94 thoughts on “Can't Sign On In Turkiye? We're Working On It.

  1. ceren

    just try to reach
    with port number 2778

    How will we do that ? πŸ™ I have no damn idea about those proxy things πŸ™

    Anyone can explain step by step. Sorry for bothering you guys and thanks.

  2. TheX

    kitty Turkish goverment banned camfrog . . . We dont know the reason . . So many rumours around but nobody knows the truth….

    ceren contact me on mail i will show you step by step with pictures..

  3. microdos

    Hi all
    Block in each of Tunisia, Algeria, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco and Turky
    Do you think that the government decided on the same day that the mask Alcavg?
    I think that the problem is from camfrog servers
    any way ….. What is the solution
    Temporarily for those poor friends you can use Hotspot Shield
    thanx all

  4. ceren

    Hotspot is also banned by Turk Telecom.

    Look at those countries. All religious fundamentals, conservatives or their rising effects. This is the reason to ban the camfrog, youtube, in brief the freedom of communication.

    Thextazy thanks a lot:) I am sending you an e-mail now.

  5. TheX

    I do not know when turkish goverment will unban camfrog….but my opinion is they not gonna unban it….i hope i am wrong but thats what i think…because same thing happened for youtube and its still banned…..

    kitty i can send that video to you but first you have to tell me that you are turkish or not πŸ™‚

  6. DouG

    I would really like to hear from “admin” as to what the problem is here, instead of just experienced and not so experienced users guessing and pondering. I really feel the elitist idea of restricting the use of non-pro code users outside their “region” is enough to draw a divide between the internet community, so filtering a few IP ranges would not be beyond the realms of the imagination. Please “admin” would you confirm what the situation is here please. Thank You.

  7. master_of_metal

    i am from Jordan and i still cant log in πŸ™ pleas if there is away or if u solve the problem let us know

  8. master_of_metal

    when use anchor free hotspotshild not working too still cant log in using it
    and by the way here in Jordan there is no blocked sites not like KSA and Turkiye i don’t think it’s government problem
    and what make this more worst that’s camfrog admins not replaying and no feedback or update

    and yes as microdos Says cam frog not working also in this country’s Tunisia, Algeria, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco the q is even if Turkiye government blocked there camfrog IP or port what this have to do with my country and the other country’s up there maybe u will tell me they block the middle east port then what have this to do with Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco they are in Africa i dont think they use the same ports and IP
    and lately as i rem camfrog merge middle east and turkye server with Morocco and africa server
    then don’t tel me that’s the prob with turkey government what i believe this prob with camfrog servers

  9. Kad_dz

    For sure it is related to camfrog servers. It is easy to deduce that camfrog has banned all this countries. But how about pro users in these countries and pro users who travel to these countries ?

  10. master_of_metal


    i am pro user and this sucks cos its not working
    3 days ago it work for 1 day next day camfrog back to the same prob

  11. frank

    we can’t sing on in Tunisia also, please camfrog Tos correct this problem, Many Tunisian people use this software.
    think you camfrog

  12. hamoooz

    i am sure it a server problem for middle east but why the admin dont reply us or explain what is the problem i dont know for turkey it is from goverment but other countires is a different story
    wish they reply us soon

  13. hi all
    for nearly 2 months waiting to users of my room to be in camfrog but no way
    i found out that the country is banned how i can get them back plz
    can you unban (algeria) and let them back


  14. help . im from Palestine . i cant to login in comfrog 5.3 why pleas any one can to help me about that

  15. Hello

    And as users would like the Turkish camfrog u soon like to get this configuration is Prohibited No problem for us to change the DSN settings the user has entered so that we can not enter, but the issue may not be possible, even to me.



    Not sure, but so called – and antidemocratic – administrative measure taken for the Camfrog by the Turkish government might be revoked soon.

  17. master_of_metal

    well good for u Turkish people congratz πŸ™‚ but it still not working in my country Jordan πŸ™
    i hope it come back as it was before

  18. tuniseros

    But not all users from tunisia are hackers!! I bought a license with more than 45 Euros by a friend who lived in France and now unfortunately I can not connect to the Camfrog what should I do?
    Please find solution and thx in advance..

  19. dali

    hi all why ppl Algerian cant use cf what happen or what is problem exactly
    help us plz xxx we have loads deaf love it and them have many friends there so any reason or solution ?

  20. master_of_metal

    camfrog still not working in Jordan but i got it work by using proxy server i was shocked it work !!! cos it didnt work for me before
    maybe after they open it again for Turkish ppl it start to work
    just Google hotspotshield and download it after that install it and run it w8 til the shield icon get green in the tray area next to your clock in the bottom right corner then open camfrog and enjoy

  21. harrison__


  22. hoangzhi_USA

    Hello camfrog

    I found who is nickname ( hoangzhi_usa ). fuck me and bad word. I need to who is that ? where is living ? let me know more information. I was upset and someone insult and bad word. thank you

  23. hoangzhi_USA

    hello camfrog

    I was uspet because someone fuck and bad word and somethings. please you will rearch who is nickname ( hoangzhi_usa ) let me know information. I need to know where is living and name who ? thanks

  24. Hello
    Admin ,
    i have problem with camfrog 5.3
    This Massage
    Camfrog Don’t Send and This Massage Camfrog C++ Error please close your programs because you have error in c++
    somebody make flood in privacy
    please look this massage soon
    thank you

  25. _MaN3

    hi all
    i’m from algeria and i use camfrog Since more than 3 years now camfrog like The air i’m breathe …so i’m asked admin why banned algerian users in camfrog ..In each country there are good and bad haked is not a convincing reason so pls we need login camfrog ……………

  26. hamoooz

    hi master_of_metal
    i am trying to use the hotspot shield but it dosent work at all can you help me please thank you in advance

  27. hi friends
    this some help if someone need it , it about what happend to the camfrog this few days goon ! the camfrog isn,t work yet in marocco and algerian and some country ,,,!
    if you want to sign in you must daoling this brograms :
    1: ultra vpn , or ( ultravpn.fr )
    2: hotspot shield ,or ( site of it )
    3: ivacy minitor … ( ivacy.com )
    you can anstalate this brograms from google or ather site …!
    i hope this things can help you friends , and thanks
    your friends adillahlahli bye

  28. joe

    i am in canada and recently cant access some turkish rooms( the most popular) while al the others are accessible. i have tried several times at several hours and it is still the same. are these rooms under a firewall?
    let me know

  29. curious

    well, i nearlly read all the posts on this blog..my question is that why the camfrog admenistration won’t make clear such a problem if people are banned so they might know it..if it is a problem that will be fixed people have to now it too..frog is a universal software that link people together so why deprive poeple from it..on those countries which are deprived there are good poeple +pro version users sooo whyyyyyyy!!!
    all we are doing is writing and showing that we depend on such a software pfff and i call it irony..yes it is ; an irony from the frog admnistaration to not take into consideration lots of frog lovers and users and give them even a detail..
    i’m tunisian and i would like to say : please camfrog administartion stop ignoring people..if the current problem is wether gavermental or technical just say it and try to find quick solution for that…more than 3 months of silence is really a pity.

  30. Hello Dear camfroggers,

    By the time camfrog get back, all of you will forget about the ban.
    Some of you understand what the game is all about, others on the other hand and stupidly give answers and analysis without knowing what really happened.
    History of country bans is an old story. First country ban ever was made during the second year of camfrog was against M….. I know that is common in camfrog to hear some people say I started chat in camfrog 8 or 10 years ago. Funny, at that time there was no such program yet and Jon was still at school.
    Anyway, camfrog banned countries. All of them third world countries, Islamic countries and have no credit cards payment system to use in camfrog. Some countries banned camfrog too, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. At some point, camfrog banned all Arabic countries, except one and that was for the very green money of a female Arab user and client running many Arab rooms.
    Excuse my brief introduction to recall all nice memories, good times, bad ones. Camfrog is a popular community chat program that offers great features allowing the users to run rooms and become capitalist and made rules as they wish. That is a good opportunity to meet other people from other places and learn other languages.
    As I am writing, some countries can not access the program because of the ban. I hope that users from these countries will understand the reason or reasons for this ban. Mainly it has to do with illegal use of credit cards and the use of flood programs inside rooms and that harms the program.
    So please dear camfroggers, do not use false or stolen credit cards because it is a crime and camfrog do not tolerate that. I understand that you too want to feel equal and buy pro codes for users, rooms and bots. But as it is said in β€œ1984” some animals are more equal than the others.
    And also do not use tcp, udp, ppp, pnp, pcp, and pop tools and softwares to spam and flood on other people. That harms the image of the program and causes trouble to other users.
    Finally, to whom it may concern and who take such decision to ban and deny access for a whole country. The action of preventing access to some people is discriminatory and unconstitutional. It really makes you look like Saddam or Hitler. Just look at the mirror, you will end up understanding my meaning.
    Forever and ever camfrog.

  31. curious

    re hii again and again……any news please…want to see my friends and make back the old days …a pity….or is there any solution to connect on frog from tunisia???? plz answers….thnx for replaying.

  32. hi
    still same pb with algeria when you gonna unban that country
    this is Racial discrimination
    that’s not fair what camfrog are doing now
    camfrog is losing his popularity in the world and became careless about his users
    and i can see that camfrog now is between 4 countries dealing with people just to pass their time front their pc in other hand there is some they want to deal with website related to camfrog following their advertise about camfrog
    my question is
    is it fair to stop disabled people (algerian) to meet each other in camfrog?
    i am disabled person living in united kingdom but i am giving full support to my friends who they are stuck to get back to camfrog and i will do whatever i have as power to help them even if i can find new software for them not better than camfrog but just to get in touch with them
    thank you camfrog we’ve been your customers for many years and you let us down following mistakes of some new users of I.T
    shame on people who they are taking decisions on that

    waiting for the answers guys from camfrog help desk
    i sent more than 3 emails to camfrog help desk
    but no answers until the moment i am writing this comment
    i spoke to helia about it “i said to her that there is people are paying for somebody mistakes ” he answers was “they stay like that” that means banned
    you know that people they are disabled and they can’t move from their places because of their disability (amputated legs ) and think if you are in same situation like them can you accept to be banned tell me give answer i can pass it straight away to them like that they can understand that to trust people like you is not the right thing to do
    i am here 24/24 because i can’t move from my place (staying in my bed because of the disability)
    this is my email if you want to answer

  33. Hi Camfrog,
    i live in Turkey and the most important problem on Camfrog Servers is cam problem. There are lots of users in CF for Turkey but if users cant see cams or cant open their cams they dont interest in CF. So the most important problem is Cam problem. I hope u can handle this problem as soon as possible..

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