

    Premesso che nel portatile uso window vista. attivando la cronologia im per 7 giorni mi sono accorta che con il nuovo camfrog se cerco di mandare un im va in crash il programma, si blocca e nel migliore dei casi si chiude. Disattivando la cronologia im x 7giorni tutto torna normale. Pensando che fosse un problema del pc ho spento tutto e riacceso, ma lo fa comunque.
    Ho notato invece nel pc fisso in cui ho xp che spesso camfrog 5.3 va in crash da solo e si chiude all’improvviso.

    Hi, I’m using Camfrog 5.3 on my notebook with Microsoft Windows Vista, I’m having my camfrog crashing or freezing when I check the “keep my history of at least 7 days” in Camfrog Settings, Hisotory of IM messages section. If I restart Camfrog leaving that option enabled and I try to send an IM Camfrog crashes again. Disabling the option camfrog goes back to normal. In another PC with Microsoft Windows XP I’m getting Camfrog crashing in unexpected way.


  17. Well the issue all my clients and I have is really choppy audio lag, Cam freezing, When you shrink from the top left and right the cam runs away. put a user on ignore if they leave the room they stay on ignore but you can hear them but you can’t see the text.

    thats what i’ve seen on the newest version

  18. _J_L_

    camfrog 5.2 keep tell me microsoft visual c++ library

    rontime error how would i slove

  19. MeDo

    The Only bug that i found is that I cant Open the room List or i cant view the room user list, it still Only loading but without any information

  20. John O

    sound still not working after downloading new version. Dell Inspiron 1720-Vista Business.


  21. tonecontrol82

    loading room list freez’s my lap top… running 2.30ghz 200gb ram.. this sucks.. I paid 50 bucks for this crap ?

  22. impressiveguy

    when ever i try to log in camfog i have an error !!You are not connected to the Camfrog central server!! wht do i do pls help.

  23. laidback4U282

    I’m having trouble viewing cams. They will originally be sharp & clear then go blurry & pixelated after about a minute. I tried to uninstall then redownload camfrog but that didn’t help.

  24. Since I installed the new version I can’t connect with CF , it brings me a general windows error and the video function becomes fully alterated till I reset the PC. And, the worst part is that the older version, formerly without problems, now has the same general error. I beg for a solution!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. justtry

    i have a problem with camfrog,i need help, i can’t sign on and i have followed the instruction of help forum, but unfortunately, the problem is the same, i don’t know what’s the problem with camfrog 5.3 , please help me!

  26. james claud

    guys i have a problem using camfrog new version i can’t view any friends video cam and also i can’t even chat at the public no more.need ur help isn’t my isp block this program? one thing more there’s an error when i post at public room that i need to upgrade to camfrog pro.ASAP response would glady appreciate guys pls do e-mail me for support on your side love your chatting program.

  27. Sweet_n_Spicy

    I am having an issue with the private messages. I get a run time error report and then my camfrog crashes

  28. IncubuC

    Some rooms wont let me in. When i try to get in they will load for a few mins and then show a msg that says “could not connect to server. this server may be offline or behind a firewall/router”. 10 mins before the install of the new version those rooms would work just fine. Hope you guys help me. ty cya

  29. wanzi_fan

    Here is the thing ! I wanna reinstall my OS but I wanna keep my IM history! How do I back my IM history ?? Could any Admins help me ????

  30. Panda man

    Any Vista Ultimate problems with camfrog version(5.3.208) after the new sp2 is downloaded?? Freezes and the task mananger wil not close it period.

  31. short_ryan05

    I continuously get a Runtime Error stating the following:

    Runtime Error!

    Program:… FilesCamfrogCamfrog Video ChatCamfrog Video Chat.ext

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information.


  32. RazielSpirit

    Why can I not sign on?? Says logging in but nothing…I have left it to spin for like almost 100 I have 5.3.215 and I have tried everything from disarming firewall to reinstalling camfrog. I have deactivated pro and reactivate. Nothing..what’s the deal. 2nd day of this

  33. odze

    hello. I was suddenly disconnected. How can I access the chatroom again? please help, thanks

  34. Hello people from the camfrog
    Now we still work with the server version 4.2
    But that versoin is work fine only one ting is not good
    If 4.2 have more then 1400 users and alot people go out or in the room then 4.2 is goin to work very slow.
    But if there are 2000 users in the room and the room is full 4.2 work good again.
    So we think 4.2 cant handel so many connections add the same time
    And dont tell it is my server the server is fast it is a

    Intel Quad Core Xeon 3220 – 4 x 2.40GHz
    1 x 250GB HDD
    1 GigE (1000Mbit) port
    Windows Server 2003
    So that is not the problem we have more rooms on that server and there are good but not so big.
    And now some other thing about the cleint.
    Now the Camfrog Toolbar looks verey good
    And now in the new version off the cleint there most make the command’s like for ICE or Kermit
    Then i am happy.
    So that we not have to look all the time for that stopet tools like ICE and Kermit
    Now ice is not work good it sucks one vista.
    And also Kermit is only work in englich so german people or thai what ever there can not use it in there own language

    Oke many thanks and i hope to hear someting soon about this.

  35. SoljaBear

    This is the detail log for the controls.dll failure on my comp. VistaBasic, 4MB Memory, Quad Core.

    Faulting application Camfrog Video Chat.exe, version, time stamp 0x4a3b18e5, faulting module controls.dll, version, time stamp 0x4a3b18b9, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0000161a, process id 0xc10, application start time 0x01c9f76722f0f7af.

  36. Ancer13

    Crash all the time like every 3 min “camfrog module stop working” since the new version this the worse one i ever had since i never have any problem on the old ver.

  37. bobolongo

    i can not get in my names have been removed and its giving me one window .. i tried playing my cd but i got the same can u help

  38. jon

    I dont seem to be able to access some rooms. Its telling me it cannot connect to the server. Some rooms work, some dont, and theres no firewall stopping it. can anyone help please?

  39. seal678

    why my cf always disconnected from room whenever the ppl viewing my cam? it become unstable and lagged for a period time then disconnected from room.. and I should reconnecting to join that room again.. i’m really depressed with this problem.

    for admin, what the best os and the components for the best results? pls email me. thanks

  40. Fistikos

    Hi there,

    I don’t use any multimedia features of camfrog, I use it just for text chatting, yet it still crashes with a runtime error (using windows here) a random points.

    I know, it’s not a really helpful bug report, but it’s just annoying…

  41. Jack Bouwer

    Dear Webfrog,

    I am living in China and cannot update to the 5.3 version, cause the censureship is blocking the website. Is there an other way to do this…..


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