Get Organized with the Camfrog Webcam Organizer

Camfrog version 5.2 has some great new Webcam Organizer features that a lot of people don’t know about.

To start using the Webcam Organizer feature for Mac or Windows join a Camfrog Video Chat Room, then right (or Ctrl with Mac) click your local video window and choose “Webcam Auto-Organizing” to make sure it’s activated with its check box.  Next open many remote video windows by clicking Camfrog user nicknames in the user list and the video windows will automatically be organized to fit within the boundaries of your computer screen.  Check out the Youtube video from our Camfrog Youtube Channel below to see an example of how it works.

You can also right click your local video window and resize all the windows to whatever size you want, or move and then reorganize all windows, or organize just one window to place that specific window exactly where you want it.  This resizing feature is new in Camfrog 5.2.

To get into more detailed Webcam Organizer settings go to your contact list, then the “actions” menu then choose “settings” and then “video”.  You can make your organizing go horizontal only, vertical only, or keep the default horizontal and vertical organization.

Don’t like the Webcam Organizer?  No problem.  Just disable it in the settings.  You can even turn on sticky Windows if you like the original Camfrog versions that had no organizing abilities.

21 thoughts on “Get Organized with the Camfrog Webcam Organizer

  1. Thanx For Camfrog

    its CooL AnD don’t be lat :@ Go Go Go In Camfrog vedio Chat Room BesT ChaT

    AnD i need pro bot For published camfrog and Thanx

    For ALL ;d:d!

  2. Festler

    thats all okay , but i cant no use 5.2 too many friends have 5.1
    and that NOT WORK in IM One-One !

  3. Zoomshorts

    It would be nice if you could specify the size the cam’s open in. In large rooms, smaller cam size would be nice to fit more cams on the screen. Then users could enlarge the cans as they see fit.

  4. McLuvn

    I’ve been begging for a feature since camfrog went to 4.0…The ability to change the resolution of the webcam. I don’t mean Super-High Quality, I’m talking about being able to change whether you’re displaying in 640X480 and so forth. A lot of new laptops come built in with webcams, and a lot of them are defaulted to display in widescreen. There is no option in camfrog to change the camera display resolution. You’re dependent on the manufacturer to provide that in the video settings, and like I said a lot of the built in ones do not come with this option outside of their respective program.

    I have to use ManyCam, JUST to change my camera resolution. Camfrog is already INTENSELY memory intensive and with the addition of having to use ManyCam it just slows my computer down more so. BTW I’m running it on Vista with Quad Core 8GB Ram…So please if you can fix anything in the next release PLEASE PLEASE allow the user to be able to change the resolution.

  5. Zoomshorts

    This article may shed some light on why laptop cams act like they do:

    Bandwidth considerations are the prime reason they act like this, and if your webcam is hard-coded into a specific resolution, there is little Camfrog can do to change it. Just a thought.
    You might be able to Google your laptop manufacturers website for adjustment settings. They may have utilities that can help.

    Special Request : Camfrog, can you add the ability for us to set the camera display size to ‘postage stamp’ size? We could fit a lot more cameras on the screen 🙂

  6. Zoomshorts

    Special Request : Camfrog, can you add the ability for us to set the camera display size to ‘postage stamp’ size? We could fit a lot more cameras on the screen 🙂

    Wow, today, as if by magic, this very option showed up in my client !!!!
    This is odd, but nice. When I first upgraded to the latest version, it only showed Classic as the smallest cam size. This week, the small cam size appeared !!! This rocks ! Yeah, I rebooted several times since I installed the latest Camfrog. No matter, this is great !

  7. SteveSunJia

    Many, many users are reporting (and we are experiencing as well) frequent audio and video stream dropouts. All cams freeze and/or room audio lost and/or outgoing audio to room stops working. Any advice?

  8. admin


    This is a known problem with ping time in Camfrog Server and will be fixed in the next server release.

  9. _Oracle_

    There is a little bug If someone with version 5.1.129 send a videocall to an user with version 5.2 the user with the newest version get disconnected from the central Camfrog server.

  10. _Oracle_

    Updating the previous comment, the users who are experiencing that problem are using Camfrog 5.2 with the italian language pack the english standard has no problem and the 5.1 user receives the message:

    The video chat failed because you are using an old version of Camfrog. Please upgrade to the newest version of Camfrog with one-on-one video chat improvements by visiting

  11. CAmelalon

    I think you have to fix the video problems caused by ATI Catalyst 9.X series drivers.
    I don’t know anyone reported this, googled a lot and found no solution on internet.
    On Catalyst 9.3 series drivers DXVA v.2.0 is enabled and I think camfrog videos have problem with it.
    When I open multible video’s on camfrog, after a while, the whole desktop freezes. There’s nothing you can do but to reset the computer.
    This is a huge problem for me because I have Radeon HD 4870, I’m a game fan And Catalyst 9 series drivers are vital for some game’s performances.
    But I can’t use camfrog video chat client with those drivers at all!

  12. edonwheels


    I also have problems with camfrog 5.2. I have two drivers, one for the webcam and one for my TV card.

    The establishment of camfrog (video settings) so that camfrog first TV card and then see the rest of the installed devices. And every time I use the setting of the TV card to run camfrog webcam change and windows is the communication screen Camfrog Client Module “In Camfrog Client Module is a problem and needs to close. Our exucces for this inconvenience.
    ————————————————– ——
    You were busy working. Such Data may be lost.
    Tell Microsoft about this problem ..
    ————————————————– ——
    I can then send the report, which I do not do and then become camfrog completed.
    What can I do? If I use the driver of the TV card, indeed, before then re-install and then it is good to set but the next time I boot the computer I have the same problem again. Has anyone here experience with it?


    PS. ZThe text is translated by Google translate so it may be that grammatical errors in the text are.

  13. Hector

    Hi last week, I am having a serious problem qith camfrog.I can not open the camfrog client module at all.

    I unninstall, and re-install the latest version and still can not open the camfrog.when I click to OPEN, it dosent say anything ,just not open at all.

    Please tell me what do I have to do to fix it ?


  14. ken_ken_oo

    when i enter room or private chat. camfrog crash and this message appear “CAMFROG CLIENT MODULE NOT WORKING” after I changed video setting. pls help.

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