29 thoughts on “Phishing Alert

  1. Zoomshorts

    Never use an easy to guess password:


    Password JimmyTwotime1

    That is stupid and easy to guess. If you are too lazy to get a real password, do not complain when your account is hijacked! Only YOU are to blame.
    Camfrog has NO DUTY to protect you or your account from your carelessness.

    Learn about passwords and the reason for having passwords in the first place.

  2. Zoomshorts

    In addition to using easy to guess passwords , NEVER set Camfrog’s client to save your password when other people can access your PC or account.

    People who can access your ‘autologin’ can also change your password, thereby stealing your account and causing YOU trouble.

    If you share a PC or have children, roommates or spouses who can access your PC, NEVER set Camfrog client to remember your password. Simple.

    Other people with access to your PC can get you banned or steal your account.

  3. aviator

    i have a pasword so difficult , i cant remember , i cant remember nothing , what was the question again, so i choose easy password , there is nothing wrong with that if you have a loving family and steel your password , omg you have nothing zoomshorts

  4. Even the most encriptd password can be cracked guessed figgered out.

    So your comment about people not crying. NOT EVERYONE has been on the internet since it first started. So comments of that nature are abit harsh and un needed.

    Anyway thank you camfrog for these warnings.

  5. Hello admin:
    China is now the new ID of the register can not be normal landing camfrog, constant message is as follows:

    No Camfrog user exists with that nickname.

    I hope as soon as possible.Thanks very much!

  6. Zoomshorts

    “No Camfrog user exists with that nickname.” is a message you can get when a new user signs in. This is due to a time lag between when the user gets his/her nickname and when the Camfrog main server recognises the nickname. It is not an instantenous (sp) thing. Camfrog has thousands of new users daily, and the servers can get backlogged, and not show the nickname as genuine until some time has passed.

    This is due to Camfrog’s popularity and the load on their servers. When a nickname is seen in rooms or online, does not mean the Camfrog database is fully updated. Please give it a couple of hours to update.

  7. admin

    Zoomshorts, actually this may be a bug. We are investigating. Users should not see this message.

  8. Zoomshorts

    It MAY be a bug, but you people always work to make things right! i think is is a delay in the update process. Nothing more. Hugs to Camfrog and all their staff!!!

  9. openallman

    i buy camfrog pro the code did ok but now this code isn’t valid help me please tell me what the problem or another code

  10. CasperPL


    not possible rebuy new code.Your pc must be scanner virus or reformated Pc.

    Thank you

  11. brian_b

    Ah there is also people who try to imitate your camfrog nickname.

    Example :: Go0odies
    Hacker:: GoOodies

    One with a letter O and one with a Zero. They trick the username’s friends and send them files. The recipient willingly receives because they think thats their friend. T__T

    Well anyway, Juz a warning. 🙂

  12. Zoomshorts

    Can we have a new topic for Camfrog Suggestions? That would ROCK !!!
    Or the old forum can be re-opened. 😛

  13. mykeeX

    A friends account was hacked today, the person who hacked her account is going down her list of friends sending a file named VIDEO.SCR. Upon running this file it send your information back to them.

    I sent the file to camfrog’s support team by renaming it to VIDEO.TXT and reading the SCR file as a TXT pretty much tells you everything.

    I also have the imposters IP addy and a website he/she tried to send me to.

    So as a warning to everyone DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FILE WITH THE EXT SCR OR EXE,

  14. Anthony

    how come when i try to register a nickname it says that the nickname is not available please try another one…but when i look for that nickname on the camfrog profiles it says no user exsist and if i try to add it it says there is no such user ..why can’t i register these nicknames

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