Camfrog Client 5.2 (Windows) Released

5th_edition_icon1Camfrog Video Chat 5.2 5th Year Anniversary Edition is now available to download.  Please visit our download page to upgrade your client.

Version 5.2 changes include new one-on-one audio and video synchronization.  This means that your audio and video should be in perfect sync when doing a one-on-one video chat.

Download Camfrog Client 5.2 (Windows)

More Changes and Upgrades:

  • – Pause your video in a chat room and you are now broadcasting a frozen video frame instead of just a blank white video window. To test this join a video chat room, then pause your local video window. If the person you are viewing is paused and using this new version then you can see their still frozen video frame too.
  • – From your contact list go to the actions/settings menus, then choose “video” to change your default video window sizes to “small” if you prefer. Many users requested that they wanted to be able to choose small sized video windows in rooms as default with the webcam auto-organizer. Now you can do this with the new version. You can also disable the webcam auto-organizer and turn on “Sticky Video Windows” if you prefer the old Camfrog 3.X video window style.
  • – Video Chatting one-on-one should now work 100% of the time with the new version. The old client versions could rarely fail in extreme circumstances, but after a lot of hard work we have figured out how to make this version 100% reliable. If you find your private video chat is still failing somehow and both users are using this new beta please let us know so we can investigate.
  • – If you are a free user you’ll notice when you join a room your remote video windows are now small even if the room is in “recommended” or “super” mode. Don’t worry, you can still view large video. Mouse over the remote video window and press the enlarge icon to make the remote video window large again. We made this change so users with small screens can choose to see others with small video windows to save screen real estate.
  • – Join a video chat room and right click your local video window to “resize all windows” simultaneously.
  • – Go to the “view” menu in the chat room window to choose to “highlight friends”. If “highlight friends” is activated and one of your friends from your profile is in a room his or her name will then be highlighted.
  • – New language packs have been added: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional.

30 thoughts on “Camfrog Client 5.2 (Windows) Released

  1. admin

    Yes. was having some problems so we delayed the announcement. Some people still don’t know about the new version or the features.

  2. Hello everyone,

    good the new version

    I still had some bug on the level of the loading of the Cam

    One would say a problem of video compression

    For when the version BOT and CLIENT for linux?

    Lol perhaps your next challenges: p

  3. Festler

    works 5.2 with 5.1 ?? i think no 🙁
    xxxxxxxxxxxx:The video chat failed because you are using an old version of Camfrog. Please upgrade to the newest version of Camfrog with one-on-one video chat improvements by visiting

    cannt one-one with any user with 5.2.
    i use 5.1 , many german friends use also 5.1 but my friens from other countries use 5.2 🙁
    and i will no upgrade to 5.2 !
    what the problem ??
    with Regards

  4. flyingdot

    Hi,i’m using cf a lot and since i got the lastest version , i have trouble getting in some rooms i could go in before and sometimes the videochatroomlist doesn’t want to load.I’m not the only one having that trouble,could you fix that soon please 🙂 , it’s kinda annoying .

  5. __DustinBowls__

    Festler, you just need to upgrade to 5.2! There is no reason not to upgrade. There were a couple of stability issues in the early BETA version of 5.2 but they have long since been addressed. If you upgrade and have any issues whatsoever feel free to contact me.

  6. admin


    The video chat room list between 5.0 and 5.2 is exactly the same. It must be a network issue somehow.
    Rooms are all hosted on different networks world-wide so if you can’t join some rooms it doesn’t have anything to do with Camfrog itself probably, it’s just a network problem between you and the room. Nothing has changed with the room protocols in many years.

  7. Festler

    @__DustinBowls__ ,
    ty for answer
    i will try this and i contact you when are some problems 🙂
    with regards
    now works all , ty for help ! 🙂

  8. yes the version 5.2 is very nice.. for winxp users is better to use old render system because the quality is not good, because the pixture has much bricks and picture errors.. under win 7 or vista it works very fine with the new render system.. anyway.. camfrog is on a good way with the new changes..

    so peaple must maybe update her hardwares to enjoy the new features

    best regards.. mistaa

  9. Hello

    I discovered new bug

    If you use version 5.1 and that you send an audio request to a version 5.2 of Camfrog client

    The people who one version 5.2 disconnects

  10. OK I have been using that patch you sent me via my email, it works only with vista, and my cams stopped dropping, but then, it started signing my frog offline over and over almost like a time bomb. Now…I took the patch off and so far so good, however, everyone including myself, cant use kermit or ice op tool now! OMG! For some reason, it seems as though they are no longer compatable. As Main owners, We ourselves cant even make reds without typing out the command right in chat its self. Its super inconvenient…I hope you can fix that soon. Just wanted to give you a HEADS UP. I know its in good hands from here on out, and trust it will be fixed soon as your team is AMAZING to say the very least, and always ontop of everything to see that it is achieved with greatness. Thank you for your time and all your efforts, and as always…MUCH LOVE<333

  11. McLuvn

    I’ve been begging for a feature since camfrog went to 4.0…The ability to change the resolution of the webcam. I don’t mean Super-High Quality, I’m talking about being able to change whether you’re displaying in 640X480 and so forth. A lot of new laptops come built in with webcams, and a lot of them are defaulted to display in widescreen. There is no option in camfrog to change the camera display resolution. You’re dependent on the manufacturer to provide that in the video settings, and like I said a lot of the built in ones do not come with this option outside of their respective program.

    I have to use ManyCam, JUST to change my camera resolution. Camfrog is already INTENSELY memory intensive and with the addition of having to use ManyCam it just slows my computer down more so. BTW I’m running it on Vista with Quad Core 8GB Ram…So please if you can fix anything in the next release PLEASE PLEASE allow the user to be able to change the resolution.

  12. Gardo

    Is there an update lately wherein you can only access rooms under your country/continent? Am I missing something here?

  13. Agus Winata


    Any future plan to support linux? coz there’s no native camfrog client for linux -yet-.
    I’ve tried running it under WINE, i’m able to login, but then crash when entering room. Thx

  14. loveme

    Hi. I want to buy a Camfrog Pro.I have some difficult to Purchase on the website. Can you tell me your contact and China Ways agents. Thanks

  15. teddy

    Similar to Gardo, I can only access room in my country. can’t see the full list of worldwide room. How to fix this problem please?

  16. pokemon111

    really cam frog is a perfect video chat program…..really its new life!!

  17. Camelalon

    I think you have to fix the video problems caused by ATI Catalyst 9.X series drivers.
    I don’t know anyone reported this, googled a lot and found no solution on internet.
    On Catalyst 9.3 series drivers DXVA v.2.0 is enabled and I think camfrog videos have problem with it.
    When I open multible video’s on camfrog, after a while, the whole desktop freezes. There’s nothing you can do but to reset the computer.
    This is a huge problem for me because I have Radeon HD 4870, I’m a game fan And Catalyst 9 series drivers are vital for some game’s performances.
    But I can’t use camfrog video chat client with those drivers at all!

  18. darth_floyd

    iv been playing camfrog for several months and i really enjoyed and met new friends internationally. But not until this week that i cannot view nor broadcast my camera anymore when i join international rooms like CF ASIA and CF WORLD rooms. everytime i click on to open my friend’s camera, it always says this room requires a pro code/users in order to open a video. Next is i cannot go outside my zone which (Philippine Zone). The sad part of it is i have plenty of so called “residential chatrooms” which i spend most of my times with my CF friends but they are all in different zones…. now i cannot properly interact with them… i know that this is just business but why only put this kind of discriminate filters to non pro users from the Philippines? some of my Thai friends told me that they have been experiencing this kind of treatment but not to the extent that they cant broadcast their cameras….

  19. Mc_

    hello all …… short: I find the version that I work with 5.1 too cool than 5.2 there is another thing I know why when I send someone a pro gift code as its banned my Niknam!!??

  20. yo i dont like 5.2 it not work not clean my cam mix up bec. no have one pro camfrog it was lost 3 time some one uesd mind grrrr i need back 5.1 wont video on nothing huh

  21. Douglas98765321

    I have just found a bug that results in multimedia connections being terminated in a chatroom.
    They can be invoked by changed date back one month.
    Is this a central server side problem that is being resolved – as camfrog has been signing me in and out quite a few times today, or is it a client issue, and will we be expecting an update to the client and/or server software?
    Please, i hope you resolve this issue soon.

  22. amatzmax

    why i can’t join deaf room?

    even if im using PRO??

    but in other pc i can… butb in my house i can’t join?

  23. Andrew

    Hey ive got the latest camfrog on my pc and im not sure if this is a setting that may need to be changed somewhere but when i load cams video loads fine but like when u actually open them and windows appear it loads slowly?

    btw im running xp

    Intel Xeon
    2GB ram
    Geforce 7 series 7600 GT

  24. Jaunty Jack

    It looks like a nice new version – what a pity there is no support for Linux, and it won’t run on Wine.

  25. Yargla


    I have the same problem as Camelalon with ATI Catalyst 9.x drivers:
    Camfrog seems to have problem with these drivers, maybe because they include DxVA 2.0 technology, but not sure about it.
    What I can say is that this behaviour doesn’t occur with previous drivers (8.x).

    When multiple videos are open in a room, after a few minutes (can 5 to 30 minutes), some of the videos begin to freeze.
    When you try to close non frozen videos, the entire desktop freezes for a few seconds (which can be much longer, actually depending on the time the videos have been opened).

    After several minutes spent in a room with multiple videos open, if you leave the room, same behaviour: the entire desktop gets frozen for a few seconds (can be more than one minute) giving the impression that the entire PC is hanged.

    Thanks for solving that issue quickly.

  26. _SlowHand_

    Having major problems with cf pro. Since i buy pro the cams I try to pop do not load, just says theres a tech problem, i have done a debug but still dosnt work, ive got 5.3 and tryed 5.2 but still same problem. ive got fully updated drivers. pc and bb is very new and fast, really anoying since i had no problems untill i got pro for £35????????? Any help

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