One More Try!

We gave it our best, but some rooms are still showing offline.  We will have another server disconnect around the same times as yesterday to make sure everything is working perfectly.  Sorry for the delay, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Update: Everything should be working now.  If you are having a problem please try restarting your client.

Update 2: Some users report their contact lists are missing or partially missing.  Try restarting your Camfrog client.  We are working on it right now.  Hopefully it will be resolved tonight.

Update 3: We have been working through the night on this problem.  At this time contact lists may not load at all or take a long time to load.  We will continue working on the problem until it’s solved.  Thank you for your patience.

Update 4: Everything should be functioning properly now.  If you are having a problem please try signing on and off again.

131 thoughts on “One More Try!

  1. Mark Watson

    Also I suggest that the import/export tools should be created as there are tools from MSN. 🙂

  2. meghan

    username highwaygirl, when I signed on today, more than half of my contacts were missing and those i’ve tried to re-add, I can’t, they don’t show as offline or anything.

  3. Sweet_n_Spicy

    I was kicked off camfrog and then when i was finally able to get back on all but 3 of my rooms was removed from the lists. My friends list is fine.. Its the Rooms thats disappeared. Im sure you have heard the same thing over n over… Will u please tell use when its all corrected so we can Download the Right Version. Thank You

  4. Brian

    I myself am not having issues with my contact list or favorite rooms but just in case something goes wrong I have taken this precaution.

    I have copied the names in my contact list into a word document by using screen capture. To do this go to the top of your contacts list (be sure this this window is the “active” window (blue top) and hold down the ALT key and press the PRINT SCRN key (found to the right of F12 on most keyboards). Then go to a blank word document and right click then choose paste. Repeat this until you have copied all of your list into the word document.

  5. GingerGirl2590

    Just an fyi I am getting IM’s from blocked people, it even says they are blocked still, but they are able to IM me. I unblocked them and reblocked them it seemed to work, them but thats no good…. :/

  6. billy247

    Still rooms and contacts missing when logging on in Mac OS X.
    When i logon others see me offline.

    But when I log on in windows (obviously not my first choice) everything seems ok!??

  7. demon50

    So all my stuff was working fine yesterday, and now i have only 12 people online and 4 rooms online. I have tried restarting the client several times, and no change.

  8. mistaagress

    oh my god all my favorites and friends not longer in my list.. whats wrong with the camfrog server ..damn .. i need the contacs

  9. Still nothing…

    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareCamfrogClientRedGunnerProfileInfoContact List2Item

    *replace RedGunner with your Camfrog Nick

    Export all the values in there if you want to back it up…

  10. 4nthony

    just another update users are apearing offline when online
    on privercy when not on privercy
    invisable when not invisable
    its all strange i say.

  11. x_BetchPls_x

    I started up camfrog then restarted and lost more then half of my room list… I get to re-add them now..

  12. martin_69_70

    i been folowing all this mess and today not only room that have vanished from my list 18 out of 21 that is !!! but also half my contacts are no longer on my list at all what the hell is going on ive just had to add 20 in my own room god knows how many more are missing

  13. cr42yn3ts74k3rs5

    After I upgrade. All my contacts and rooms are gone. Just want to let you know. So you will aware the situation =)

  14. Erinyes

    My ENTIRE contact list is gone, and so is my room list. I’m an owner in a bunch of rooms, and my contact list contained A LOT of people, so this is causing quite some inconvenience..

  15. Well all the contacts are in my registry, so it doesnt make sense why they dont show up:S I hope Camfrog team fixes this so that the list isn’t lost forever. I need my contacts!!

  16. Brian

    SOME CONTACTS AND ROOMS MISSING TONIGHT , after reboot!! 22:11 PM JAN 14 2009

    I reported earlier in the day that I didn’t any issues with my contact list or favorite rooms but NOW tonight logging in after rebooting my computer, a bunch of my contact are gone and also a bunch of rooms.

    I hope you all took my advice and did what I did and screen captured your info. It will make it easier to sort things out.

  17. mistaagress

    lol i reinstall my windows .. i dont have th econtacs in registr 😦 i hope alle comes back

  18. chicken_chaser_of_the_month

    Yeaa so….i have had the same problem as most, firstly all my rooms was offline then they all dissapeared now 75% of my contacts have vanished lol

    Still i dont think it’s affecting your profile page all contacts should still be visible on your own profile.. you can easily re-add them. . although it’s a pain in the A#% and more than likely they will get deleted again hahaha

    If your rooms are still showing OFFLINE…just right click and copy the room name, delete the room & paste it to ADD again…it should be ok then.
    This should also apply with your contacts !! 😀 GoOd LuCk

    And HURRY back SEVERS we MISS you * cries *

  19. Papi_Crazy

    It’s Tuesday 15 at 9:30 gmt+1 and part of my contact list and rooms contact list it’s missing lol, i hope u can solve this as soon as you can guys.

    K i hope u can do something about it.

  20. Festler

    Good morning its in germany , i restartet CF client and ALL contacts and ALL rooms show me offline ………..nothing to say 😦

  21. kameeltjuh

    Hello we are now 2 day’s later, and i have got still the same problems, is there somebody who can help us?? i have this only by my green operator name, and not by my blue name! i hope there is somebody with the same problem has???? i’m a operator in the main room… so mayby cam IM me?? thanx for the helps..

    Greets from the Netherlands..

  22. american-pride

    all my rooms show offline now.and i only got 3 contacts on my list. its getting worse

  23. _Oracle_

    Well It was working gret till this morning when I retsarted my cf and I lost most of my contacts and rooms. I restarted Cf client many times but contacts are still missing.

  24. X4G

    I lost almost half my contact ‘n now i was added again n the problem finish.
    But now iam restart the client to signin i look all of my contact n room list OFFLINE.

    I dnt know again……

  25. II__zodiaque__II

    wow all rooms and contact offline today what is going on and i lost more of my contact and rooms !!!

  26. Batman2005

    I upgraded to version 5.2.169 and still have a lot of rooms showing offline, if I delete them and re-add them then they show online but after I reboot they show offline again.

  27. cursed_kraut

    Everytime i sign off almost all my contacts are showing offline and all the rooms are offline….and i have to delete the names off my list and add them again. And then when i sign off and on…its the same thing again. Contacts just disapear off my list

  28. cursed_kraut

    Those contact which are deleted completely…..i cant add them back. Im clicking on the add button but nothing happens. And i cant even add my own room!!

  29. Tazwillow70

    Been off camfrog for a few days now and this problem was happening then. Suprised to see it is still the same rooms and contacts offline. Hopefully it will get sorted eventually all I can say to my fellow camfrog users have patience these things aint a walk in the park.
    Just a suggestion though things were working great until the latest camfrog beta version was released

  30. Last night when i logged on as many ppl reported lost some contacts and most of the rooms from my list. My own room was no longer shown so last night I re-added it and it seemed fine. This morning when i logged in it is still on my list but showing offline again even though i’m in the room right now.

  31. II__zodiaque__II

    lool i cant add rooms or contact ! and the funny things my contact list apear full in my profile !

  32. SteveSunJia

    The following command will backup all of your contacts (and other camfrog settings) to a file (CamfrogExport.reg in the root directory of C drive)

    From the windows Start Menu: Run -> cmd, then enter (remove quotes)
    “reg EXPORT HKCUSoftwareCamfrogClient c:CamfrogExport.reg”

    It’s not in a user-friendly format, but the settings can later be restored if necessary using
    “reg IMPORT c:CamfrogExport.reg”
    and “notepad c:CamfrogExport.reg” will let you see the raw information, including contacts, rooms, groups for each camfrog alias you’ve ever used on the computer on which this is run

    NOTE: I do NOT recommend trying to use IMPORT after upgrading/downgrading versions.

  33. II__zodiaque__II

    it is all ok now for me all my camfrog contact and rooms restored thx camfrog team !!!

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