Terms of Service Update

This notice is to let you know that today our EULA in our software and our Terms of Service was updated.  The update specifies certain damages for certain Terms of Service violations and damages for using our Trademark without our written permission.

11 thoughts on “Terms of Service Update

  1. Zoomshorts

    This is a significant re-write of the EULA and TOS. EVERYONE should read it in it’s entirety.

  2. admin

    It’s the same as before besides the last sections that make it clear you can’t use our Trademark without our permission, and it also has clear penalties for spamming or harassing other users, or using the service once you are banned.

    It’s not a rewrite but we added the last couple of sections. You can see it in the new software version EULA/TOS and it will be updated on our website shortly.

  3. Zoomshorts

    It is a good addition to the site. Sadly most users just click YES and go about their merry ways. I always read that stuff 😛

  4. admin

    Currently you can compare the 5.3 EULA/TOS to the website one (since it isn’t updated yet) to see the differences. However the website should update sometime today with the new TOS.

  5. Helia

    EULA/Tos I say post with T.O.S as well as zoomshorts people just click yes next next and never read it so if its visible people are more aware of it .

  6. “The Camfrog software is restricted to use by users eighteen (18) and older. The Camfrog site related services may not be used by any user under the age of thirteen (13). The Camfrog site related services may not be used by users between the ages of thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) without adult supervision.”
    Site related software being the camfrog web demo i assume. Would you mind enforcing that then in all of the camfrog owned rooms, as it clearly says the CAMFROG SOFTWARE is 18+

  7. X4G

    Great….Now All my Id banned by administrator !!

    What my mistake, im just to help people/user in indonesia to be on camfrog.
    More famous camfrog in indonesia….

    “Now My ID banned and My IP-addrees banned too”

    Im not hacker and im not stole little something on camfrog, all serial i bought from my self money on credit card in my paypal and much help from my friends. Thx.

  8. 7CK

    Which clause of the TOS refer to buying or selling id/nickname ? Is it prohibited ?

  9. MARIO_MelaBlu_73

    Well NEW TOS still don’t appear on official Camfrog site …but on dowload and install of the new version you could/must read …. so easy …new points clause from point 27 to 30

  10. Zoomshorts

    “Would you mind enforcing that then in all of the camfrog owned rooms, as it clearly says the CAMFROG SOFTWARE is 18+”

    Actually it says you must be 18+ to INSTALL the software. It is a contractual thing. Minors typically do not have the capacity or legal status to enter into a contract.

    Re-install and re-read.

  11. MirkoFOGGIA

    I pointed. with other mail, the room, Italian +18 _I_LOVE_YOU_TRULLO_ which advertises the sale of a Camfrog pro at a lower price through with the bot, nick named red, Crackers_Bot but no one will answer and delete the site from the room ..
    The assistance of the helpdesk failure to answer, ensures this, I fell into the trap of purchasing the site criptashop.com who sold me a code pro, which disconnects for use by others of my key staff shall ensure to help people avoid falling into these traps and take steps towards those who were cheated and, due to lack of supervision, to provide a new key to those who fell into this scam occurred inside of Camfrog

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