Japanese & Korean Translation Help

Do you speak Japanese or Korean and are you a native speaker?  We need your help.  Please visit our Translation Website and apply to be a translator.  We would like to include Korean and Japanese translations in our next major Camfrog release.

We are also interested in translating Camfrog to many other languages, so if you want to help please apply to become a translator.

Thanks for your help.

Blocking Annoying Users & Bad Feedback


Have you received an inappropriate or rude message from a Camfrog user?  There are several ways to avoid rude or inappropriate messages from strangers.

The first way to avoid receiving inappropriate messages from other users is to change your status to privacy.  Go to your contact list and click the down arrow icon next to your nickname.  Now choose the “Privacy” status.  Once you are in privacy mode nobody can IM you unless they are on your contact list.  To talk to someone you can open their IM window and add them as a friend, then message them again to talk to them.

If you have already received an annoying message from a user it’s easy to block them.  Click the “Block” button in the IM window.  You’ll then be asked if you should give the annoying person bad feedback.  If you don’t want the person to know you blocked them you can uncheck this “bad feedback” box.  If you think the message the person sent is spam or a virus and other users may be effected we recommend giving the user bad feedback.  If enough users give another user bad feedback he cannot IM anyone for a set period of time.  The bad feedback system is one way users can help us combat spam and phishing links.

If you received bad feedback yourself don’t worry.  After a certain time period your feedback will return to normal and you can continue to use Camfrog normally.

You can also report inappropriate users to Camfrog by visiting the profile of the annoying users and clicking the “report inappropriate content” link.

Check out this Youtube video that shows how to block someone and give bad feedback.