22 thoughts on “Camfrog Mac Compatability

  1. iP3G

    The Camfrog Mac version 1.7.2806 i am using now was make my Mac CPU ( MacBook 10.4.11 1.83 GHz Core Duo with 2 GB Ram) run up to 80%when login room and open other peoples cam. but if i install back version 1.6, i (Pro User) can’t open peoples who are using Camfrog windows version 5.2.169 cam. So i really hope that coming up this new Camfrog Mac version will be improved performance software and low processes needed. Thank You!!

  2. SlimeyOz

    1-on-1 compatibility will be great. I have 2 other issues that I experience regularly with my Intel iMac.

    (1) Frequent client freezes and disconnects – 1.7.2806 – the release notes or this version suggested improved stability. Unfortunately, for me, I find this version far less stable.

    (2) System lagging causing break-up of cam images.

    Any updates/comments you may have would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. admin


    The next release should fix problem #1. Problem #2 is caused by network bandwidth from the server, or from your local ISP and the Windows problem would have the exact same problem.

  4. snoborder007

    I can not wait for this update. Mac 1.7.2608 kills my processor. (1.7 GHz G5 PowerPC). I hope this update will allow for compatibility with windows users while increasing system performance and efficiency

  5. magicman18

    so any updates? the week has come and gone. i am sure i am not the only one who is curious. In all seriousness, what are the requirements for becoming a beta tester for you guys?

  6. snoborder007

    I agree, I’ve been checking everyday. I can not wait for this new version. I really hate the current camfrog for mac. This update BETTER be worth the wait. Windows gets new updates all the time… us mac users haven’t had one in close to five months.

  7. admin

    I tested the new Mac version last week. Sorry for the delay, but we want to make sure it’s working well.

  8. magicman18

    We understand that the new version was tested last week. We are just looking for some communication. That is all 🙂 As I said, is there anyone I can contact to help test new versions in the future?

  9. admin

    Is your email correct in this blog post? If so I will keep you in mind, however we have done a lot of testing so we may not need help with this version. Maybe you can help in the next version though. Thank you for your offer.

  10. dude

    so – any updates on WHEN the new version will be released? Im really a bit stressed by the non workin cam2cam with many of the ppl in my list …

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