5.2 Video Problems?

Having a problem with scrambled video in your local video window even when you are not video chatting?  Go to your contact list “actions” menu then choose “settings” and then “video”.  Next check the box “use old rendering system”.

IMPORTANT:  If you’re not having any problems don’t activate the old rendering system, otherwise future cool features we plan to add may not work on your computer.

Only a very small percentage of Camfrog users with extremely old video systems should need to check this box.

28 thoughts on “5.2 Video Problems?

  1. MisterJunky

    Perhaps you can let us know the details about some of the cool new features which will be added to camfrog using the new rendering system?
    (new rendering system works fine)

  2. Carmen

    I don’t have an “extremely old video system”, but when I don’t use the old rendering systems my cam and those of others look scrambled and pixeled.

  3. I was online (servers), my video chat & all my rooms logged off in my servers (in seconds) and got back. So , it wasn’t really bad at all. Everything is okay. And we continue to promote camfrog chatrooms. The new features are awesome, super.

    Thank you so much Camfrog Admins, more power!



  5. admin


    Does your video look scrambled when you are looking at it without being in a room, or only when you are in a room or in a one on one chat?

  6. Carmen

    My video looks scrambled when I am in a room and when I am 1on1 and when I just open the preview of my cam.

  7. Some Brazilian users, are experience the same scrambled video problems. We inform to do these actions on post without sucess. Many users are asking about the oldest 5.1 version because its not so heavy on non TOP computers

  8. admin

    Is the scrambled video in their local video when they are not in a room, or is it when joining a room or in a video chat?

  9. MisterJunky

    Perhaps a new feature is in order which would enble us to specify exactly how many cams should appear vertically and horizontally on screen with the auto-sort feature turned on and when the screen fills up it should start either on the 2nd monitor or overlapping on 1st monitor.

    I am surprised that this feature was not yet implemented in camfrog. Also would be nice to have some real support for people who have dual monitors…….

    (p.s. my video window does not scamble in preview mode nor in the room local video all is fine for me)

  10. Hello Admin!

    Its a scramble video on both sides .. inside room and own video ..

    03 users report me about REMOVE manycam .. camfrog works normally.

  11. Helia

    I think there talking about Lag not video issues to be honest a few rooms lag out means drop of audio and vedeo for a few seconds

  12. Adrian

    The thing is, it’s not just “extremely old” systems that are not compatible with the new Camfrog rendering system. It’s basically any Dell/Gateway/Compaq/etc that isn’t a “modded” or “gaming” configuration. Assuming that many Camfrog users just buy standard pre-made mid-level configurations, there will be a large portion of us who have “on board video” that doesn’t support DirectX 9.0.

    Even upgrading to a video card is sometimes a challenge. For example, in my case, I bought my Dell Dimension 3100 a little under two years ago. I tried upgrading to a new video card, but this system (and many other basic/midlevel systems) doesn’t have PCI-Express 2.0 slots that most video cards require these days, just PCI slots and 1 PCI-e 1.1 slot. On top of that, I tried to upgrade to a 128MB Nvidia PCI card that supports DirectX 9.0, but then it turned out that my power supply was only 230watts and generally cards above 64MB require 250+ watt power supplies. So until I buy a new system, I’m stuck with a 64MB card that doesn’t support DirectX 9.0. Thanks for at least letting us have the option of using the old rendering system. I think you underestimate how many of us really have to use it, if the option wasn’t there I’d guess that at least 20% of people on Camfrog would lose their video.

    One problem I think might need tackling eventually is Camfrog Mac users. I’ve sent you an e-mail before about it. I’ve asked others if they experience this and I’m not the only one. Basically Camfrog Mac users used to have the BEST video quality by far. After about Camfrog 3.94, they all started randomly getting pixelation on their cams every 5-10 seconds. I guess it’s not THAT big of a deal, it’s just a shame that their technology is going to waste.

  13. gannouchou69

    camfrog 5.2 sucks! Video is scrambled and pixeled! where i can download the old version 5.1 pls?

  14. admin


    To use the 5.1 video system just read the instructions in this blog post and uncheck the box in the 5.2 version. Downloading 5.1 will not help anything.

  15. Ed

    I had my laptop repaired. Now when I go on Camfrog, I cannot get video streaming. It tells me to turn off my firewall. Or remove and re-install the program. I tried both and nil. I can go into the chat rooms, but I don’t hear sound or no streaming video would work. Aaaarrggg…please help.

  16. jeff

    i am using the comfrog 5.2 its become video scrambled. and i was fixed using the old rendering system, but if i go to the old rendering system my pc will restarted… pls help me to fixed them… and i am really dis appointed the camfrog if you cannot help me… pls help me… this is my email address… jeff_alferz@yahoo.com tnx……

  17. devilish_arce

    how can i get 5.2version of camfrog?? because i dont like version 5.3

  18. splitpin1722

    why does camfrog always close down after about 5 mins the message i receive camfrog client module has stopped working windows will close the program thanks

  19. Paul100

    I am getting the following message for the first time today having used Camfrog for over 2 years. Nothing has changed on my computor.
    ‘Camfrog Client Module has stopped working’
    Can you help please?

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