Camfrog Visible List

invisibleWant to sign on to Camfrog as invisible, but still let a few of your best friends know you’re online?  It’s possible with the Camfrog Visible List.

Signing on as invisible allows you to use Camfrog without showing up as online on any other Camfrog user contact lists, including your friends.  To sign on as invisible go to the Camfrog file menu and choose “sign out” then check the box “sign in as invisible” before pressing the “sign on” button.

To allow certain users to see when you are signed on as invisible go to the “actions” menu on your contact list, then choose “settings” and the “visible list”.  Add the nickname of everyone you want to see you when you sign on as invisible.  You will then appear on their contact lists with a special invisible status icon.

8 thoughts on “Camfrog Visible List

  1. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5

    Nice Picture LOL. I think it is good idea for Camfrog to have little advertise like how Camfrog work with visible list as you did. Keep it up good job

  2. __DustinBowls__

    In future versions of camfrog, I would be nice to be truly invisible. I use the invisible feature quite a bit. As a result, people randomly IM me to see if I am there. If the message goes through, then they know I am on invisible status. I suppose I could block everybody but that would be hard to effectivly manage. The main reason why I use invisible is when I am op’ing a room. Its difficult to pay attention to the room and deal with multiple IM’s at the same time.

  3. AlwyzFeelnViolated

    Another thing people need to realize is that being on invisible mode, those on privacy, you’ll have to had to your visible list in order to respond to their IM. People freak out cause they cant respond cause it says there not on there list but they really are..

  4. it’s cool idea, and nobody will desturb me when im in my store working, and only talk with firends i added in my visible list

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