Get Organized with the Camfrog Webcam Organizer

Camfrog version 5.2 has some great new Webcam Organizer features that a lot of people don’t know about.

To start using the Webcam Organizer feature for Mac or Windows join a Camfrog Video Chat Room, then right (or Ctrl with Mac) click your local video window and choose “Webcam Auto-Organizing” to make sure it’s activated with its check box.  Next open many remote video windows by clicking Camfrog user nicknames in the user list and the video windows will automatically be organized to fit within the boundaries of your computer screen.  Check out the Youtube video from our Camfrog Youtube Channel below to see an example of how it works.

You can also right click your local video window and resize all the windows to whatever size you want, or move and then reorganize all windows, or organize just one window to place that specific window exactly where you want it.  This resizing feature is new in Camfrog 5.2.

To get into more detailed Webcam Organizer settings go to your contact list, then the “actions” menu then choose “settings” and then “video”.  You can make your organizing go horizontal only, vertical only, or keep the default horizontal and vertical organization.

Don’t like the Webcam Organizer?  No problem.  Just disable it in the settings.  You can even turn on sticky Windows if you like the original Camfrog versions that had no organizing abilities.

Logging On

Some users report problems logging on to Camfrog.  We are investigating the problem and we hope to have a solution soon.

Update: Looks like everything is functioning normally.  If you cannot logon try restarting your client software.

Camfrog Client 5.2 (Windows) Released

5th_edition_icon1Camfrog Video Chat 5.2 5th Year Anniversary Edition is now available to download.  Please visit our download page to upgrade your client.

Version 5.2 changes include new one-on-one audio and video synchronization.  This means that your audio and video should be in perfect sync when doing a one-on-one video chat.

Download Camfrog Client 5.2 (Windows)

More Changes and Upgrades:

  • – Pause your video in a chat room and you are now broadcasting a frozen video frame instead of just a blank white video window. To test this join a video chat room, then pause your local video window. If the person you are viewing is paused and using this new version then you can see their still frozen video frame too.
  • – From your contact list go to the actions/settings menus, then choose “video” to change your default video window sizes to “small” if you prefer. Many users requested that they wanted to be able to choose small sized video windows in rooms as default with the webcam auto-organizer. Now you can do this with the new version. You can also disable the webcam auto-organizer and turn on “Sticky Video Windows” if you prefer the old Camfrog 3.X video window style.
  • – Video Chatting one-on-one should now work 100% of the time with the new version. The old client versions could rarely fail in extreme circumstances, but after a lot of hard work we have figured out how to make this version 100% reliable. If you find your private video chat is still failing somehow and both users are using this new beta please let us know so we can investigate.
  • – If you are a free user you’ll notice when you join a room your remote video windows are now small even if the room is in “recommended” or “super” mode. Don’t worry, you can still view large video. Mouse over the remote video window and press the enlarge icon to make the remote video window large again. We made this change so users with small screens can choose to see others with small video windows to save screen real estate.
  • – Join a video chat room and right click your local video window to “resize all windows” simultaneously.
  • – Go to the “view” menu in the chat room window to choose to “highlight friends”. If “highlight friends” is activated and one of your friends from your profile is in a room his or her name will then be highlighted.
  • – New language packs have been added: Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional.

Activating Camfrog Parental Controls

Did you know Camfrog client has had built in Parental Controls since December of 2006?  It’s easy to activate Parental Controls for Mac and Windows.

For Windows go to the Actions menu in your contact list and choose Parental Controls.  Our Parental Controls help page has detailed instructions.  The password associated with the account is your Windows admin account password.

For the Mac client go to the Camfrog Mac Preferences under the Camfrog Video Chat menu.  Next click the top Parental icon.  You can lock down the controls with your system admin password just like the Windows version.

Windows Vista and Mac OS X now also have built in Parental Controls for the entire operating system.  For Windows go to your Control Panel then choose User Accounts and Family Safety.  For Mac OS X go to your System Preferences and choose Parental Controls.

Also don’t forget to check out our Safety and Security Tips page if you haven’t already.

Camfrog Client 1.8 (Mac OS X) Released


Camfrog Mac 1.8 is now available for download.  This new version adds one-on-one video chat compatibility with the most recent Camfrog Windows version, adds more vibrant colors, uses less CPU, and includes some bug fixes and stability enhancements.

If you experience any crashes or major problems with this new client version please go to the “Camfrog Video Chat” menu and choose “Generate file for technical support”.

Download Camfrog Mac 1.8