Camfrog Client 5.3 (Windows) Released

Camfrog Client 5.3 for Windows is now available for download.  Camfrog 5.3 allows users to buy virtual gifts for rooms.  The top 3 rooms that are currently online with the most gift points appear at the top of the video chat room list.

We now also have new video controls that appear when mousing over your local and remote video window. You can change your video size, change your profile, pause your video, or add text over video by clicking the buttons on your local video window.  In remote video windows you can change the video size, view the users profile, and IM the user easily. Please see the screenshot above to see how it works.

We have also added birthday notifications in the contact list.  You can turn this off by going to the Camfrog settings and choosing “Your profile” if you don’t want anyone to know your birthday.  If someone in a chat room or in your contact list has a birthday today they will have a special birthday icon next to their user icon.

In this new version the Camfrog file transfer system has been improved and we have also reverted to one main “call” button in IM windows.  When you call someone you are automatically placed into audio call mode, then you can press “Play” in your local video window to begin broadcasting video.  IM history is now on by default for all users.

The complete software change list for 5.3 is available here.

Download Camfrog 5.3 (Windows)

Room Virtual Gifts List

43 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.3 (Windows) Released

  1. well done camfrog !! it.s very coollllll
    too speed and very nice
    and the flood private had stoped 🙂
    no one now can dc me 😛
    Great Job

  2. Zoomshorts

    Nice new features !

    I had an idea a couple of years ago, perhaps you can implement this.

    In the Menu Bar in the rooms, add a button called CallOP, so users can get
    an owner or operator into the room, if any are available online.

    This way users can actually help police the rooms. Many times there are OP’s and Owners online, but the user does not know their nicknames. When other users are being nasty in All Ages rooms, or any room for that matter, it would be nice to be able to “CallOP” when other users are misbehaving.

    Just a thought.

  3. admin

    I have considered adding a feature where if a room has no ops then the room locks until an op returns, but I am not sure if that’s a good idea or not. Still thinking. We will keep this idea in mind.

  4. admin

    As always if you are having problems with video in this new version go to your settings/video and you can switch to the old video rendering system. Some users with certain drivers with ATI cards may have this problem.

  5. Hello to all,

    Congratulations on the new version 5.3, is much more elegant and more fluid camera.


  6. mister j

    for some reason that new mouse over icons on cams appear for me, but clicking on them does nothing

  7. CasperPL

    I use ATI and newer driver and DirectX March 2009 FINE 😀

    Great Good Job… 5.3 Love it !!!

    moreeeee freatures next 😀

    Great Camfrog Chat!!!

  8. inimitablo

    I like this version 5.3 has very good applications, works very well, congratulations to Camshare again for the great work!


  9. Great job on the new 5.3 guys! Faster, more user friendly and less of a CPU hog. Loving the new private chat feature and file transfer. And about taht “CallOP” feature above; I like it and I’ll vouch for it. And if you implement the “lock room” if no ops are in thing… It should be optional from a room command that only owners and possibly opplus can use.

  10. Adrian

    The new version has some interesting features, but I haven’t decided if I like them or hate them yet, time will tell.

    The new “buy your room a gift to get on top of the list” thing should be interesting. From a business point of view, I think it will make Camfrog some money, but right now I find it slightly annoying because I don’t even have the option to click on “users” and sort it by TRUE user count, it still leave the rooms with gifts at the top (N).

    I can’t comment on the video quality, it’s pretty much the same, probably cause I’m still using the old rendering system since my computer can’t take new video cards. I should probably try the new Camfrog on a better computer, I’m curious if ya’ll fixed the Mac user video glitch.

    The “animate contact list” feature is neat, sometimes so many people are online that I miss the popup and can’t remember who it was that just signed on haha.

    I’m not getting the new “video rendering system control icons” when I hover over a cam. Is this because I’m using the old rendering system?

    What this about not being allowed to use any Camfrog trademarks and paying huge fines? So are you saying even fan sites or facebook groups promoting Camfrog isn’t allowed to use the Camfrog googly eyes for fear of being sued?

    Oh, the most interesting one… “WARNING: You are messaging a teen. Your conversation is logged.” Is that serious or just a scare tactic? I mean, I can appreciate the thought of it, to protect kids. But did you check on the legality of it? Some states see it as intercepting communications. And the old saying “you don’t have nothing to worry about if you don’t do anything wrong” probably applies, and I’m confident I won’t have any issues, but you might want to make it clear as to whether its “we read everything you say to a teen” or if its “we keep encrypted logs that we don’t read but just in case law enforcement asks for it”. I mean, you don’t have one mention of this “feature” in the TOS or EULA. It could be good and bad depending on how you look at it. For example logging would be good if a 18+ year old is trying to get a 17- year old to get naked and the cops actually do something about it. But, say I’m talking to my 16 year old friend about my grandma dying, I don’t think that’s Camfrog’s business to read simply because of who I said it to? People might be curious for more information on how it works and who gets to see the logs and in what situations.

  11. I pay total of $400 a month for servers to keep my chatroom up, i dont get anything in return, i ‘work’ my room 40-80 hours a week to keep the room good, populated and withing the TOS, and now ppl can buy my room virtual gifts of which the money goes to camfrog, ppl buy pro coz they wanna see all the pretty girls in my room and all that money also goes to camfrog too, i’m not getting paid for anything while i put in the hours to make camfrog rich. that is not right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. andrew

    How can i disable this annoying play feature in 1 on 1 so i dont have to click it each time

  13. zmiy

    andrew, go to the Settings->Additional and check “Always broadcast video in private calls”.

  14. Jason

    I am having issues with camfrog. I get disconnected every 2 to 3 minutes. It seems to be when i am using my cam. It is very annoying. I have emailed the help desk but I recieved no reply. I am using the downloadable 5.3 version from your site. I am really not impressed. I have tried two seperate computers with the program and neither works. Please help

  15. admin


    Did you have this same issue with 5.2? What do you see when you get disconnected? Do you mean you are completely disconnected from Camfrog, or just the room or what exactly?

  16. Jason

    This is the first time I have used Camfrog. I just found out about it. First i get disconnected from the chat room. Then camfrog itself gets disconnected and has to sign back in. I have been experimenting without using the webcam feature and i dont get disconnected. Within minutes of turning on the webcam feature, the program will freeze and disconnect.

  17. hboking

    i am having a problem with 5.3 it keeps freezing on me when i get a im or try to look at the room list.

  18. Doug

    With dual monitor, and the chatroom on the second screen, there is still a problem with cam swapping when the cams are over the chatroom window. There is still also a problem with dragging the chatroom window about the screen, again more so when on the second monitor. I just caused a run-time error after moving the chatroom window to the primary monitor and then clicking “close all windows” (cams). I am also experiencing flashing from the chatroom when i click to open lots of cams. As well as after having closed all cams they remain on screen until i “show desktop” and “restore” the camfrog windows. I have also been experiencing “x left the chat or has had a temporary video error.” upon trying to open any cam again. There are still problems with “You video” window not showing the camera properly or at all. I am really quite suprised you released Camfrog 5.3 before all of these issues have been ironed out.
    The issues could be just with the catalyst 9.3 drivers/and or the Radeon HD 4870 only, although i doubt it. I have noticed Camfrog does not crash anymore though. Well done. As ever i have included the debug logs with the email.

  19. now when i go to take any nickname copy and paste to do invite for any friend i see the name copy to clipboard.
    so how can i clean my clipboard
    and why camfrog change the copy to clipboard!

  20. JoshBosh

    Its rather nice, im not sure if its a bug on my end or what, but when i highlight a cam, the cams immediatly right, or below it go black (except for paused cams).
    Driver update sorted my lag problem with the ATI card. Only other feature i would like is what you can do on a MAC, highlight multiple user names, for instance all non-colour users in lurkers by holding shift, and kick them all 🙂

  21. _Oracle_

    Hi there Camfroggers :-),

    I would like to say thx to the Camfrg team for their hard work to improve the safety on CF and for making CF client more stable and customizable.

    One thing more about the bad words filter that I thought to months ago and now I’m thinking on its implementation in the Camfrog Server too so, in the CF hosted rooms and in the general rooms, owners will be able to set a list of bad words and the users in the room will read just some **** in place of the bad words or spam links or other type of spam.

    I Think also it will be usefull to have the micrphone volume control bar directly on the room windows, just to make more easy and fast to adjust the mic volume.

    I have many other ideas like I’m sure you all have too and I’ll be here waiting for Camfrog Team working on them.

  22. CasperPL

    Hello admin

    We can working Cmfrog Server look icon gift next to name room.
    And need Camfrog bot settings and profile change email nad paswrd.

    Thank you good job Camfrog Team 🙂

  23. BypAnThEr

    Camfrog 5.3 Version Good Working Software . . .
    I Open Private Cam . But Webcam Screen Very Bad . . .
    Square Screen and Freeze Cam . . .
    Now I Use Camfrog 5.1 Version. I Like Camfrog 5.1 Version . . .
    Perfect Working . . .
    Thanks Camfrog Team . . .
    Good Working . . .

  24. i like 5.3 …Faster and more user friendly. i never use 5.2 , i did not like it. i was using 5.1 until 5.3 .thanx camfrog team.

  25. Bokek

    i like camfrog 5.1……… i hope this version always available…….. 🙂

  26. tonecontrol82

    When trying to load the room list I get a very bad lag. It freezes for 50 seconds or so whats up with that ?


  28. Don

    hey when i go into any room on camfrog my cam and any cam i view just comes up as a green box and i cant see anything and its the same in all the cams i look at whats goin on?? the older versions worked fine but this one isnt

  29. Bryan

    I am having a similar problem like Don. When I go into a room my cam and any cam that I click on comes up as a pixelated box or colored box. I have tried to uninstall and re-install and the same problem still occurs. The old version of CF works great with no problems. This one is giving me trouble. Anyones help would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Dovis

    I have the same problem like Don and Bryan, please can someone help?

  31. kevinkent

    My co owners and I (using XP) can only get as far as logging in. As soon as we enter a room or run a cam in IM the entire system crashes. Co owners running vista report that it works fine. Is this an XP issue?

  32. Hello
    Admin ,
    i have problem with camfrog 5.3
    This Massage
    Camfrog Don’t Send and This Massage Camfrog C++ Error please close your programs because you have error in c++
    somebody make flood in privacy
    please look this massage soon
    thank you

  33. Sahadeo Bates

    “Camfrog is unable to connect to video stream in this room. Please check firewall/antivirsus settings or visit camfrog FAQ page”
    After install the new version that keeps comming up after signing into a room. I cannot get to view any cam. I uninstall my antivirsus and still no change, i play around with the firewall settings and same results, op XP

  34. whiteboy992000

    I have the same probs as many of the above with pixelated cam. I change the setting to use old rendering system and my cam works in the chat rooms, however, no one is able to see my cam in private chat.

  35. Az Bee

    Damn. With this version I can never go into 1-1 private chat! Whenever I try I’m told that the other person is offline, and they can’t contact me either!

  36. VaNc

    When i log with my older nick name, camfrog freeze. with new one no problem. Is it cause my older one have to many contact in it??

  37. davellolz

    icant view other users webcam this is the error msg… “Camfrog is unable to connect to video stream in this room. Please check firewall/antivirsus settings or visit camfrog FAQ page……

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