Camfrog Client 5.3.208 (Windows) Released


Today we updated our Camfrog (Windows) client with version 5.3.208.  This new version fixes a bug some users were experiencing while using audio in chat rooms and one-on-one connections.

We have now notified all Camfrog (Windows) users that they should upgrade their client.  If you have any problems please let us know on this Blog, or report logs to our support team.

Download Camfrog 5.3 (Windows)

Phishing Alert

sadfaceUnfortunately some fraudulent phishing emails have been going around that say you have received a virtual gift, and you must logon to a website with your Camfrog logon and password to retrieve it.  This email is false.  You will not recieve a gift, and you will be giving your Camfrog logon and password to someone unrelated to Camfrog.

Never enter your Camfrog logon, password, or serial in any website besides  Please always check your browser address bar carefully to make sure you are really visiting and not a phishing site.

Remote Access & 5.3


There has been some confusion about Camfrog remote access and Camfrog client 5.3.  Some users have complained that they can no longer use remote access with the new 5.3 client, but this is not true.

To use remote access as usual go to your Camfrog settings then choose additional, and then choose to always broadcast video in private calls.

To use Camfrog as a remote security webcam go to your general settings then look for “remote access”. Make sure you set a secure password.

Camfrog Room Virtual Gifts & Birthday Gifts



You can now buy a virtual gift for your video chat room.  Just visit the info page for your room, then choose the type of gift you want to give. The rooms that are currently online and that have the most gift points appear at the top of the room list under “Most Gifted Rooms”.

We also have new Birthday virtual gifts.  Know someone who has a birthday coming up?  Give them a special Birthday virtual gift.

Reporting Technical Issues

So far not a lot of users seem to be having problems with our new Windows Camfrog 5.3 client and our Mac client.  That’s not good enough though. We won’t stop until our software is working perfectly for every Camfrog user on Mac and Windows.

If your Camfrog client for Windows or Mac is having issues it’s easy to report these to our support team.  The sooner you send us your logs the faster we can solve your issue.

If you crash while using the Camfrog Mac client immediately start Camfrog again, then go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate File For Technical Support”.  Please include your email in the report.

For Windows instructions go to our FAQ page and click the link near the top that says “I am still having multimedia problems…” and it has detailed instructions on how to submit crash logs.

If you are having video problems with Camfrog 5.3 for Windows go to your Camfrog settings, then choose video and try switching to the old video rendering system.  We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to submit these logs to our support team.