Files From Strangers

Please never accept files from strangers. Executing a strange file on your computer can give someone full access to your computer or even damage your operating system.Β  Even if the file appears to be an image file it may actually be an executable file.

If you recently accepted a file from a stranger please scan your computer for viruses.

Please review our Camfrog Security Tips.

47 thoughts on “Files From Strangers

  1. lee

    adam this room on line on camfrog Street_Crime_Uk i gone in room seen lost off harm or exploit minors if you go in room under a name you will see what i mean it not a gd room all a sort off room to be on camfrog

  2. Why Camfrog don’t do like this

    – unable to send executable file
    – allow receive file only from Friend (Contact List).

  3. Helia

    That wouldn’t matter Faison
    Example a friend on your contact list does by chance hacked the hacker will user his or her name and send you a file you will accept it and then get hacked too so it’s simple don’t accept them.
    Or camfrog could say end to sending files we have other programs we could use to send them so I would say get rid of file sharing all together. πŸ™‚

  4. CasperPL

    – unable to send executable file <—- not must be
    – allow receive file only from Friend (Contact List). <—- Yes right want!!!!

    Thank you support future will changes Camfrog program Thanks Camfrog Team

  5. Rep. to Helia

    Actually, people all who are not friends can send if allow only from friend. It’s can reduce the victims. but it’s not the best solution. I Agree with you

    Ending so sends files?

    I think, It is impossible to do that, because “send file” is in the feature of Procode. user paid to it. like one day Camfrog say : Pro user can only watch 1 webcam… .. …. :S


  6. Make it by default you can’t accept exe, msi, bat etc and if users wish to disable this option do so, i would also like to see a scan virus option, like in msn, yahoo, aim etc… where when a file is sent, the users default anti-virus (if installed) scans the recieve file…

    if camfrog is really serious about security, they would have implemented this feature a long time ago… if you accept a file and it ruins your computer, then its your silliness and naiveness if it messes up your computer:)

  7. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5

    That would be nice if users send the files and have Camfrog system to scanning them ETC before release the file to other users so other people will have trouble to hacked. PS- I did email Camfrog for advance security.

  8. MisterJunky

    Just because some people think it’s not safe to send/receive files of a certain type and do not scan their files or do not have a good virus scanner installed, camfrog should not punish those of us who know what we are doing and are old enough to take full responsibilty for our actions here in camfrog or any other places wehre we download files froms.

    File transfers should remain as they are, an additional excellent feature in Camfrog. It already alerts people who might be afraid of downloading files that it may be harmful.

    Just my 2 or 3 cents worth

  9. admin

    Thank you for your suggestions. We plan to make some changes to Camfrog to help with this problem. As of now we do have a warning in place, but some people seem to be ignoring the warning.

  10. SPOOKS

    Only accept file from people u can trust and have known for a long time…….people like me :p

  11. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5

    Okay.. I have few suggest.

    1st) If people hack other people name. The hacker change the password so other people can’t log it in. Why not add the security question before change password or email? That how AIM have less hacked because they have the security question in it.

    2nd) If I use this computer for long time and 1 day I going friend house and use different computer. The Camfrog system should notice and ask security questions before you use Camfrog. The reason to ask you like this because you use different computer. It should be suspect it is could be hacked or not. Same thing if hacker try use someone name. Same idea with pro code if you use someone else’s computer.

    I just want to tell you this to prevent to get more hacked. Thank you for understanding.

  12. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5

    I know it is difficult but that will help less hacked. Camfrog is not BIGGG safe/protect it need a lot of protect.

  13. Girl_Vicious-Lil_MisS_Mimi

    I GOT HACKED! I WAS SENT A LINK FROM ANTI_SOCIAL who is my friend john whom i didnt know got hacked already today, and his camfrog nick was stolen and now they sent it to my lil miss mimi nick and i accidently clicked it and they stole both my main nicks and passwords and they changed my passwords… I AM SO UPSET ALOT OF MEN SPENT ALOT OF MONEY ON ME BUYING MY VIRTUAL GIFTS AND NOW THEY ARE HACKED AND ITS NO LONGER MY NICKS CAN U PLEASE OVERRIDE THE PASSWORD FOR MY NICKS Girl_Vicious and Lil_MisS_Mimi and send me the new temp password to my email provided here . PLEASE TRY TO FIX FROG SO THEY CANT DO THIS CRAP TO US ANYMORE GUYS, U WORK TOO HARD ON THIS PROGRAM FOR THEM TO JUST COME ALONG AND F_CK it all up…thank you always for all your time and efforts…I know this is not your fault by far…but I surely hope you can help me fix it and get my names back…as always…Much Love.

  14. admin


    Please contact our helpdesk with your birthday and the last password you had on your account along with the last email.

    Camfrog is not broken. If you accept a file from a stranger and execute it, or if you visit a website unrelated to Camfrog and enter your Camfrog logon and password then someone can take your account and take control of your computer too probably.

    Even though there is no problem with Camfrog, we plan to put more restrictions on the next version of Camfrog because it seems people cannot resist accepting files from strangers and executing them.

  15. Lil_MisS_Mimi_

    Thank you so much to all the wonderful camfrog admins that disabled my old profiles(Girl_Vicious & Lil_MisS_Mimi) for me when they got hacked. I love you all so much, Shows you take care of things when they happen. I am so grateful to you all. I do have a FAVOR to ask THE CAMFROG ADMINS please, I had 6 virtual gifts that I just got on my old nick Lil_MisS_Mimi before that nick got hacked and disabled…Is there anyway possible that you could move my gifts to my new nick I created –> Lil_MisS_Mimi_ Notice that this lil miss mimi nick has an extra underscore at the end of the nick. I would appreciate it so much, I feel so bad all those wonderful people bought me all those virtual gifts and now they are gone, and everyone is asking me if they are gonna be returned to me, and i told them I’m not sure but that I would ask camfrog admins…and so here I am, hehehe. If you can do this for me I would be so grateful ,as I already am for what you have already done for me. Either way, thank you so much for all your help always…and as always MUCH LOVE<333

  16. Lil_MisS_Mimi_

    ok i just read that, sorry, im gonna go to the help desk now and give u all my info

  17. Lil_MisS_Mimi_

    Ok ya’ll, I went to this new profile of mine Lil_MisS_Mimi_ and I clicked on report inapropriate behavior (hopefully help desk) In there I put the info you asked of me for both of my profiles that were hacked and thankfully you got to disable them( Girl_Vicious & Lil_MisS_Mimi )….My hope is that I can get them re enabled and back under my password and hopefully still have all my gifts on there, and I for one would like to say I AM NEVER CLICKING ON ANOTHER LINK FROM ANY OF MY FRIENDS ON MY LIST EVER AGAIN!Much less from anyone else for that matter!(Smiles) Boy did I learn a lesson huh? hehehe. Anyways I hope I did that right to get to the help desk and I hope ya’ll got my message, you can send the info to this hidden email here, or to the one I provided that was on both my profiles for the ones disabled. As always, MUCH LOVE<333

  18. Lil_MisS_Mimi_

    Ok I sent 2 letters via email to your helpdesk from both my emails I use. Hope I get both of my profiles back soon Girl_Vicious & Lil_MisS_Mimi Thank you to all Camfrog Admins for all your help. I appreciate it so much<33

  19. admin

    Your account info was sent to you. Please scan your computer for viruses before logging on there.

  20. Lil_MisS_Mimi/Girl_Vicious

    Thank you to Craig and all of camfrog admins who helped me to fix both of my nicks<333 God bless you all, I love you dearly,you work so hard and are so efficient when things go wrong, your quick to make them right again. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to know that we have you all there to be MR & MS FIX IT! Thank you again for making sure all my virtual gifts got put back on my profiles too. Your my angels, and as always…MUCH LOVE<333

  21. heres my tip, which i believe is an good one to look at, so far the new msn has anti virus cablities to check for viruses if someone sends an file, yahoo is also working on that feature, i believe it would be very cool and an awesome idea if camfrog partners up with avg, rising, or emsisoft to include an built in anti-spyware/trojan file send protection.

    thats my idea, camfrog is very popular and I am very sure an company would be proud to partner up to gain promotion ideas in their name.

    people would trust that company protecting them and then most likly choose their program.

  22. thank u bro for the information, and hope camfrog be more safe when we send or recieve any files from others, anyway im not accepting anything from strangers same my friends if i dont trust them

  23. ProximaAndy

    My experiential example – talking to a friend about another of mutual affection. Quite a warm understanding personable conversation. He sends me a file to download.

    Benjamin Nichols has the right idea,
    Its not rocket science to me,
    DO NOT take any file unless you know the user well and YOU can SEE THEM ON CAM to know its really them on that nic name

    This is the golden rule and probably shouldnt be broken. If a friend starts making unusual spelling errors or their language is different from normal, ask them a few personal questions.

    My instinct seems to say that of all files sent, camfrog snapshots are the safest in terms of viruses. If theres truth to this, verification of identity by snapshot is another good freedom. Could any Camfrog techies verify this?

    Its more than just naivety – I already see a name among comments thats on my contact list and was hacked days before I was. The current hacker/s tend to target mutual friends, community groups, presumably going through contacts lists and targeting. If you’ve been hacked recently your camfrog nearest-and-dearest may be targets, and its up to you to educate them actively.

    And yes, scanning on download might always be a good idea.

  24. ProximaAndy

    Furthermore, the current hacker appears to be able to target Msn addresses. Perhaps s/he didn’t like us warning our friends that way!

    I’ve been locked out of Camfrog Pro several times with a dialogue telling me my Pro code is in use. (a buttton counting from 60 seconds, Camfrog legit?)
    Anyway, I don’t seem to get booted easily when I sign on as invisible, and the same is true of msn.

    I’ve forwarded helpdesk details of a url the hacker is using where I have reported abuse of the fileshare function.

  25. CasperPL

    Hi admin

    Today lots of hacked and phishings IM’s sent to users.Please way next version blocked url and send file block [no list contact] only follow on list contact list.

    Add settings on file *.exe *.zip and more can be you fix it freatures ,got auto block file. :d

    I see pro code can got hacked stole pro code.I need activation with email and account camfrog code activated on save in server that guesss better.But cannot stole.We hard work Camfrog TEAM.

    We can build security camfrog program.I need not add on logs server ip’s .But no must be..

    Thanks for Camfrog Team…

  26. I3y_F3LiX

    I Have much Send email to helpdesk, that information about My ID stole be some one. I’m never accepted anything file or give information in any website about my account profile.
    The ID is MW4 & X4H stolen someone arround 3 week ago n after stole i send letter to helpdesk. But until know im never reply email about my Id.
    Please help be back my Id….

  27. I3y_F3LiX

    Great Now……
    My ID MW4 “This profile has been disabled by the Camfrog administrator.”
    I hope is that I can get them re enabled and back under my password and hopefully still have all my gifts on there.


  28. Why not start working harder to prevent Pedofiliers lurking the ALL AGE ROOMS then worring about virus’s ….

    There alot more Pedofiliers on Camfrog then virus’s !

    I think Camfrog needs to change the COMPLETE STAFF OF 2009 before Camfrog is REPORTED TOO ALL FBI AGENTS of America!


    hello !
    why camfrog did’t put secret qusetion and secret answer , than when any one hacked or accpet files from strangers , he just added his data in camfrog page , like his birthday , his email , his secret question , his secret answer , he put it when he creating his nickname , it’s will be better

  30. nabil

    hello, I can not access my account and profile”This profile has been disabled by the administrator Camfrog”

  31. 0J8

    well, is there anyway to restaur back some nicknames that i set them by myself wich got hacked by some hackers using a trojan in my PC wich i didn’t receive it from camfrog or a link given in camfrog, it got access to my pc trough a flashdisk wich the trojan may got into in a net cafe, so they hacked my 4 nicks and one of my gf, later i contacted with the hacker wich was using my own Nick , and he demanded 2 procodes for each nickname if i want really to restaur back , and here im wondering if the camfrog admins are able to bring my my nicknames back or not. thank you .

  32. hello, please disable my nick YuY * lHl * and aLso HK .. < that is my nick.. I got hacked Lastweak :S:S and report to me if u disable my nick to my email … Thanks before … best regard to you, admin ..

  33. plase i wanna help about my nickname
    some one send to me Flame and Crown
    my nickname was banned
    MR_TeToS <<
    plase i wanna help
    i send 3 mails via hotmail to help desk but no replay

  34. Hello ,
    i wanna know what’s wrong with our zone admin we have more problems in Arab zone
    like more nicks disabled without any reason whom will protect us and resolve our problems then??

    we must know whom is our admin in Arab zone cos we want so speak with him directly and easy to help us

    thx for understanding

  35. Hi, All Admin
    Just need to say thank you again for help me all time, but i’m still think lose and sad when you help ‘coz my nick is was “This profile has been disabled by the Camfrog administrator.” i never get back my nick, Now i need you help me again, Please Can you tell me how long i will wait for can open my nick again i’m really need my nick back that make me happy and this help from you make me love camfrog more than before, i know you work hard and help so much people but please give me answer how long and when i can open my nick again i hope you can send my answer to my gmail
    Thank so much for All Admin

  36. ARMADA

    Hello ,
    i wanna know what’s wrong with our zone admin we have more problems in Arab zone
    like more nicks disabled without any reason whom will protect us and resolve our problems then??

    we must know whom is our admin in Arab zone cos we want so speak with him directly and easy to help us

    thx for understanding

  37. Matt


    A few hours ago, i got hacked by an unknown person. I have sent my ID and password to the administrator. How soon will i be able to get a reply on whether I will be able to get back my old ID and use it.

    I hope so soon. Thanks.

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